Adam Gase Calling plays for the Steelers!!!

Pittsburgh had third and short twice already, and BOTH times, they called a long bomb.  Both incomplete.  Horrendous play calling and NOT the way to eat away at New England.

Apparently, Adam Gase is the play caller today, because he too refuses to rush for a first down.  Ever.

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  1. Lol admin. Steelers bowed out early. Patriots in an an easy romp today

  2. 10-6.
    But the Steelers continue to rush only rush 3,it’s going to be a long day. No pressure on Brady at all.

  3. admin,get off your boner for Gase. It’s getting funny now.

    1. Lol. I do agree agree tho. PItt had third and a foot, and they called a long go route ?
      And now the Pitt D is trying to fool Brady by playing like Miami’s D. Rush 3 and leave Edelman and hogan open

  4. Author

    I turned it off already. I’m not gonna watch that half-wit Mike Tomlin try to beat Tom Brady by rushing 2 guys. N.E. is on the way to 60 points today

  5. Let me help to explain those calls. NE expects them to rush for the short gain and brings in the fat bastards to stop that play. They tried to get the long completion instead. PIT knows they have a chance to win. If it was in doubt,they would have rushed for the 1st down.PIT has no problem getting a yard when needed.

    1. Author

      I don’t care if they have 12 fat bastards at the line of scrimmage. When you need a foot, you QB sneak it or power it. All 12 of those guys can’t all be in front of the center.

    2. Author

      And to prove it yet again, N.E. face a third and one, and Brady easily snuck it. All 11 Steelers knew it was coming, and impossible to stop.

      1. Yes I saw that play and thought of Karamatour !

  6. And now Laverne Bell took herself out of the game with a minor leg cramp.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I hear it’s a mild sprain and he could/should play. But Phil Sims is acting like his leg was amputated or something.

      1. Yes. A sore groin. What a pussy.

  7. Author

    Steelers forgot about an NFL rule that even us Dolfans know: If Little Julie Edelmann catches a pass, she will automatically dive down right before taking a hit…and if you tap her, the refs will flag you 15 yards. I hope Atlanta knocks her on her ass on the first play of the game.

  8. Author

    Also, we continue to see wildcats and flea flickers work every single week. Dolphins haven’t tried either of those in 4 years.

  9. I’ve never seen an easier path to the bowl everyone rolls over for these guys. Hopefully Atlanta can keep their O rolling and outscore them.

    Funny how in the first half no Calls as the refs didn’t know who to flag. They then realized that patsies trump steelers at home flags started coming out. Just cracks me up.

    1. Yes, there does seem to be a pecking order in the NFL. The Pats backs seem to be able to grab the arms and jersey of receivers without looking for the ball and never a flag. In this game today, just change pats jerseys to dolphins and there are at least 3-4 flags for illegal contact/PI.

      1. And the Steelers having no game plan made it easy for the PAts and the refs.

        1. It is crazy but on a good note hard to get those blatant calls once on the big stage otherwise the falcons wouldn’t stand a chance. Although the pats can still cheat by sneaking into the walk throughs or bugging their opponents conversations…we have no clue how far they have come.

  10. If I told you that Brady only had to win one game to force Goodell to have to stand next to him on the champions stage and eat shit and smile through gritting teeth while shaking his hand and crowning him world champ would you bet against Brady?

    If you say yes your a fool!

    Btw I mean no disrespect to any of you I’m just saying nobody is keeping NE from that moment!

    1. Let’s hope T-hill can repeat what Matt Ryan did this year

      1. HILARIOUS!!!! Ya have a MUCH better chance of hitting the Super Lotto!!! LMAO!!

      1. @Jay

        Oh ya because your so smart! Let’s see……

        you argued that Philbin was a great coach!

        That Matt Moore was a franchise QB who would elevate the team

        That R. incognito was a bust

        That Gase would turn out to be 8-8 because Tannehill sucked and Gase would lose his job just like Philbin…. because of Tannehill

        Those are just a few of your idiotic “facts”

        Since your never right and always wrong why don’t you try something different for a change

        Like – Shut Up!

  11. Jay and Brian you both need to chill with this feud it’s taking over every comment section. And chris hogan was a dolphin at one point, just shows how dam good the pats are. I hate them but you kind of have to respect that they get scrubs to play at a really high level every year.

  12. @Zach

    When Hogan was here they called him 7-11! Do you remember why?

