Mel Kiper Believes Dolphins will select a Defensive End in the draft

Mel Kiper has released his first mock draft, and he believes the Dolphins will select defensive end Shaq Lawson from Clemson.

This would be par for the course for the Dolphins, who don’t need a defensive end.   Why pick a player you need when you can instead select someone you don’t need? That is the Dolphins motto!    Dion Jordan is the salvation, remember?

Yes, I know our defensive end situation is iffy right now.   Wake might not be ready for the season (Achilles injuries are far more severe than a simple ACL).  Vernon and Shelby might go for more money.  Dion Jordan might be missing again (it is hard to imagine that he simply gives up drugs 100% AND comes back to play like an All Pro).   All that adds up to a lot of question marks at the DE position.

But it’s not a disaster either.   Some pieces may fall into place.   Vernon, Wake, and Shelby might be back.  Dion might be humbled.   All in all, there’s simply no need to select a DE when we already have the worst secondary and the worst O-line in the NFL.

There are some quality O linemen and D backs available in the first round, so why does Kiper think the Dolphins will take a DE?   Probably because Kiper knows our history of selecting players we don’t need.

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  1. From what I understand. Besides corners. Olineman are usually drafted in the later rounds. We also may be looking for a running back if L miller walks. But who knows.

  2. Author

    I always thought Jake Long had a good Dolphins career, and I don’t think he was a wasted #1 pick (although we coulda had Matt Ryan).
    I’m not opposed to using an early draft pick on an O-lineman, if the guy has huge potential. Far better than picking a bum like Dion Jordan.

  3. Author

    By the way, Chip Kelly is signed with the 49ers and Hue Jackson is coach of the Browns.
    Now I am not saying the Dolphins should have hired them, but I think we should have at least brought them in for an interview to hear them out.
    Talk to them to see if they are still hungry. Ask Kelly how on earth he let the lowly Dolphins beat him last year. Ask Jackson how in the hell he made a lump like Andy Dalton into a perennial winner. These are all good questions to ask in order to gain insights into their coaching philosophy. AT LEAST TALK TO THEM, ya know?
    Instead, the Dolphins rushed to select some alleged Wunderkid who looks more and more overwhelmed each day. Gase reminds me of young Lane Kiffin, a decent positional coach who got buried in the NFL once he tried to be a head coach.
    Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  4. If the Dolphins had hired Chip people in this forum would ask why the franchise hired a Philly reject. If they had hired Hue Jackson then the complaint would be about the Rooney rule and how Ross just wanted to be associated with making a progressive hire. Most wouldn’t be positive regardless.

    1. Author

      Yeah….I think that part is true for sure !

    2. How can anyone be positive after 6-10 and not one winning season in 8 years? Not one playoff win in 16 years and not one SB win in 34 years. Being positive now is like being negative after a SB win. Its ass backwards.

  5. I’m hoping that they can find a LB and G in FA as those positions aren’t as expensive.

    I’d let OV walk due to cap but try to keep Shelby as he’ll be cheaper and I think he’ll continue to get better without the stupid penalties. Restructure Wake as he’s a leader. Pray that Jordan grows up.

    Now you can pick BPA tilting the scale to CB or LB in first round as those positions can be difference makers. 2nd round get the position you missed . Then grab more oline depth that could start.

    Hopefully some young guys step up like Lippett, McCain and Aikens as that would help the secondary. Heaven forbid a G improves as well.

    Oh yeah get rid of all the dead weight so they have some cash to do all of this. Have to wait a year for QB unless later in draft as they have too many needs…maybe Logan Thomas impresses they kept him for some reason?

  6. Reportedly the Dolphins have expressed interest in acquiring Redskins QB RGlll but so have 7 other teams.

  7. Dolphins should select Wenz, the qb from SDSU. I’ve seen this guy play. At 6’6″ and 240 lb. he reminds me of Kurt Warner as a passer and Tim Tebow as a runner.

    1. Well, he cant be any worse than Tannepuke. 4 years experience and he STILL STINKS!

  8. So…..Tannepuke’s played in like 78 games including preseason(every minute of 64 games), had 3 OC’s, 2 HC’s, plus Marino to help him and…..nothing!

    He doesn’t have the physical skills to throw an accurate pass. And he has poor peripheral vision and cant “sense” the pass rush like good QB’s can. Why didn’t anyone on the Fins notice this BEFORE his draft?

    Its way past the time to move on.

    1. What could we get for RT in a trade? Two pigs and a cow?

      1. No, probably the same we got for Chad Henne……NOTHING!

    2. I did but they didn’t consult me. I went ballistic when we drafted that clown.

  9. Defensive end? I know cam wake got hurt but Shelby has always been pretty good and Jordan comes back this year. Seems like a bad idea to me, oline, or linebacker would be amazing, even if there’s a lockdown corner available I would take them.

  10. Author

    I remember last year around this time there was some debate about signing Evan Mathis. One of my readers shared a link that was Sentinel writers Omar Kelly and Chris Perkins debating if we need to sign a guard. I could not believe that anyone would think “we do not want a Pro Bowl guard” but they did.
    Experience O-linemen cannot be just plucked form the draft, but they are always available in free agency. We just have to pick the right guys. Why sign Shelly Smith and Jason Fox and some others when Mathis was available?

    1. Yea I wanted them to sign him to I think the main problem with the oline is the players the team drafted never got developed. Dallas Thomas and billy turner both should eventually be starters on this team, I think they were both 3rd or 4th round picks and good teams usually get a lot out of those picks

    2. I have been preaching about NOT SIGNING Mathis since before last season started. Major mistake-just ask The ‘Bust how he feels after every game after getting hammered. Front office;”Our turnstiles are good enough,we don’t need him (meaning they didn’t want to pay him)”. I’ll bet The ‘Bust who have chipped in some cash for that. LOL!

  11. Mathis was offered the same deal from Miami that he took from Denver. Denver didn’t give him his initial asking price. He probably picked Denver because the front office is structured well, the team is a contender, and also because of Peyton Manning. It’s not like he wasn’t offered a deal. He just chose a better situation.

    1. Yup. the Dolfins are such a crap franchise they have to pay almost double to get any players or coaches . Its a losing culture they are embedded in. Thanks Ross.

  12. If they can find at least one G and LB in FA they will be in decent shape to fill some of the other holes in the draft. If anything it allows them to focus on a skill position.

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