DolphinsTruth Correctly Predicts Dolphins Win at Atlanta

Tell your friends.   Tell your other comment boards about us.   DolphinsTruth saw this coming, and we accurately predicted it all week.

The offense showed up when desperately needed.   The defense shut out ATL in the second half and closed the door with a great interception.

A nice win as we now get ready to host the Jets.

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  1. Can’t believe it man this team is always surprising me, nice call with that prediction hopefully this turns the season around.

  2. Great Win! Just hope Gase is beginning to realize that when his offense is balanced, they move the ball. Just would like to see this to start the game not just after half time.

  3. JARVIS LANDRY! What a great win. Had to see to believe it. I love to eat my words, thought they would lose , down at the half

  4. They definitely need to start better if they would have it would have been an easier win. Probably be 4-1 right now if the offence did anything! Better take it to the Jets next week…

  5. Admin, I don’t know how you were able to correctly predict the Fins winning at Atlanta. Maybe you should take your hunches to Vegas and make yourself very rich.
    After my prediction of a very easy win for the falcons at home, I was feeling very correct at halftime (17-0). Glad that I didn’t bet and lose my house on that game.
    Atleast now we know that Gase CAN make adjustments at halftime, and is actually capable of changing his play calling – when the original game plan doesn’t work out.

    Maybe we should feel lucky when the bubble screen only gets called once, and not several times (like all of the previous games). Has Gase finally learned that play never works ? Lets hope so.

    One thing that I did correctly predict was throwing deep to Jakeem Grant, and the chance that it could draw a defensive penalty, which it did, and kept the drive alive, and they eventually scored the TD. I would like to see that play called more, to keep the defense honest, and open up the running game even more. Grant has great speed, and did show (in preseason) that he can score TD’s, on that deep route.

    1. Author

      Ha! There was some luck involved, of course, but I based my bold prediction on a few things:
      1. Our offense simply could not get worse from games 1-4. We just had to get better. Only place to go was up.
      2. As I said the day of the Super Bowl, the Falcons will never ever recover from that loss. They will go downhill fast. Since then, they had two extremely lucky wins (Detroit and Chicago) against poor teams, and 2 losses against good defenses (Miami and Buffalo). They aren’t the same team.
      3. Four years ago when we last played Atlanta, we beat them in the last minute when Jimmy Wilson picked off Matt Ryan to end a nail-biter. Similar to yesterday’s ending. I always remembered that play.
      4. Go Falcons!!! Atlanta plays in New England next, so now we all become Falcon fans again Sunday night!!

      1. So Admin Your thought on the Jets? I think Miami can win at home. Why so many drops? What about William Hayes the DT? Whatever happened to Charles Harris, I hoped he would help us this year.

        1. Author

          Well, the Jets game could be dangerous. I don’t want the Dolphins running around thinking, “We got our act together now, so this time we can easily beat the Jets.” The Jets were just as beatable 3 weeks ago, and they beat us up really badly!
          The Dolphins must commit to the things that helped them beat Atlanta…things like some innovative plays and tough defense…both of which were missing in Jets’ game #1.
          I’ll have more on this during the week, but the loss of Mike Pouncey and DeVante Parker helped the offense. Last year, we won 7 straight games after Pouncey went down. I can’t explain why, but my belief is that the other linemen react to each other better and concentrate better without Pouncey in there. And without Parker, it forced Jay Cutler to spread the ball around to others. I felt Cutler was singling Parker out too often, and this gave us limited results. I can’t say we’re better without Pouncey and Parker, but the stats and winning streak last year do not lie.
          Charles Harris had a great game against the Titans but was quiet yesterday…mostly because Hayes and Wake were playing great, so they got extended time on the field. Harris will get plenty of chances, but I like the idea of saving him for times when Wake or Hayes aren’t doing so great.

          1. Yeah Harris closed the game against the titans so he’s contributing. This week Hayes and Wake made the plays just as long as everyone is contributing all is well!

            Parker can be good but he needs to get dirty like Landry does. He’ll go through a brick wall but Parker seems to take the easy way out which kills them. I was hoping that Carroo would be similar to Landry but he hasn’t seen the ball enough. I’d show Parker the tape over and over….

            I wouldn’t blame all of this on Pouncey but it sure is coincidence that they do better without him. Backup played great though which is nice to see. Need the OG’s to do the same.

  6. Honestly though games like this make me mad because it’s so clear how talented of a team we are. Atlanta has one of the best Defenses with a defensive minded head coach in Dan Quinn and we can score 20 points in one half. But we cant score on the Saints who is known for their bad defense and barely show up against the Jets and Chargers.
    Adam Gase clearly knows how to call plays but its like for large gaps he just doesnt know what to do
    Shout out to the defense whos played amazing all year and how about the rookie Tankersley

    1. Fact is when J Train runs for over 100 they are 6-0. Probably wouldn’t matter if Williams or Drake contribute too but when they run they win. Parker went down so they went to more two TE sets which made the run game work. Perhaps Gase will realize that it’s ok to take one of the three WR’S out once in a while to give the run game a boast…

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