Stephen Ross Issues an edict About Standing for the National Anthem, But then changes his mind before I could even write the article

As of now, the Dolphin owner will not force players to stand for the National Anthem.   However, the NY Daily News quoted him as saying that his players will stand throughout 2018.  Ross then issued another statement saying that his first statement was misconstrued.

We can’t make this stuff up, folks.  This is the torture of being a Dolphin fan.  Each new decree from our owner, followed up by the invariable “clarification,” invites ridicule and laughter from other NFL fans towards us.  I’ll cut Ross some slack, and we can assume his words and his intent were not clearly displayed by the Jets’  hometown newspaper.

Stay out of the political focus, or else be at the forefront of it.  But please stop the wishy washy tightrope act of trying to appease the players who want to kneel and the fans who hate the kneelers.

A simple “no comment” speaks volumes.   Better yet, how about speaking some sense into your managers and forcing them to sign Landry already.  If you’re going to issue statements, make them productive!  Make them about your NFL team, not about social remedies.

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  1. You can punish players by sending them to superbowl champions and than you can reward great players by trading them to the browns. Sucks for Landry and Us. Benefit? Couple of picks Dolphins will waste.

    1. Author

      LOL, I was just thinking this! We will waste the picks on a couple more defensive ends, because already having 74 defensive ends on the roster is never enough for Miami.

  2. Thank you for fixing the problem!!!

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