    Because he was “Open all day”

    Brian Gaine loved this kid and was “Shocked” that he was undrafted and even more shocked that although he couldn’t convince his boss (Ireland) to draft him in the late rounds that Hogan was still around for Miami to pick up after the draft, which they did.

    Even though Gaine was the assistant GM he seemed to have very little input on personnel decisions aside from actually finding talent. He hit on Hogen early and then was skipped over when Ireland was shown the door and then fired.

    Hogan meanwhile while toasting the 1st string defense all the time as a member of our practice squad was disliked by Philbin for “Showboating” and was allowed to walk and Buffalo signed him.

    Philbin was an idiot and for far to long anyone who had talent could be spotted by this teams upper management. Although Gaine was assistant GM he really wanst.

    Anyhow hopefully those crappy decision days are behind us.

    Philbin was a disaster! Anyone with talent got traded or benched for vanilla guys who got along!

    Gase doesn’t seem line the kind of coach to let a guy link Incognito or Hogan go or get demoted because they are Alfa types!

    1. @Sorry

      Philbin was an idiot and for far to long anyone who had talent COULD NOT be spotted by this teams upper management. Although Gaine was assistant GM he really WASN’T

    2. Author

      Brian beat me to it. Hogan was not just some scrub who only got better at New England. He was a spark and a breath of fresh air when we had no one else in the receiver corps. All thru camp, 7-11 did nothing wrong. He sucked up every pass anywhere near him. But Clueless Joe Philbin thought that such superstars as Marlon Moore and Armon Binns would be the future of the Dolphins. Brian’s point is 100% in agreement with what I was going to write.

      1. @Admin

        LMAO @ “….. such superstars as Marlon Moore and Armon Binns…..”

        absolutely priceless!

        1. and Philbin was Jay’s Coach of the Year Recipient!

  13. If we had drafted Matt Ryan instead of Jake Long we’d be in the playoffs every year.

    1. Author

      And if Icy Matt Moore didn’t keep handing off to the Steelers, we would have won a playoff game this year.

    2. If we had drafted Tom Brady instead of anyone else in 2000 Dave Wannstedt would be the winningest coach of all time and on his way to his 5th Super Bowl!

      Digest that

      1. Ok even I must admit that Wannstedt would have screwed even that up!

        1. Author

          Baffling how Wanny was a true defensive genius when he worked for Jimmy in Dallas…but then as a head coach, he could do little right.

          1. @Admin

            I know!!!! Also think about this Wannstedt came from a deep pedigree on Johnsons winning staffs and then think about this both Ron Rivera and Greg Schiano got their starts under Wanny! Not the Schiano is anything to write home about yet as far as W-L go it looks like he may stick somewhere.

            Here’s a fun fact!

            Early in the year we all were losing our minds about Darren Rizzi constantly (and i mean CONSTANTLY) being referred to by game announcers as, “Special Teams Guru” and “Special Teams Genius” Keep in mind this is long before the Special Teams did anything special this year! Anyhow the fun fact is that Darren Rizzi got his NFL shot by…………..

            Yep Greg Schiano…… so it’s almost like Wannstedt is still part of the Dolphins!

  14. Never understood some fans hatred for Dave Wannstedt. He had a winning record with the Fins took us to the playoffs every year but one. He also was part of 2-3 SB wins albeit as an assistant, won a Coach of the Year honor with the Bears and had like 94 NFL wins. Sure he made some mistakes but heck, who hasn’t?

    1. I never disliked Wannstade I actually thought he would be a good coach but 9-7 with that defense? Expectations were way to high after those Jimmy Johnson draft classes and Jimmy was a high energy guy and that just didn’t transfer to Wannsdate he was just not the right guy to follow Jimmy in my opinion

  15. Thanks Brian M.! Someone has to keep hoecake snowflake Jay in line.

  16. The caution when it comes to proceeding with Tannehill is that Miami must essentially double his salary to keep him, which means absorbing a cap hit of $20.3 million for 2017.

    The Dolphins can get out of most of that money, as well as the rest of a contract that will cost them $60.4 million in cap over the 2018-20 seasons, if they opt out of the deal by March 13. If they go that route, here are five available quarterbacks they can consider:

    Jay Cutler
    This could be an interesting name to watch even though he plummeted last season. He has history with coach Adam Gase, who was Chicago’s offensive coordinator in 2015 when Cutler posted a career-high 92.3 passer rating. The Bears are expected to cut him this spring, and there might not be much of a market for him at 33. Miami could offer a one-year deal to use him as a bridge to a quarterback it drafts, or as a possible starter going into the season if Tannehill isn’t healthy.

