The Lull Until Sports Start Up Again

Man, this is a dreadfully painful time with no sports.  As I’ve said since day one, having to go without sports and having to cancel a vacation—that’s nothing compared to people losing their lives to the virus.  I’d rather have this minor inconvenience than suffer what others have been through.  But after 3 or 4 months, I’m really eager to get back to normal…if only mother nature would agree.

I haven’t had much to report here, and even the Dolphin writers at the Herald and Sun Sentinel are re-hashing the same stuff.  What this unit MIGHT look like.   WHAT IF this or that happens?  A lot of conjecture, and at this point, we’ll take it.

Stephen Ross today put up $13 million toward racial justice.   It’s a noble cause, and he was already in hot water among some players for being a public Trump Supporter, so we’ll see.   He has a good heart for these causes, and perhaps doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves for his philanthropy.

Two draft choices haven’t signed yet:  Noah Igbinoghene and Robert Hunt.  They’re not quite holding out, because there’s no camp to hold out from.   But it seems off how everyone else gladly signed already, but there is a delay with these guys.   Could be nothing.  We’ll see.


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  1. Our old pal Kenny Stills has blasted this donation by Ross as a “tax write off.” I know Ross is big with this kinds of PR, but I don’t think he needs to make everything public. He could have easily just made the donation in secret. I also wish Ross would just be the owner of the Dolphins and abandon his other business ventures.

    1. Author

      True. I’ve criticized Ross a million times for his non-Dolphin ventures being a distraction, but he’s certainly entitled to give money to whoever he wants. Some people (attention Mr. Stills) just want to be mean-spirited instead of recognizing a generous donation to a cause Ross must care for.

      1. Stills can kiss my ass he’s an idiot. If Ross did nothing he would have blasted the guy so its a no win with that fool. Glad he’s gone.

        1. Author

          Stills probably thought it was great to get traded. But he ended up in Texas, where they’re not as open minded and most everyone condemned the flag-kneeling. And the Houston Texans just never go anywhere betond the first round of the playoffs every single year. The future of the Dolphins looks a lot brighter than the Texans. Stills will remain an average player on an average team.

  2. What do you think of Csm signing with the Pats?

      1. Not sure he can handle BB or vice versa. I’m not sure he’s healthy or can stay healthy. They obviously are not that high on stidham which is a good sign as well.

        1. Yeah, I’m not too concerned, Newton isn’t what he was a few years back. Especially after the Super Bowl, the Broncos whooped him up!

  3. Author

    Brady was so good because of 18+ years of a steady offense and a strong rapport with players who were on the same page with him. A new QB in a new system with strangers playing alongside is a lot different. Cam is a million times more athletic than Brady, but Brady had the intangibles.

    1. Idk, I am really intrigued by the Cam signing and the Pats next year.

      As a fan of football, sorry but a part of me will be cheering for NE, I really want to see if Bellichick can make something out of the players he has and I like Cam and hope he has a good yea. Honestly the pats are probably the team I’m most intensely focused on next year because I’m gonna guess we’re bad again and tua hopefully wont play until late in the year, so won’t mind us losing a couple games (maybe not tanking though) so we get a better pick.

  4. Armando Salguero is reporting the preseason will be cut in half. If true, weeks 1 and 4 would be cancelled. Teams would play one home and one away game. Assuming there is even a season this year of course.

    1. Author

      For 10 million bucks, you’d think he could build a more secure fence to keep the raccoons away!
      Anyway, the season to me is looking more and more unlikely. The Corona cases are growing, not calming down, in Florida especially. I’ve become such a hermit myself, and I’m not a germophobe at all. I see some MLB players refusing to play, and can you blame them? I think the NBA and MLB will be a good test for what the NFL can do. But cancelling 2 of the 4 pre-season games will lead to canceling 3 and then all 4. And then all of a sudden comes week 1 of the real season, only 65 days away for so. Will there be a cure by then?

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