The Jets at Home: Our best chance for a win?

The Dolphins thus far have been the NFL’s laughingstock, but did you see the Jags play today?   They all but handed a free win to the Texans.

Houston, week in and week out, plays teams that simply roll over for them and make them look good.  Last week the Raiders blew a lead and laid down for them.  This week, Jacksonville didn’t bother to show up.

None of this would bother me, except for the fact that the more wins Houston gets, the worse our draft looks.   Their draft pick, which we own, gets weaker each week when teams fail to put up any effort.


Reshad Jones is out yet again.   I’m really concerned about the precedent that Flores is setting with the “injured” players.  If you’re 50/50 and can play, then the coach should make you play.  Earn those millions.  Let your teammates see you out there fighting. Not see you on the bench.

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  1. And don’t look know but the Steelers are 4-4 with a pretty light remaining schedule and Minkah is balling. I wasn’t too happy about the trade to begin with but it’s looking worse and worse as the season goes. Miami can’t even tank right lol.

    But I will say it was damn satisfying seeing Adam Gase clueless on the other sideline for a change. QB whisperer my ass, he’s wrecking Sam Darnold.

  2. Stupid auto correct on my phone… But you get the idea… Lol

  3. Quitzpatrick didn’t want to be with Dolphins. He had a friendly chat over tea and crumpets with Nick Satan and let him know he should leave Miami. Good player-yes, but like the other guy from Alabama – Drake, they simply wanted out.

  4. Will we be #31 in the power rankings? Cannot be 32 any more. No way

    1. Fins should be 30 as they beat the Jets and cinci is winless. They also won without X and Jones which is pretty impressive.

    1. Fair point, I honestly don’t know which of the three top QB prospects will wind up being the best pro QB…. Burrow, Tua or Herbert… I can make arguments for all three…. And arguments against for all three… So I’ll do as the article suggests and just savor this one (and against that joke of a coach the Jets inexplicably hired makes it all the sweeter)!

  5. What admin? No ” shit on the Dolphins/Flores ” commentary?

    1. Author

      With just a few seconds left in the first half, the Dolphins intercepted Sam Darnold and had all the momentum in the world going into the half. All they needed to do was a run a few plays and kill the clock, as the Jets had no timeouts. On first down, Fitzpatrick muffed the snap and then recovered and dove out to the one yard-line. The clock was still ticking, and the Dolphins lined up for second down. One more snap, and the half was over. We were about to go to halftime leading by 14.
      But then came Brian Flores. Then came another one of his decisions (and there are several each week) that cost us points. Our inexperienced coach called a time out. He called a time out while we had the ball, the momentum, and the lead.
      That time out led the refs to review the previous play and cost us 2 points. It led further to costing us 5 points.
      I watched this a dozen times, and the refs were NOT going to review the play at first. They let the Dolphins line up. The half was over. Until Flores used his illogic to cost us 5 points with a useless time out.
      Whenever there’s a questionable play, you see the offense hurry to the line to try to start the next play asap. Brian Flores, however, doesn’t know that. In his ignorance, he thinks it’s better to slow it down. To allow the refs to review plays that already went our way.
      Yes, the win feels nice, but until Flores learns the rules of the game and better understands timeouts, I’ll keep pointing it out. You can call this shitting on him, but I call it pointing out facts.

      1. As I said on chat they should have hammered the kick off through the endzone to begin with. Why tempt fate especially since they’ve managed to screw up every call at the end of the half this season. That’s on the coaches as there was absolutely no need to even allow a return at that point in the game. Screwing up how they handled the QB sneak is another matter altogether. How on earth can old man Brady easily do it numerous times a game yet the Fins can’t even handle the snap? They didn’t even need an inch! Have they practiced the QB sneak even once in the past ten years???

        On a positive note we shouldn’t just rag on them the players played hard and the coaches have done a good job keeping them going. They also made some good calls well until the end of the the half. Although I’d like to see them have more balance on offense way too much passing…

        1. One thing that is encouraging to me at least from a coaching perspective is I don’t see any giving up in this team despite all excuses they could use… “nobody expects us to win anyway so who cares” kinda thing. Despite having less talent overall in each and every match-up they come out and fight, play hard & disciplined, and are one of the least penalized teams in the league. One would hope that if you build a culture around those ideas and get a much needed infusion of talent that there is reason to hope for big things in the future whether they get their franchise QB in this draft or the next.

          And one can only hope that their game management also improves with experience.

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