Stephen Ross Trying to get Involved in yet ANOTHER non-Dolphin distraction

As noted in various news sources, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is weakening the Dolphins yet again. He weakens the team by not concentrating his efforts on the team.

As many of our readers know, our main complaint about Mr. Ross is that he has too many interests and business ventures besides the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins become one of many hobbies for him, rather than his obsession, as it should be.

The only man in NFL history to give Joe Philbin a head coaching job.
The only man in NFL history to give Joe Philbin a head coaching job.

Mr. Ross is as generous and as intelligent as they come. But…

Quick! Name me one non-Yankee venture that George Steinbrenner wasted his time and money on. When is Jerry Jones in the news except when Cowboy-related? You see our point. We could go on and on about how thin Mr. Ross spreads himself too thin to the detriment of the Dolphins. Here are just a few:

  • Luring celebrity owners
  • Trying to get taxpayers to upgrade a stadium for an 8-8 team
  • Huge donations and time spent at the U of Michigan
  • Attempting to get a Super Bowl in Miami
  • Anti-bullying campaigns
  • Purchasing the Formula One racing organization

Do you want proof that Mr. Ross spreads himself too thin? It’s kind of like when your parents weren’t home. You could get away with murder, as long as you cleaned up and covered your tracks before mom and dad came home, right? They never knew what shenanigans you were up to because they weren’t paying attention.

How else do you explain Mr. Ross allowing Joe Philbin to keep his job? Moreover, Mr. Ross actually gave him an extension! We believe Mr. Ross is so busy with his other ventures, that he just doesn’t see the nonsense that Joe Philbin is pulling year in and year out. Zero playoff appearances. Zero winning seasons. Zero accomplishments.

If Mr. Ross would concentrate 100% of his attention the the Dolphins, he would realize what a knucklehead Philbin is and end the suffering of the fans and players alike. But instead, Mr. Ross keeps the status quo of his favorite hobby, the Dolphins.

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  1. Don’t forget his high-end real estate venture adjacent to the new stadium in San Francisco, as well as the slums he owns throughout the South. He’s gotta milk those welfare recipients to pay for the upgrades to Dolphins stadium.

  2. Ross concentrates on everything except winning. The sooner he’s gone the better off the Fins will be.

  3. He cares only about the money. Winning isnt important its only about the money.

  4. How do we get rid of him? If the fans could buy him out, start collecting at the home games.

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
    1. Boycott the team until he sells. He’s the worst sports owner ever. A total joke.

  5. So Ross has enough money to buy a racing empire but he wanted the poor taxpayers to pay to repair his urine drenched stadium?

  6. I’m driving over from Ft. Myers to see them play every game. I just ponied up for a ticket & hotel to see them in London. I hope something beyond the norm happens this season but I see another 8-8 season or worse. Ross is barely 1 step above an absentee owner,akin to an owner by proxy. He’ll make a few appearances,all for naught again this season and nothing changes. He’s simply happy with mediocrity and we’re the ones paying the price,both literally and figuratively.

    1. @karmatourer

      Not one winning season in Ross’s 7 years is not mediocrity.

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