The more things change…

He we are, still close to the recent dawn of a new season, and the Dolphins are all but out of it already.

We’ve only played two games, and we’re already two and a half games behind in our division.   The math is almost illogical, but it’s very true and very sad.

We’re 2.5 games out already, and it’s not gonna get much better.

Thad Lewis had 2 career wins, both against Joe Philbin. Dolphins have a brutal history of losing to 3rd and 4th string QBs
Thad Lewis had 2 career wins, both against Joe Philbin. Dolphins have a brutal history of losing to 3rd and 4th string QBs

Watching New England use a 3rd-string project of a QB to decimate Houston shows us several things.

  • It shows that New England’s system is a well-constructed work of art that should be copied, verbatim, so that any old ham-and-egger off the streets can come in a win games at QB.
  • It shows us that Miami should have hired Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who was with the Pats for all 4 of their Super Bowls, instead of Adam Gase and his Zero Super Bowls.
  • It shows that when you want to run the ball, you simple reinforce your line and you ground and pound the ball right at the opponent.  With EXTRA blockers, not fewer.   But when Miami wants to run the ball on the other hand, we spread the formation, leaving the same 5 (and only 5) blockers in for running plays.  IT DOESN’T WORK.
  • It shows us there is no balance in the AFC, especially the AFC East.   No one is going to challenge the Patriots, and now all us Patriots haters will have to become fans of whoever New England plays in the second round of the playoffs after their first-round bye.  They have a few easy games coming up, so 5-0 is a near certainty.
Helen Keller could lead these guys to a win.
Helen Keller could lead these guys to a win.

If there’s any hope at all, we can hope that the close games against NE and Seattle mean we’re close.   If we blow out Cleveland, that might make that point.  If the NE and Seattle losses came while we were already 8-0, it would be no big deal.   But getting gutted early with this NFL schedule did us no favors.    We only know that the Dolphins and hang close to the elite teams, but we honestly don’t know how the Dolphins are against mediocre or crappy teams.

We’ll know that as of Sunday afternoon.



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  1. Miami will be lucky if the pats lose twice I see them easily going 14-2

    1. Author

      Maybe a loss to Pitt, maybe to a 50-50 team like Baltimore. Maybe to Cincy. 4 losses at the absolute most. I thught they were sunk without Brady, and I was dead wrong.

      1. Yea the steelers and Broncos are the only teams in the same league as the patriots in the afc

  2. The Pats are no concern to Miami. They’re out of Miami’s league. We’ll be very lucky to not finish in the cellar again.

    That being said I think we blow out Cleveland this week and finish the season 4-12.

  3. BTW we don’t know how good Seattle is now…..Rams beat em 9-3. And the NE game was over before halftime.

    1. Author

      @Jay, yeah I meant to mention that earlier. The rams are a terrible, awful team. Yet they did a job that we couldn’t Scarey thought.
      Personally, I think the Rams D fed off of a huge enthusiastic crowd. The Dolphins never do.

  4. That Clemson QB that played last night looks great to draft. Strong arm, makes all the throws accurately, and fast on his feet.
    Also the ND QB is getting great reviews as well as Brad Kaaya from the Hurricanes.

    1. I’m thinking Watson is the only one who ends up doing well at the next level. Wouldn’t mind drafting him

      1. Author

        It can’t hurt. I don’t hate Tannehill as much as you guys, but taking a great QB like Watson can’t hurt. I’m not against that at all. We waste picks on WRs every year without an elite QB to throw to them. Now let’s stay put with the WRS we have. Let’s aim for a QB in the draft. Tannehill hasn’t been bad enough to throw to the curb, but he certainly hasn’t been enough to say “We have no need to draft a QB.”

  5. There is entirely too much “hand wringing” this early in the season by you Dolfans.

    Don’t read too much into what the Patriots have done at this point, they lucked out and played two games out of three at home.

    This is a long season and you’ll have plenty of time to judge what is going to take place, but right now, it’s way too early.

    So I say, relax.

    1. Phil, many of us like this site because we’re like-minded fans, even when we disagree. We commiserate about our Dolphins here rather than praise them. In several of the past years, we did not panic. We waited. We were patient and waited for the turn around. But it never came. So when the Dolphins were good early on, we knew they would blow it, and they proved us right. and when they started off cold, we knew they wouldn’t turn it around and they proved us right. Could be 100% different under Gase, but until he proves us wrong we have to expect thew worst

      1. Well Floridan, if that’s the case, according to many of the “like-minded fans” on this site’s predilection concerning the Dolphins, you see no hope because the season is a wash already.

        Interesting way to root for your team.

        1. Well, you see, after not one winning seasons in 8 years people are realistic. If you knew ANYTHING at all about the Fins or Finfans this would not have shocked you!

          1. Jay im with you the only predictable thing about the Dolphins is disappointment and they’re going to have to prove me wrong before my attitude changes i always wish for them to win but I’m tired of watching the same pathetic team year after year game after game.

          2. Well Jay, if you were a true Dolfan, you would know that in the entire Dolphins history they have many more winning seasons than losing and that’s a FACT that seems to elude you!

            1. Living in the past jackass! We haven’t won a playoff game in 16 years. Havent won a SB in 42 years….and counting. And clueless Ross hasnt had a winning season….EVER!!

              1. Look you dumbshit, prove what I said wrong before you point out what the Dolphins haven’t done. You can’t dispute what I said so lie down and take a nap, idiot!

  6. “you Dolfans”

    So you are not a Dolfan?

    1. Sorry Anonymous, maybe I should’ve said “by my fellow Dolfans.”

      There….better now?

  7. Jose Fernandez dead in a boating accident this morning. GEEZ what a tragedy!


  8. Getting picked up by jamar Taylor on the first series thanks Tannehill you fucking rock brother

    1. @PhinsUP. I show you regiestered. are you in the chat room?

  9. Philbins mole Taylor saves the day. They should plant those rejects on every team!!! I’m beginning to believe that we have overestimated the talent level on this team. Either that or we have a very fragile team with no confidence. I’m hoping it’s the latter as games like this can help but talent will take years to draft.

    Happy for the win but this game left a very bad taste in my mouth.

  10. Well, I’m still not going to panic yet, but…………………………

    1. I fear that it’s bad as its one thing to start slow every week but the way they played against a bunch of Browns backups doesn’t give me a lot of confidence. It’s not even one guy as Landry even drops important first down catches regularly. Star players disappear for long stretches. Pryor looked like a superstar against them! He was the only guy and he burned them over and over…it was disturbing although the D finally made a stop it should never have happened If the Browns had their kicker.

      1. This was arguably the 2 worst teams in the NFL.

        1. Jay – No need for the word arguably in your statement.

        2. It very well may be we’ll know more after the Bengals game. Maybe this win will get their confidence up and the Bengals lost again. Either way they can’t keep playing like this unless this is what they are….

  11. I guess let’s see if the Bengals blow them out or not because if they play like this they don’t stand a chance.

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