The Pro Bowl…Do You Care?

I used to like the Pro Bowl more than most people.   But the past few years, even I have changed my tune and now think like the rest of you…that it’s a boring, tedious affair.

Making matters worse is the NFL’s insistence on using tired old retirees to act as team captains and select players.   But WORSE, is allowing guys like Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin to still be involved.

How many arrests does it take before the NFL turn its back on these thugs?

What do you guys think of the Pro Bowl??

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  1. The only thing worse is that stupid Runner-Up game the NFL played in Miami for years-it was awful. Remember that?
    It’s raining and cold in Orlando now-love it.
    Wouldn’t go even if I got free tickets.

    1. Author

      I honestly don’t remember any runner-up game. When was that?

        1. @Karmatourer

          God I remember these games. I actually turned one on and they guys weren’t even trying! It made me wonder why they even wore pads…….

          I remember thinking it was literally wasting my life to have put this on tv and enticed me to tune in for the 15 min.

          I never watched again….

          Apparently I wasn’t the only one!

  2. Author

    And now, the Jets have hired HALL OF FAME linebacker Kevin Greene to their staff…another linebackers coach who we could have hired.
    Would you rather have a Hall of Famer running our D, or some unknown question-mark who coached the worst unit on on near-worst defense??
    I’d like to say we got Matt Burke because no one else was available, but that isn’t true.

    1. @Admin

      You already know my position on this hire!

      I sure hope Gase knows something that none of us do. I think he gets the benefit of the doubt from me because of his work last year but I have him on a short leash because of this.

      So much DC talent out there and we don’t get ANY of it. Gase had better hit a f-ing home run or a ton of people will bring these chickens back home to his house to roost!

    2. @Admin

      The good news is there may be hope that our “NEW” (I mean that in every sense of the word) DC might get some decent LB’s as Bobby Grier is now a consultant for the Dolphins………

      “Bobby Grier, who worked his way up the NFL ranks as a Bill Parcells protege, is known to be one of the driving forces behind the Texans selecting J.J. Watt with the 11th pick in the 2011 draft, and he’s credited with being the only NFL executive who did extensive work on future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, whom New England selected in the sixth round of the 2000 draft.”
      – Omar Kelly

  3. Also I guess this would be a nice time to rub in Jay’s face that if Tannehill wasn’t injured he would be the starting QB for the AFC in the Pro Bowl – Not Matt Moore!

  4. @Brian M

    TannePuke is just pathetic. Ya think the QB with the 28th passing attack deserves to start in the Pro Bowl? HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Take off your rose colored glasses!!!

    I’ve never seen a worse QB get 70 consecutive starts! LOL!

    1. @Jay

      Your so deranged. Had he been available he would have been in the Pro Bowl that isn’t my OPINON it’s what would have been based on available QB to play.

      1. OH….YOUR OPINION????? LOL



      2. @Brian M

        Serious question….Are u TannePuke’s wife???


  5. During the deflategate saga I had mentioned that the biggest benefit to the Belicheats was having a better grip on the ball especially in NE. Patsie fans denied this to the teeth… well this years stats proved otherwise as they have went from the bottom of the list to the top. No coincidence? Also proves that BB knew what was going on he bid behind his qb like a little school girl. We all know that cheater knows everything that goes on with that team makes me puke that he was able to skate away and will now be enshrined for all that he did in the NFL. Wish we knew everything that he did probably blow everyones minds…..

    1. By the way was talking about fumbles….and they drastically changed at home where they used to have more control to cheat.

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