Super Bowl Champ and Record-Breaking Dolphin QB Doug Pedersen is now Eagles Head Coach

When Don Shula surpassed George Halas as the NFL’s all-time leader in wins., Dan Marino was not the QB that day.

It wasn’t Scott Mitchell.   No even Steve DeBerg.

It was Doug Pedersen.  Who?!!

Doug then went on to Green Bay and won a Super Bowl ring as Brett Favre’s backup.   And now Pedersen is an NFL head coach.

The Dolphins 4th-string QB in 1993 got Don Shula’s 325th win for him, a trivia answer for the ages.

Another offensive coordinator-turned-head-coach who actually played the game of football.

The Eagles signed an offensive coordinator from a team who is STILL active in the playoffs.  Imagine that!   Unlike the Dolphins, who signed an offensive coordinator from a last-place team.    The Bears’ offense under Adam Gase was ranked 22nd.

Hue Jackson’s Bengals and Doug Pedersen’s Chiefs were in the Top 10.   Why would Stephen Ross hire a guy from the 10th WORST offense in the NFL, when he coulda hired several guys from Top Ten BEST offenses?   Why, oh why.

Again, there’s no guarantee that Pedersen will be any good.  Or Hue Jackson or Chip Kelly either.   But at least these men have some experience, accomplishments, and even championships under their belts.  Their owners waited for the dust to settle instead of jumping the gun and hiring some guy because he did well a few years ago when he had Peyton Manning,  Wes Welker, and a whole slew of dynamite weapons.


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  1. I live right outside of Philly and most eagles fans I know wanted Adam gase as head coach lmao most are pissed about this selection

    1. Another out of towner. No wonder you are clueless on the Fins.

      1. Whatever your clueless on what goes on in the NFL beside the dolphins, and we live in the 21st century where all news updates are available on the internet. It’s not like if your not from the area your waiting for news to be delivered by horse. This dude is so stupid

        1. @ Zach
          Out of touch out of towner = CLUELESS

  2. If anything this is embrassing for this eagles there just bringing in someone who is familiar with Andy Reid, even though they chased him out of town three years ago

  3. I don’t think he will be much better the Gase will be. They are all limited because their not experienced where it matters like being a head coach and running a franchise.

    I know Tanubumm whats to be that guy so he didn’t want an experienced HC coming into town and getting Rosses attention after five or six wins in the first half of the year and then using the rest of the year to sell Ross (Who can change who he loves from one minute to the next) on canning Tanabumm and running the whole show.

    That is why we have had in the past and continue to have HC and assistants who have no clue what the hell any of them are doing

    If Ross had shit canned everyone and put the call out on the wire that he wanted the absolute best coach and that whoever that coach was could name his price and run the whole show and that the HC could have 4 years before Ross evaluated his performance and that he (Ross) would be compleatly hands off I am sure that we would have seen some big names take interest and I’m sure some of them are still actively coaching other teams right now.

    If I were Ross thats how I would turn this train wreak around


  4. Zach my man you are one of the few left in this group that actually keep up with the NFL. Regardless of where you’re from or currently reside your post are very insightful.

  5. Why would Stephen Ross hire a guy from the 10th WORST offense in the NFL, when he coulda hired several guys from Top Ten BEST offenses?

    Because he is CHEAP!!!

  6. Cheapskate Ross wouldn’t reach in his pocket and hire a real coach!!

  7. Wanted HEAD COACH!

    No experience needed.

    Must work for peanuts.

    Contact the Miami Dolphins.

  8. Gase was one of the most sought after coaches this year. Fins got him because they pulled the trigger. If they waited they would have been sifting through the garbage. Then everyone would be bitching about how incompetent they were…cracks me up. Give the kid a chance before you bitch.

  9. @FlyerFinFan

    Gase is garbage. He didn’t get his team to the playoffs. His offense averaged one more pt than the Dolphins with a better QB. I’d take Philbin over Gase 8 days a week.

    1. Author

      Ouch!!! I’d take Philbin over no one on earth!
      Imagine a 110-year-old grandmother in the middle of Zimbabwe. Never watched sports a day in her weathered old life, but you ask her this:
      You face an adversary who is exhausted, and out of time, and has only once chance left for escape. You have the opponent pinned right where you want them. Should you finish off the opponent? Or should you give the opponent extra time to rest, and plan, and re-group, and escape?
      Even an old lady would know that you do not let a battered enemy rest and re-group. Joe Philbin did NOT know that, and he is forever ranked among the worst coaches ever.

