The Jets are in Town…

The Jets have come down to earth after laughably thinking they had a good team.   At the same time, the Dolphins are rising from the ashes and have proven they are not as dead as we all thought.

Jets might put up points early.  Might even lead at halftime.  But we’ll wear them down.

The Jets played the games of their lives last week and still couldn’t get past New England.  They topped out, and no where to go but down.

Dolphins should win this easily today.

Let’s talk…Game Day chatroom now open.


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  1. Great Win! There is no longer any doubt that Moore should be the QB. He allows receivers to finish their routes, he shows good throwing mechanics, he sets his feet, and he just flat out moves the ball. This is a fact period!

  2. The Dolphins won thanks to the Jet that knocked Cutler out of the game. No way they were winning without Moore in there. Why can’t Gase see this?? If Cutler is OK, Gase will start him next week.

    1. I have been giving this some thought. Maybe Gase is over analyzing something, maybe he knows something they don’t report, but then I see the truth and realize it’s just plain retardation!

      1. Keep in mind that it’s easier coming off the bench than starting that’s why everyone loves the backup until they start and D’s are ready for them. Remember that Moore was horrible in the playoffs and this was the pathetic jets. I like Moore and think that he can get it done but he’s not a world beater all of a sudden.

        1. Don’t think it’s easier coming off the bench unexpectedly than starting. The backup doesn’t even get to practice with the first team offense.
          The whole team was outmatched in that playoff game – can’t put it all on Moore. Look how he did in the games before that when Tannehill went down. Definitely more exciting games to watch when Moore is playing. Need lots of coffee to get through recent Dolphins games without him.

          1. Cutler actually had a higher qb rating today was getting better. It was the D that stunk early on. When they decided to show up the tide turned.

            When coming off the bench you have the element of surprise and no game plan or film on you. He should be ok on Thursday as there isn’t much time to prepare for him. But in a few weeks that’s when it will be harder. Don’t get me wrong I think he’ll be fine he’s a very good back up but don’t start making super bowl plans with him. I’d love to eat my words!

  3. Cutler came back last week and was looking ok today. The team didn’t wake up until he went out. Not saying Moore didn’t play well but don’t get too excited he did throw a bad int. Odds are being a short week Moore may start anyway especially if Cutler is beat up.

  4. Looks like it’s ribs but Moore should be able to hold the fort for a few weeks. If they can ride the high on Thursday and win then they’ll be in a good position at 5-2. Ravens aren’t on fire or anything D should handle them if they show that spark. Just need O to contribute and not turn the ball over.

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