Dolphins have signed center/guard Kraig Urbik…and Stephen Ross proves how disinterested he is in the Dolphins

The Dolphins today signed veteran guard Kraig Urbik to a free agent deal that might help the team with some toughness and grit.

Urbik is 30 years old and has played for several NFL teams, including division rival Buffalo.    I would suspect he’ll come in as a backup, but we have to assume that head coach Adam Gase will give him a fair chance to beat out Dallas Thomas at the guard spot.

As I’ve noted in the past, I like the idea of guards playing guard, so this could be a decent signing, instead of asking a tackle to play guard and just assume that a lineman is a lineman is a lineman.

The newest Dolphin.

In other news, Stephen Ross had a few interesting quotes today.   He acknowledged that Mrs. Miko Grimes played a role in the Dolphins’ decision to send Brent Grimes packing.  I think Brent could be missed, and he was a Pro Bowler, but his play had slipped during 2015, and his lack of production might have been the main reason he’s gone…more som than his wife being the reason.

Ross also said that he likes what he’s been reading so far about Ryan Tannehill and his thoughts on Adam Gase.  I found it interesting that the OWNER has been learning about Tannehill by what he reads in the papers.

You and I have to learn about Tannehill from the papers.  But the team’s OWNER?  Shouldn’t he be learning first-hand from Tannehill’s own lips what his thoughts are?  Where is Ross when all this is going on?  The most absent owner in all of sports history strikes again.  He learns about his team via reporters!


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  1. Yes, Ross’ priorities are definitely not with the Dolphins. He sure does want to have a Super Bowl in Miami and is confident it will happen. I think Jay said that as long as he owns the team, we’ll always be dysfunctional franchise. He should sell the team to some who knows the business and culture of professional football.
    As for Miko, you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl.

  2. Signing a guard to actually PLAY guard,priceless! I said that in the previous thread too.

    1. About dam time lol Idc who he is at least he’s a guard

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