  10. Everyone! Have you seen the coaching hires the last several days? I am glad we got Gase as opposed to:

    McAdoo- Giants
    Jackson- Browns (death sentence)
    Kelly- 49ers
    Kuetter – Bucs
    Pederson- Eagles

    If Gase was the sought after coach and we got him over these guys then we should be happy. I highly doubt any of you would take any of the above over Gase. NONE of them have HC experience except for Jackson who bombed in Oakland and Kelly in Philly. And all the other names people throw around….. Billick, Shanahan, Coughlin (almost 70), Gruden, Cowher, are all pipe dreams.

    Too many people are bitching about coaches with HC experience…….. There aren’t any!!!! STOP wishing for something that’s not out there. That’s why all these hires have been OC’S/DC’s. Be happy we the most coveted guy this time around.

    1. Gase could turn out to be a decent coach but not for 5-7 years. That’s the usual time it takes a novice coach to learn the ropes. And he wont have the respect of the vets on the team either.

  11. Philbin wasn’t that bad a coach. He was forced by Ireland to use a QB he didn’t want. He was also forced by Ireland to have Incognito on his team. He wanted Vonta Leach badly but the team low balled him despite plenty of cap space. Going 8-8 with that Incognito-Martin distraction was a great job IMO. Granted, he wasn’t great but he was better than a lot of coaches like Cam Cameron or Dan Campbell or Tony Sparano.

  12. Philbin coached 10-6 teams to 8-8 records twice. His inept clock management and situational game management gave away at least two contests a season. Not to mention his stubborn reluctance to adjust his scheme to a particular opponent and slow-developing in game adjustments. Not to mention the other players he jettisoned simply because he felt threatened by their vocal leadership styles and difference in philosophies to his own. Philbin wasn’t that bad? Man I just come here to get a good laugh now. This place is full of those.

    1. Nah, going 8-8 with Tannebum for a QB was a minor miracle.

  13. So…….now we have a project HC AND a project/crap QB. Can u say we’ll stink again? LOL

  14. Well guys, both the Giants and the Colts(both much better franchises than the Fins) wanted Philbin on their staffs. And we all saw what he did in Green Bay. Not really fair to judge him on his time in Miami where he didn’t have the talent or his own QB.

    1. LOL_He did NOTHING in Green Bay! An OC who didn’t call plays. Come back later.

  15. There were about six teams looking for head coaches a week ago. Why no interviews for anything other than position coach? Apparently the front offices of the NFL don’t believe Philbin got a bad rap in MIA or he would have gotten some offers for a head coaching gig. More like the Incognito/Martin fiasco ruined his respectability as far as controlling an NFL locker room. No front office would dare put him in charge after that alone.

  16. Say the teams sucks, say Tannehill sucks. All those are argueable points and a matter of opinion. But to say Joe Philbin wasn’t a horrible coach/slash got a bad rap is downright ridiculous. Philbin was atrocious. Worse part was that by the end of year three everyone knew it but Stephen Ross apparently. When he got fired you heard not even a whisper on talk radio, ESPN, or NFL Network about how he got a bad rap due to the qb situation, lack of talent et cetera. Hell him and Ireland created the lack of talent. Marshall, Dansby, Sean Smith, Burnett, and Vontae Davis. Tannehill aside, the Dolphins had a solid defense before Philbin and Coyle took over. The run defense got worse every year under Philbin’s tenure. The guard play was deplorable in the run game as well as in pass protection with nary a discernible fix in sight. And no matter how many ypc Miller was averaging early on he would hardly ever get over 12 to 15 touches per game. Even if he was producing consistent chunk yardage early in the game. Anybody here left that has actually watched Dolphins football in the past five years?

    1. Well, it is NOT arguable that a 6-10 team or a perennial losing QB sucks. That’s not opinion its fact.

      And don’t forget it came out after the season that Philbin didn’t want Tannehill for his QB. He goes way up on the opinion poll for that.

      Sure, Philbin made some mistakes but who hasn’t?

      1. Okay – I have to comment on this. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. However Philbin made SO MANY mistakes on and off the field. From jettisoning top players, ruining our top-rated defense (under Sparano), constant deer-in-the-headlights press conferences, obvious horrible report with the players, the locker room scandal, deplorable clock management, the hiring of – and inexcusable defense of – Mike Sherman, getting coaching penalties because he couldn’t stop walking on the field during gameplay,never adjusting to another team’s strengths or weaknesses, etc .And those are just off the top of my head at 4am!

        I happened to be in attendance at the Green Bay Packers game in which Philbin inexplicably took a defensive time out that obviously and heavily contributed to the Packers’ win. Even the Packers fans around me were shocked, confused, and pleasantly surprised when that occurred.

        I’ll stop because thinking about Philbin annoys me more than almost any other Dolphins -related topic.

