The List of Coaches Who Would be Better than Joe Philbin

Stephen Ross had a chance to give the Miami Dolphins and their fans a Christmas gift by getting rid of Joe Philbin, but instead he chose to give that Christmas gift to the rest of the ACF East.

I mean seriously, when Ross confirmed that he was foisting Philbin upon us for a fourth straight year, do you think Bill Belichick was struck with fear?  Did the Buffalo Bills think, “Oh no, we have to face Philbin again” or did they laugh at us?  You get the idea.   Nobody but nobody fears Joe Philbin.  The joke is on Mr. Ross.

Dolphins Truth has been under some pressure from some readers to name names…to state who we should hire instead of Joe Philbin.  The list is long.  Who wouldn’t we hire?

Let’s start at the top of our wish list, and it’s the same name we’ve been saying for 3 years now.  I know many folks disagree, but we’re sticking to our guns and begging Ross to give us a Christmas miracle by ending this Philbin farce and hiring Brian Billick.

Why is this man unemployed, but we’re stuck with Clueless Joe Philbin?

Billick is a Super Bowl Champion head coach.  He won a Super Bowl with an offense full of nobodies, led by Trent Dilfer.  Super Bowl Champion QB Trent Dilfer.  Yes, Billick is good enough to win with a so-so offense and a strong defense…just like the Dolphins have now.

Billick currently works for the NFL Network, but he has entertained the idea of coaching again.  He did not resign from the Ravens.  He was fired.  When you get fired, you have something to prove.  You want to show your old boss that he made a mistake, and the only way to do so is to succeed elsewhere.  That fire would consume Billick and drive him to achieve great things in Miami.

It’s a pleasure to listen to Billick analyze games on TV.  The guy knows his stuff.  He hasn’t lost any of his football knowledge, and he could step in tomorrow and teach the Dolphins how to be champions.  He can build a solid team foundation too.  The Ravens are still contenders every single year, thanks (in part) to the foundation that Billick set up for Jon Harbaugh.

Then there’s the usual list of names that Dolfan incorrectly cry for, such as Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, and Tony Dungy.    All three of those guys walked away from the game (they were NOT fired).  They accomplished what they wanted and left.   Now, they each make about $12 million per year to talk on the air a few hours a week.  In Dungy’s case, he works a 12-minute halftime show.

Trust me, there is no desire to go back to working 130 hours per weeks as an NFL coach when you can sit in a studio and talk for a few minutes per week instead.  These guys might be tempted to take Ross’s money, but their heart wouldn’t be into it.  Remember when Jimmy Johnson’s heart wasn’t in it any more and he wanted to quit?  Instead of saying “okay, bye-bye,” H. Wayne Huizenga instead begged Johnson to stay.   The result was more mediocrity from a coach who had no passion left.  (and who now also works about half an hour per week talking for a living).

Rex Ryan is an interesting prospect.  It’s a moot point now that Ross is punishing us with Joe Philbin, but could you imagine the toughness that Ryan would bring with him?  Here’s a coach who reached two AFC Championships with one of the worst QBs of all time in Mark Sanchez.  Imagaine what he could do with Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace, and our entire defense.   Rex’s magic did indeed run out in NY, but much of that wasn’t his fault.  He’ll have an ax to grind, and I’d rather see him wielding that ax at others, instead of wielding it at Dolphins next year.

Many Dolfans consider Jeff Fisher as the one who got away.  Seriously?   Who wanted him in the first place?  Not us.  Fisher has coached for seemingly 137 years without a single championship.  He did make it to a Super Bowl once, but only because of an illegal forward lateral, and then he lost that one and only Super Bowl.   Much like Philbin is good for consistent 8-8 seasons with no championships, Jeff Fisher is good for consistent 10-6 seasons with no Super Bowls.   No improvement there.  No upgrade if we hire Fisher.

Bill Lazor is an intriguing name.  His new offense showed some signs of greatness, but in the end, it failed us too many times.   The offense had some terrible games against crap teams like Jacksonville and the NY Jets.  But the reason we’d love to see him as our head coach is to see what innovations he’d bring.  Did our offense fail this year because of Lazor’s play-calling?  Or did it fail because Joe Philbin would not allow Lazor to call the plays he wanted?  All signs point to the latter.  In the Packer game, for example, Philbin admitted that he over-ruled Lazor’s play calling because Philbin felt “queasy.”   That is Joe Philbin’s own word he actually used.  Philbin went with his own gut feeling and his own experience, and we lost.  Imagine if he allowed others like Lazor to just do their job and win games?

Todd Bowles.   Who knows if Todd would come back, but at least he has a winning record as Dolphins head coach, and therefore, he is better than Philbin.  It would be interesting to see how it would play out.

Any college head coach.  Pretty much any college coach at a major school would be better than Joe Philbin because they’d have something to prove.  I have never gotten the feeling that Philbin wants to prove something.  He seems content being in the fraternity of NFL head coaches.  He often talks about his 30+ years of coaching, but he always “forgets” to mention that none of those 30 years was ever as a head coach.  He talks a lot of understanding offense, but he won’t mention that he never had any power at any of his other jobs.   Colleges coaches have experience managing every aspect of the game, while Philbin had no experience calling a single play.  Not a one.



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  1. I choose all of the above 🙂 to me I honesty would be happy to give anybody else a chance. Yes, I dislike Philbin that much. Sure, I would prefer some over others, but I just can’t bear to watch the same stupid mistakes every game next year.

  2. Pretty shoddy list….. I don’t want anyone out of the booth nor gamble on a college coach. I’d take Rex Ryan to replace Kevin Coyle. Bowles is intriguing but is he too defensive minded? I do like Lazor and think he’s got head coach qualities and having him would ensure the offense remains intact. …. plus he’s young.

    I would add to the list Denver’s OC and Seattle’s DC.

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