Kenny Stills Arrested on a Felony!

Protesting peacefully is one thing.  But Stills took it further by, allegedly, intimidating one of the policemen.


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  1. Stills is known for doing many good things in the community. He did a lot for the poorer people in south Florida and did it admirably with passion and care for others. His work ethic is top notch. But he sure has this thing about “social justice.” Getting arrested doesn’t help him personally and further tarnishes the NFL brand. He could have just protested peacefully without making threats and everything would have been fine. But, here we are…

    1. Author

      Yes, and these protests involving sports stars are in the news so much lately mostly because there are no sports. We should be talking about how great Tua looked in practice today, but the world is crazy nowadays, and we’re forced to discuss arrests and social issues. Those are important topics, but not the goal of most fan sites.

  2. Nowhere in the reporting does it say he tried to intimidate a police officer. The intimidation charge comes from the fact that they protested outside the home of the trash ass D.A. who has failed to charge the inept ass cops that were at fault in the botched no-knock raid. A raid that was executed because of a warrant the police got by lieing about the facts of the case to a judge. And in search of someone who didn’t live at the resident in the first place and who was actually already in custody. Justice for Breonna Taylor! Try getting your facts straight for a change.

  3. Author

    Meanwhile, the Cowboys are in a financial war with Dak Prescott, who has fairly average numbers and no championships. When he wins a Super Bowl, he’ll get his gigantic payday, like Mahomes deserved and just did. Let’s home Tua gets many gigantic paydays!

  4. Rookies to report July 21 as per Troy Vincent.

    1. Author

      Yep, Sean beat me to it. We are not out of the woods with Corona. It’s real. However, at the very least, 70 or 80 men should be able to stay six feet away from each other and spread out of a huge field. From there, they can do exercises and cardio and at least get some conditioning in. For classwork and meetings, those are typically in enclosed spaces, but it’s never the whole team in one small room. The QBs have a room, the RBs, the LBs, etc. It’s not ideal, but it’s possible to start doing some non-contact drills and start the education process.
      This is pretty good news, as long as they handle it right.

  5. Update: Joe Schad reporting Dolphins rookies to report Thursday; not Tuesday.

  6. The big news in South Florida is that none of the Dolphins have “opted out” of the season due to medical concerns while several patsies have. Also several marlins players contacted Covid and had to cancel a game. Me thinks we are not going to see much NFL this year.

  7. All these players opting out now, it’s gonna be a developmental season I’m thinking, if it can even go on

  8. As of this writing, 8 patsies have opted out for the season.

  9. Jerome Baker and the new OT Flowers are out with covid. Let’s hope it just a quick and safe quarantine then back to work.

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