The Latest on the Jarvis Landry Situation

Breaking:   Dolphins acquire defensive end Robert Quinn from the Rams.   Because having 47 defensive ends already on the roster apparently isn’t good enough.


The local media are getting more and more bold in their predictions that Landry will soon be traded, even though they have no proof.   We are no closer to an answer now than we were at the end of last season.

He may get traded, and that would be stupid for the Dolphins to do, considering we’d probably get a mere third rounder in return.

The interesting thing to me is that on Wednesday, Coach Adam Gase said publicly that the reason they franchise tagged Landry was because they wanted to keep him.  “That’s why we did it,” he said.  So is this Gase’s Nick Saban moment?   Is this Adam Gase looking millions of fans in the eye and lying to our face?  I’d like to think not.   I’d like to think that Gase honestly tagged Landry to buy more time to work out a deal.

If you look around, you see a ton or rumors disguised as fact.   No reporters know for certain how much Landry wants and how much the Dolphins are offering.  Instead, the Herald and Sentinel are relying on the famous “un-named sources close to the situation.”   In other words, “made-up people who I can pretend gave me inside information.”

As of now, reports of a trade seem imminent.   Personally, I’m not so sure.

I’ve said all along that I’d like to keep Landry, but losing him would not be devastating.   The more damaging thing to me would be to find out that we have yet another head coach who lies to us.  According to the papers, the Dolphins tagged Landry in order to protect him as trade bait.  According to Gase, the Dolphins tagged him in order to keep him.

Either the papers are wrong or Gase is a liar.  In this case, I’m believing Adam Gase, and I think a deal will be struck soon to keep Landry.

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  1. Quinn is a solid pick up we all know the branch signing was stupid so now after this season we can cut him. Wake only will last 2 more years tops so Harris replaces him and ideally miami has Harris and Quinn as the ends. This makes me think suh might get cut because now 1/3 of the salary cap is tied up in the dline

  2. I like the Quinn pick up….if he stays healthy. This Landry situation is strange….

  3. I read that edelman makes 6 M and no one wanted him when he was a FA either so how does Landry deserve more than 13 M? I like him but come on man…

    Not sure what they are doing on the dline I guess if you are going to spend money that’s the place but they’ll most likely be shuffling more players around. Unless they renegotiate a few contracts possibly Suh..

  4. Landry reads all the hype about himself and feels that regular-season catches are more important than Super Bowl championships. Quinn can be a good DE

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      You beat me Justin! But only because I was just uploading my thoughts on this. See new entry today

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