    Tony Romo
    This is the most accomplished quarterback available. Romo’s last healthy season wasa 2014, when he completed nearly 70 percent of his passes, had 34 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Since then, he’s made four starts. Each of his last two years were derailed by injury, and rookie Dak Prescott took his job this season. Any team interested in hosting his comeback try will likely have to trade for him.

    Case Keenum
    Keenum will be one of the cheapest veterans on the market after making $3.6 million this season, and there’s good reason for that. He started nine games for the Rams this year and put up a 60.9 completion percentage, nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Two organizations have tried to make it work with Keenum, and he’s never been better than OK.

    Tyrod Taylor
    Taylor will be an interesting player to watch no matter who picks him up. The Bills are rumored to be letting him go, and he presents the best mix of talent, youth and potential among the gettable quarterbacks. He is set to make about $17 million in 2017 and could more than that as a free agent, meaning the Dolphins wouldn’t save much (if any) money by making this move.

    Jimmy Garoppolo
    The most coveted backup quarterback in the league, Garoppolo is going to command a huge ransom from anyone who wants to pry him away from New England. He’s got three years in the Patriots’ system, looked tremendous filling in for Tom Brady briefly this season and just turned 25. ESPN reported in December that it would likely take a package of at least a first- and fourth-round pick to acquire Garoppolo.

    1. None of those guys are options for various reasons. Sure Jimmy looked good in NE so did the 3rd stringer….plus there is no way NE trades him within the division if he actually is any good.

      They’ll most likely stick with Tanny as he improved this year unless he’s damaged goods which I doubt as RB’s come back from those injuries.

    2. I recently mentioned all of these QBs in a post (in response to Jay) on why not to get rid of Tannehill with the exception of Jimmy Garoppolo.

      @Palm Beach Post

      On what authority do you have it that he, at the age of 25 with three years in NE system that Garoppolo is going to be available?

      Yes NE is known to trade any player at any time but after his early season performance and NE domination, this year doesn’t you think it more likely that Garoppolo is Brady’s replacement and NE doesn’t feel the need to fill too many glaring holes on its team? What do they need to win the SB again next year? Maybe another corner another Guard another CB and a receiver? They don’t need to trade Garoppolo to fill those minor spots.

      Also, consider that Josh McDanials and Patricia both stayed on this year when they both could have easily been well paid HC. To me, it signals another SB run next year for literally all the NFL records for Brady and Belichick. I don’t see much stopping that run and I can see a victorious NE next year transitioning from Brady & Belichick to Garoppolo & McDanials.

      Now you might say that’s idiotic!
      You may laugh at me and say, “Brady and Belichick will not retire if they with the SB next year!”

      Well if not next year then how many years from now?
      2 maybe?

      3? Not likely they stay that long!

      So you’re telling me you think that Garoppolo will be able to walk from NE NOW?

      Only if they have a guy they know is sure fire they can replace him with and IF (this is a big if) they think they can groom him for 2 years behind Brady!

      I don’t think there is any way that NE lets Garoppolo go.

      They would be stupid to let him go and NE is a lot of things but stupid is not one of them!

      So can we just agree that your mentioning of Garoppolo being available is simply a journalistic “Straw Man” to garner interest in an otherwise uninteresting, no brainer decision that Miami has already made?

      Let’s all act like grown ups now and take Garoppolo off your QB list!

      Now have a reasonable conversation!

      Ok so if we take Garoppolo off your list I would suggest that Tannehill is a much better QB than anyone else on your list minus Romo and if Miami brings Romo in here it won’t be for much less than Tannehill is getting paid plus it guarantees us a playoff loss!

      Romo is as predictable as Matt Moree! He just can’t help but turn the ball over in big games AND he’s is a one year (two at best) stop gap. Why would Miami pay the same money to Romo when he has no upside for them? None!

      Also had Tannehill not gotten hurt he would be playing in the Pro Bowl this year as his stats have him light years better than anyone on your list.

      SO you think that Miami is trading him for these guys? Your nuts……

      I have never read the paper your username claims you’re represent but if this is the kind of crap your writing your not enticing me to come over there for more of it!

      @West Palm Beach Post – Welcome to Dolphins Truth!

  17. NFL and NFLPA find concussion protocol not ‘strictly followed’ for Dolphins QB Matt Moore

  18. Jarvis Landry won the best hands skill challenge at the Pro Bowl… I know it doesn’t mean anything but at least someone is making the Dolphins relevant

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