Super Bowl All Set ! No Bills!!! Go Chiefs!!!

A few random thoughts on Super Bowl LV, and I’d love to hear what you guys think as well.

  1.  So happy the Bills aren’t going.  I know most of my readers hate the Jets the most, but for me, it’s always been the Bills.  Their fans have been intolerable since the team was founded, and it is nice to know they won’t be winning the title.
  2. Speaking of teams we hate, I’m rooting against Brady too.   I didn’t suddenly like the guy just because he quit the Patriots.  I respect his incredible accomplishments, but I don’t want to see him win.  Throw obnoxious Gronk into the mix, and I’m definitely rooting for the Chiefs.
  3.  One thing I noticed in the games this weekend is the strong play by all 4 QBs.   But more specifically, the experience they have.  None of them panic in the pocket.  They step up and make a play (except for Aaron Rodgers inexplicably trying to force a pass instead of running for the TD).  The experience they have is extremely valuable.   But it’s also familiarity with their own players.  And familiarity with the system.   Brady only had one year in his new system, but with his experience and leadership, he adapted in no time at all.  Allen and Mahomes have 3 or 4 years in their systems, and Rodgers has a dozen.  That is a huge advantage…especially an advantage over teams that change OCs every year like a certain team in Miami does.
  4. Which leads me to say that the Dolphins must severely vet their next OC.  They MUST pick a guy who is for the long haul.  They MUST pick outstanding assistants who can simply step into the OC role should something happen (rather than hire a brand new OC and learn a whole new system).     Promoting a guy from within and keeping Chan Gailey’s offense would be the ideal scenario for us now, but it seems like nobody on the whole offensive staff is qualified.  And that mars Flores’ record.  Tua needs time to learn and grow and go through a rough learning season in order to get to the next level.  But there should be ONE rough learning season, not one every year.
  5. Defense wins titles, they say, but none of the 4 defenses yesterday were lights out.  Rather, it was scoring-at-will offenses that dominate the modern NFL.  I hope the Dolphins realize that come draft day.
  6. Speaking of the draft, I am still very torn on who I’d want to select…or even what position(s) are our most needed.  Watching Tyreek Hill yesterday reminds me that we still have Jakeem Grant and Albert Wilson…who I feel are identical to Hill in their skill sets.  DeVante Parker and Preston Williams can be our big WRs, and our TE in Gesicki gets better each year.  As much as I’d love to add a true #1 WR in the draft, I don’t know if I’d spend pick #3 or #18 on one.  Especially when there’s a rotating consensus about who the best WR in the draft is.  Penei Sewell is a gigangtic OT who I’ve written about before.  Should we be drafting him at #3 though?  While we have plenty of young O linemen already, this kid is supposed to be elite, and I can easily envision packages with 6 down linemen instead of 5, and what extra protection for Tua could mean.   I have not studied as Sewell as much as the others, so I’m mainly just going by Kiper and the numerous undits out there.  If we want defense, we gotta grab Micah Parsons early.  A need position is LB, and this kid seems like the real deal.  And the wild card I’ve mentioned before is Patrick Surtain Jr. in the secondary.   To have a stud corner play in our nickel and dime package instead of an afterthought like Nik Needham or Jamal Perry (no offense guys) could turn us into a shutdown defense.
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  1. Hell yeah, no Bills is sweet! I usually always vote for the NFC teams in the Super Bowl, but since Cry-Brady is with the Bucs I’m rooting for the Chiefs!!!

  2. I’m still all for trading down in the draft. We could get the other teams first and second rounder, plus next years first round just by moving down a couple spots.

  3. After reflecting on it some more, if we are going to commit to Tua for another year, then i think we should draft Penei Sewell to bolster the offensive line; Tua will need a very strong line to help him feel comfortable in the pocket and become a pocket quarterback. He needs to learn to trust his offensive line. He needs to learn how to feel and see the rush and the offensive line with his third eye. That will take time and practice. It is our only hope with Tua, who seems totally lost in the pocket.

  4. Author

    I saw a stat today about the FACT that Mitchell Trubisky has a better Win-Loss percentage than DeShaun Watson. Yet I am terrified the Dolphins might actually trade for this guy and give up the farm for a so-so QB who complains and demands a trade when he doesn’t get to choose his own coaches.

    1. Admin- I am with you. We need to give Tua at least a couple more years. Imagine Watson flops and Tua turns out to be elite in 2 years.

    2. A “so-so” QB? 4,823 yards at 8.9 per attempt, 33 TD vs 7 int, and a rating of 112.4? Yes, the W-L is terrible but look at the garbage they have around him. Bill O’Brien should have been run out of town long ago for trading away talent and draft capital for a song. By that logic… Dan Marino was merely average.

      Look I am with you that I don’t want to see Miami trade away the farm to get him but make no mistake he is an elite QB and Tua at the very least was far from convincing in his first year.

      1. Author

        Mike, I don’t call his supporting cast garbage. Sure, some trades and injuries hurt the offense during 2020, but in Watson’s previous years, he had a full healthy offense and still didn’t advance too far. It may be all moot anyway, because the new Texans GM says he will not trade Watson.

        1. Agreed if adding Watson would automatically make them a true contender sure but it doesn’t. By sticking to the plan they could fill the holes so that even if the QB is average they will always have a shot. I like those odds better and the plan will keep them in the contending window a lot longer as the QB cap will be smaller. Either way doesn’t look like they’ll move him anyway.

          #3 is tough if they don’t believe that the oline is going to improve you have to take Sewell. If they believe it’s going to be better with age then trade back for picks if there are any offers. If they end up 4-10 they’ll still end up with a very good player and position of need. Then they can create a dynasty with a lot of very good players from those picks. Picking a WR at 3 seems overkill but if they trade back its realistic or even Parsons or CB although I’m hoping Iggy steps up next season.

  5. Says Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel: Kelly: Dolphins should set market for Deshaun Watson by offering Texans three first-round picks | Commentary.” This may be just a story to sell subscriptions but I am not on board with this Deshaun Watson thing.

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