The Ted Wells Dolphins Report…Coming some time in 2018…Maybe

It seems that Ted Wells has been preparing his Incognito-Martin report for about 17 years, doesn’t it? Wells was appointed in early November, after Martin turned his back on his teammates in October and ran away.

Wells interviewed all the parties involved over a few weeks. That process was pretty done in early November. Here we sit, more than three months later, awaiting this slowpoke to deliver his report. Boy, I wish I had 3+ months to write reports. Roger Goodell is obviously not a very deadline-driven employer.

Just when we thought the report would be issued this week, Roger Goodell decided to hold onto it some more.
Wells is an attorney, and I imagine his fees are not cheap. I don’t blame him for taking forever. Each minute that goes by, he charges the NFL more and more money.

His painfully slow reporting process has to be due to money. There is no other explanation. It’s not like this is a complicated case. Jonathan Martin turned Judas and left his team in the middle of the season. Of the 53 Dolphins on the roster, 52 of them sided with Richie Incognito. Only one Dolphin (Martin himself) sided with Martin.

Now we at Dolphins Truth are not mathematicians, but when the consensus is that 52 guys defend Richie and 0 (that’s Zero) guys defend Martin, the case is pretty obvious. The report should take 5 minutes to write.

Here is all Ted Wells needs to say: “Richie Incognito teased Jon Martin. Martin teased him back. There are hundreds of text messages that show these two men had a friendly relationship, and every Dolphin teammate testified to that. There was foul language used, but both parties used it. While Richie took the teasing like a man. Jonathan Martin quit the team instead.” End of report.

Sadly, there is every indication that the Dolphins will not re-sign Richie Incognito. That is sad. It is dangerous. We are a weaker team without Richie.

In the Dolphins world, if someone whines about you, you get suspended. It’s a terrible precedent. It’s unfair, and it allows future crybabies to deploy the same tactics.

The entire Dolphins’ management team needs to step up and do what’s right for the team. That means getting Richie back.

It’s well known that Joe Philbin wants men of character on his team and all that nonsense, but this is the NFL. You don’t get a team full of innocent little choir boys. You get rough, tough men to coach.

You don’t suspend someone simply because another player makes childish hurt-feelings allegations.

You don’t kick your head cases to the curb; you rein them in.
Ray Lewis was involved in a murder, for God’s sake, and Baltimore kept him on the team. He won 2 Super Bowls for them. Richie Incognito called somebody names and the Dolphins suspend him for half a year?

It’s a ridiculous overreaction.

It’s another Joe Philbin decision that leaves us scratching our heads….like when he brought his pal Mike Sherman in to be our offensive coordinator. Or when he hired Sherman’s son-in-law to be our quarterback coach. Or when he thought Lamar Miller was better than Reggie Bush.

Or when he thought that Jonathan Martin was a better and more loyal left tackle than Jake Long, and he cast Long aside.

Come to think of it, has Joe Philbin made a single GOOD decision in his time down here? Maybe Ted Wells should write a report about that.

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  1. It was total overreaction. I was hoping they would cut him during the season. Hopefully Denver would take a chance on him. He is tough and Denver needs a tough guy after they got killed. Perfect player for the broncos and 30 other teams in the NFL.

  2. Seems a pretty cool site but man, it’s way too hard on the eyes to read. Black on blue … not good for a website.

  3. you linked this from espn as “news” about the ted wells report. while i agree with most of what you said in this blog post, it’s not news. it’s opinion. there is a difference. news states facts. like if you posted the report or quoted people actually involved.

    1. also i completely disagree with you about the incognito suspension. it had to be done. even if incognito is completely vindicated, which he won’t be, you had to act. we didn’t even get news about martin’s texts until after the season. we now know it was 2 sided but does that automatically excuse incognito? two wrongs don’t make a right. i do think this could have and should have been handled by the players in the locker room, it wasn’t. if the dolphins kept incognito on the roster it would have been a nonstop news firestorm that lasted the shoe season. if you think after reading all the texts either guy is innocent in this you should turn in your pretend press credentials!!

  4. I don’t know about the Lamar Miller thing. The truth is Mike Sherman had no idea how to use him or Reggie Bush. No screen passes, no wheel routes, no passes to the flat. I would argue that with that line, that situational play calling and that scheme, the fact miller STILL averages 4.2 ypc means there is a lot to be excited about. He did that with a limited amount of opportunities in a predictable offense with no full back. Last year he averaged 4.9 with a lead blocker. Let’s wait and see if Lazor can pull the team out of the Joe Philbin nightmare.

    1. Author

      @Lester, you make a good point about Miller’s yards per carry, but we still feel he’s missing that electrifying intangible that Reggie had. Miller’s most exciting run all season was against the Bengals when he broke clear. He then made a cut when no one was near him and he ended up fumbling. But you’re right. It’s too early to give up on him. Let’s see what Lazor can do with him.

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