Stephen Ross’s latest non-Dolphins ventures, including a fistfight

Stephen Ross continues his trend of being all things to all endeavors.

In the last 48 hours alone, here’s what he’s been up to:

  • He is really pushing his new soccer league and games in Miami, even though no one cares about soccer.

    Trivia:   Name me 10 things that Stephen Ross is passionate about.   (if you put the Dolphins on your list, you are wrong)
    Trivia: Name me 10 things that Stephen Ross is passionate about. (if you put the Dolphins on your list, you are wrong)
  • He continues to do the City of Miami’s job of attracting a Super Bowl, as if Ross himself worked for the city.
  • He almost got into a fist fight over some New York City zoning and tax rules.

As you’ll note, NONE of those things has anything to do with making the Miami Dolphins a better team.    The NFL should make a new rule about all team owners have to participate in the teams they own….instead of the other stupid new rules they just adopted.

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  1. Seems like a smart bussiness person. Rich people have a lot of money in different things. I don’t know this for a fact but I’m sure every owner in the league has money in different shit. The guy just hires the wrong ppl that’s literally his only problem

    1. Author

      Zach, perhaps other owners do have other business ventures, but they are never constantly in the news for them. Nor do they devote 95% of their time to the “other” ventures like Ross does.
      When was the last time you heard Robert Kraft talk about his stadium? Never?

    2. He’s also a cheap SOB and clueless about anything football.

      1. That’s stupid! He has spent a fortune in free agency and paid more nearly all of the stadium upgrades. I hate the asshole but he isn’t cheap.

        1. He didn’t spend a fortune. There’s a cap!! And he’s been way under the cap 7 out of 8 years. We don’t have a RB because he’s so cheap.
          And he hires the cheapest coaches and GM’s money can buy.
          Sure he’s spending money on his stadium to get him a SB and a fortune but he doesn’t spend money on the team to make it a winner.

          1. No we haven’t been “way under the cap”. He’s spent whatever money was necessary to sign whatever free agent flops the crap front office wanted. This is the 1s off season in recent years they haven’t spent big.

            1. Totally wrong John. Ross was 20-30 mill under the cap every year except last year. The cheapskake pocketed that money rather than improve the team.

              And he cant “spend big” on players salaries as you wrongly suggested because of the cap. He could spend big on coaches but has been very cheap in that area.

    3. Remember when Ross tried to hire a HC before he fired his?
      We knew how incompetent he was right then.

      How bout when he said Chad Henne was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino, Haha

  2. Wish he would take that attitude with the Dolphins front office and the league. Could have stood up to Philbin and stood up for Richie that way but nooooooo. But hey we might have gotten a small tid bit of street cred out of this?

    1. He hated Incognitabrain . That’s about the only thing he’s done right.

  3. Author

    Miko Grimes recently said that she won’t tell her side of the story for free, but instead we will have to “run her some coins” to hear it. I think that means she is selling a book, and you will have to pay to learn more.
    She also said that we don’t know the whole story. But she’s kinda wrong there. We may not know the entire story, but we certainly know that she was arrested for being unruly at a game and that she was very public in her criticisms of certain coaches and players. These are very public situations, and she can’t pretend like it’s a private secret.

    1. She’s beyond ghetto, if that’s even possible.

    2. What she said was correct for the most part. How many coaches and players have to get fired before they realize Tannepuke is the problem? I totally agree.

      1. She’s a classless coont and nearly everybody knows he’s a bust.

  4. Author

    McShay now predicting that the Dolphins draft RB Ezekiel Elliot with the 13th overall pick.
    I don’t like this at all. Yes, we need a RB or two, but Elliot isn’t stellar enough to take with our first pick, not when when we have the worst secondary in the league. I’m sick of having average linebackers, and I am hoping the Dolphins go in that direction myself.

    1. I saw that and agree-we need help in the back 7 on defense.

      1. Another corner I think is more important unless they plan on playing jamar Taylor again

          1. Yea a linebacker would be nice to, really think it would be a mistake to go anything else, except maybe a guard

            1. Oh,of course 2 guards. And a QB next season when we’ll have a top 5 pick.

    2. Well, we have the worst RB in the league and arguably the worst QB and worst TE, so they could go a number of different ways.

      1. Author

        LOL. One of the funniest comments from Jay ever. Can you cite one factor in determining that jay Ajayi is the worst RB in the NFL ?

  5. Author

    Also…I see our stadium is going to change its name for the 53rd time. God, I miss the orange Bowl. Consistent name. Consistent winning Dolphins.
    If I bid One Dollar, do you think Ross will let me call it Dolphins Truth Stadium?

    1. Sun Life was embarrassed with the empty stadium and the constant losing.

      1. No,not even close! Bad Beer Stadium was and always will be the worst! LandDork Stadium.

  6. Do the Dolphins think the QB problem will just go away if they ignore it? Henne and Tannehill, 9th year of crap QB’s,

    1. With 2-4 wins this season,we’ll be in a position to draft a REAL franchise QB in 2017.

      1. Cant wait. Have to try to get a franchise QB every year until they get it right. Even if they go in the 2nd rd.

  7. Guy’s let us be optimistic, the dolphins have 7 draft picks with all of them in the first 20 of each round, so let us hope their people in the front office use them to pick guy’s who can come right in and be a starter on both sides of the ball, and if that happens and if Gase does what we all hope he does, then we might not challenge NE for the division, but we should be right there , when the playoff’s come around, just saying

    1. @franz
      Pass whatever you’re smoking! LOL

  8. So they signed D Thomas the guy Irescum traded 3 draft picks for who was later cut and couldn’t make any teams practice squad last year. Can u say team of scrubs?

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