  17. Why are we talking about Philbin?

  18. Never mind no I don’t.

  19. I’m not a Philbin fan but you could do a lot worse than Joe Philbin. Learning that he didn’t want Tannepuke raises him way up in my opinion. He probably would’ve had much better results with his own QB.

    1. No doubt. He may even have wanted to start Matt Moore or to bench Tannebust and was TOLD not to. But at least we now know he didn’t endorse Tannebust.

  20. @dolphingang thanks bro u to, feel like there used to be a lot more of us on here idk what happened lol

  21. Wow, wow wow wow can’t even believe you guys are saying good things about philbin now. I could write a New York Times best seller about how bad he ruined this team

    1. Ross, Ireland, and Tannepuke all did far more to ruin the team than Philbin ever did. Joe Philbin should’ve been up for coach of the year when he got Ireland’s scrubs to .500.

    2. Author

      I will never say a good thing about Philbin. This rumor about him wanting to get rid of Tannehill is just nonsense. It’s such bull. Philbin was allowed to get rid of All Pros like Jake Long and Reggie Bush and Vontae Davis. He was allowed to bench the Team-voted MVP (Matt Moore).
      And now some believe believe Philbin was allowed to do all of that, but he was not allowed to bench Tannehill? Makes no sense at all.

  22. I’m not even saying I’m a good writer it just would be that easy to write lol

  23. Brady is so accurate its ridiculous. Complete opposite of Tannepuke.

    1. Author

      He’s accurate because he’s always throwing short passes.

      1. He hits the receivers perfectly in stride……

  24. Oh yeah we’re in Foxboro where the refs can’t though a flag against the Pats.

    1. Author

      I guess the Chiefs game plan was “Let’s leave Gronk open and cover the other bums instead.” Oh and also, EVERY SINGLE TIME New England needs one yard, Brady QB sneaks it. Without fail. Every single time. I am only a writer, but I know what they are doing long before Andy Reid. How?

      1. Yes we have seen Brady sneak it many times before. Heck, it’s predictable even to the average Joe like myself. Question is why can’t defenses stop it?

        1. Author

          I think the defenses overthink things, and try to account for the 99-to-1 longshot trick play instead of realizing what he does all the time, without fail (and without hesitation).
          I only notice how often Brady runs the keeper because that same play is not allowed in the Dolphins playbook.

  25. Author

    Now we have to suffer again as the Steelers come to Foxboro next weekend. It’s like a battle between Hitler and Bin Laden. Who do you root for?
    If only these teams could play as well as the Dolphins did and beat them.

    1. My little bro is a broncos fan so go broncos lol

    2. Why suffer? Enjoy watching some good teams for a change.

  26. Philbin wanted to bench Tannehill because he needed a scapegoat. He couldn’t just admit he was over his head. He did however admit that he made key game-management decisions based on being queasy. Derek Carr’s best record in two years is 7-9 and he hasn’t been to the play-offs either. If wins are you measuring point Carr is the entirely wrong example to use. Y’all might need to cancel your subscriptions to the Sun-Sentinel.

    1. Philbin wanted to bench Tannepuke because he KNEW he stinks!!

  27. Yeah because Philbin was such an excellent judge of talent. If the dictionary had pics besides the definitions for examples, Philbin’s pic would have been beside the word incompetent. But please continue to defend the indefensible. Philbin wanted younger more athletic linebackers too. So the team jettisoned Dansby and Burnett and picked up Ellerbe and Wheeler. How did that work out? Philbin also wanted Dion Jordan over offensive line help or other pressing needs. Yeah he definitely knows when to replace a player for a more talented/effective one. Said no one with a football clue ever.

    1. That was Ireland not Philbin. Just so you know.

    2. Dolphingang is giving out a lot of bad information.
      It was Ireland had final say over all the personnel not Philbin.
      Philbin was not even allowed to pick his own QB.
      It was Ireland that dumped Brandon Marshall, Dansby, and Burnett.
      It was Ireland that drafted Dion Jordan, Johnathan Martin, Michael Egnew, Ryan Tannehill, Pat White, Daniel Thomas(used 3 draft picks), and Clyde Gates.
      The blame for the poor drafts isn’t on Philbin.

      1. Dolphdope constantly spews nonsense and lies to suit his agenda. Out of touch out of towner and CLUELESS!

  28. We need to rethink our opinions of Philbin after learning he wanted QB’s other than Tannepuke. Its absurd that an owner and GM dictate the QB a coach is forced to start.

    1. I for one simply do not believe that Philbum was smart enough to know that Tannehill stinks

      1. Yeah, I wasn’t so sure either. But now we’re finding out he did know and tried to get an upgrade.

    2. That is unbelievable. Only on the dysfunctional Dolphins would that happen. The Browns didn’t make the coach start Johnny Manziel and the Seahawks didn’t make Carroll start Matt Flynn.

