Tight End Draft Pick Arthur Lynch Signs; Countdown is on Until Michael Egnew Gets Cut

The countdown has begun.  Soon, hopefully, the Dolphins will be rid of Michael Egnew, one of the most disappointing draft picks in recent memory.


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  1. Many of the reviews on this guy say hes a finished product. A ready for the pro’s player. Buuuuut sadly they said similar things about Egnew when he was drafted. Somehow though I dont feel we will have the same bad luck with Lynch. Sorry but I have a heart and was rooting for Egnew to come around eventually. Love those great success from the depths kinda stories. Sadly it just doesnt seem in the cards for Egnew.

    1. Author

      PhinsUp, we have a heart too! We don’t root against a guy like Egnew, but it’s a business, and players need to produce. Two years ago, we were really high on Egnew. But he came into 2012 camp and couldn’t make it off the practice squad. In 2013, he saw a little playing time, but nothing notable. Lynch might stink it up in camp, and we keep Egnew. We just don’t see that happening though.

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