  29. There’s no way it’s true lol and if it is it doesn’t even matter, philbin is gone and he’s never coming back

  30. The only complaint I have with gase being the head coach is I really really wanted the team to go after the d coordinator from the panthers that team balls out every week

    1. Seems like a decent hire, don’t know much about the guy but the colts offense is usually pretty dam good, and even with hassleback (who is like 80) this year they still had a chance to make the playoffs, even tho they do play in an awful division

    2. Constantly changing coaches wont help a bit without a huge upgrade in the players.

  31. So I am guessing that one of the requirements of our head coaching search was that they accept Tannepuke as their starter. Thus we had to settle for a crap 37 yr old novice.

  32. After 2-3 wins in 2016,we should have the top pick again. Time to go in a different direction at QB.

    1. Why wait ANOTHER F’N year? We’re not getting any younger!

  33. Philbin was the one who insisted that Dion Jordan was the best player in the draft. Philbin was also the one who criminally underutilized Lamar Miller. Was Ireland the one who couldn’t make in-game adjustments during winnable games? Ireland made certain roster moves because the headcoach told him what he needed to win. Problem was the headcoach didn’t know how to win. Regardless of who was on the roster. Philbin would coach the current Pats or Seahawks to .500 or below records. Ireland sucked but he was just a part of a much larger dysfunction.

    1. Simply not true about Philbin. But keep on spewing wrong information from out of town . Its what you do best. LOL

    2. @DOLPHGANG!!

      Ireland’s job was to supply players in the draft and free agency and trades. Ireland picked Dion Jordan as the best player in the draft. And Ireland never acquired the players Philbin wanted. Do some research before you make stupid statements.

  34. I love this blog though. I come here for a good laugh and it’s pretty much guaranteed these days.

  35. Philbin Who????? Oh Joe Philbin the O line coach of the Colts.
    Haha What a joke.

  36. I agree Philbin got a raw deal. He was never given players good enough to win. 7 years of Ireland will ruin any coach.

  37. I think this Clyde Christensen hire will turn out to be a pretty big deal. Funny how it was not reported on the team website.

    I have a positive feeling about how quickly Gase is putting his staff together and how he has targeted exactly who he wants.

    1. I agree Christensen may have been a good hire but it still comes down to the players they get. Great players make great coaches.

  38. So with the new hire of an OC, we have a “Philbin in Green Bay” situation again. An OC that doesn’t call plays! So Gase will have to learn a new system,unfamiliar to him,and call plays. Sounds foolproof to me!

  39. Called stupid by guys that suggest Philbin was a good coach. Classic!

    1. What’s utterly stupid is you claiming Philbin controlled the team’s personnel. SO CLUELESS!! LMAO!

  40. We will see how it all turns out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have things go our way for once?


    Ok I was born in 1972 so I guess that was in my lifetime but come on you guys know what I mean!

    Yes Marino was in my lifetime but honestly he was great to watch during the regular season but we never really made any waves in the playoffs other then the SB Year and I wasn’t a DolFan when that happened as I was still a native of Chitown.

    It would be really nice to have something that we can own other then garbage from top to bottom.

    1. Things aren’t about “to go our way” anytime soon. 99% of the time you make your own luck with hard work and smart decisions. Way too many incompetents leading the franchise for it to turnaround. The losing will continue until Ross unloads ownership.

  41. Don’t understand the defense of philbin and don’t care to the team was in position to make the playoffs last year and the year before it’s funny how quick people forget. But Miami blew golden opportunities to make the playoffs two years in a row when they had the talent. How can anyone forget the year we needed to beat either the jets or the bills to make it to the playoffs and someone Miami lost both games. That’s on the head coach as much as the players. The fact that the team would always play up to or down to the competition shows flaws in the coaching staff

    1. Simple answer. We have a crap QB that cant win when it counts. And no coach on earth can make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

    2. Sunday, December 29, 2013

      Jets at Dolphins for a playoff spot

      Ryan Tannepuke puts up a whopping 7 pts and 3 INT’s and makes Geno Smith look like Tom Brady in comparison!! LOL

  42. @Zach

    Very true and that “playing” to the level of the competition has transcended coaches all the way back to Johnson.

    Even when we had talent our coaches have been terrible which is why I agree with you that this team won’t get better unless Ross sells it or finialy lets a football guy run it.

  43. Dog Pedersen is a Super Bowl Champ and Record-Breaking Dolphin QB? Are you serious?

    Record-Breaking Dolphin QB because Marino was out that game and Scott Mitchell was injured.

    Superbowl champ because he was the backup to Bret Favre.

    This guy is luckier than a shithouse rat!

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