The Search for an Offensive Coordinator

With former Dolphin Doug Pederson (the  winning QB in Don Shula’s record-setting game) available now, I have to add him to the list of candidates to become Miami’s new OC.

Anthony Lynn is another intriguing option.

This is a hugely important hire, and I’m glad the Dolphins haven’t rush into anything already.  Stability is vitally important this time around, and whoever we hire, we need to give him a 5-year deal to stop the revolving door OCs.  Tua and the other young players simply cannot learn a new offense every year.  It’s ludicrous.  Even if the offense is bad at first, at least there will be consistency and stability going into year two.  It’s inevitable.

Watching the playoffs this weekend shows you how important the rapport is on offense.  You see a lot less confusion and mistakes when the teams know the playbook.   Look how well Josh Allen succeeded in Buffalo in this third year of the same exact system.   We must strive for that same consistency.

I like the idea of getting former fired head coaches to become coordinators.  Flores has not done this so far, except for the one-year Chan Gailey experiment. Instead, Flores has hired his buddies.  I hope this time around he takes a good hard look at some innovators, starting with a Super Bowl winning coach in Pederson.

I also hope they are serious about sticking with Tua and not getting involved in these DeShaun Watson rumors, but that’s a different column all together…

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  1. I don’t mind former coaches as they may stick around a little longer than a young up and comer but they must call plays to the strengths of Tua or whoever the QB is in the game. I don’t think Gailey was horrible he did have some success but he was turfed I believe because he was too stuck in his ways. I don’t know if this is on the coaches but when I watch teams like KC they have guys so wide open its like no one is covering them. I know they have talent but sometimes it has to be the creativity of the OC.

    I’ve read a lot about this Watson talk and they’d have to get a great deal to make it work. When you add in not only what you have to give up in picks but cap as well it can be counterproductive especially if Tua turns out to be even close to comparable. They still have a lot of holes to fill and need more depth I think you need to roll the dice and follow the plan. Tua was just too good in college and you can see he has it in him but just needs time.

    1. Author

      Yeah, the consensus seems to be that to get Watson, the Dolphins would have to give up Tua, PLUS other players, PLUS other draft choices. Sorry, but Watson is good, but not that good. Some of these pundits are acting like he’s Brady/Brees in their prime and worth giving up the farm for. I don’t see it that way. If they give us Watson PLUS two more of their own first round picks, then they can have Tua. But don’t let them raid our future.

      1. Oh gosh, i agree. PLEASE don’t trade the farm for Watson. I think it is more idle gossip anyway

        1. Author

          Yes, we have VERY bad luck with guys who want to come to Miami and who specifically ask to come here.
          Let’s face it: They wanna come here for the bikinis on South Beach and for the No Income Tax…not to be a part of this particular team. In addition, Watson has been vocal lately about who/how/why/when the Houston Texans are interviewing candidates for coaching jobs and front office jobs. We need a QB who worries about his own performance on the field, and not worried about what his bosses are doing. If your next head coach is Bill Belichick or Don Shula or Cam Cameron or Adam Gase, you go out and play your best. You don’t get to decide personnel decisions.

  2. I’m in for keeping Tua as well as see what he can do with a full training camp. Would love love love to see Dolphins get DeVonta Smith. He and Tua teammates and you know there is a chemistry, familiarity and confidence…can this team bring it in? Your thoughts are welcome.

    1. Author

      If the Dolphins truly, definitely want DaVonta Smith, I think they can trade back. I don’t think he is worthy of the #3 overall pick. Trade back with someone who is dying for Micah Parsons or Penei Sewell. If Sewell and Parsons go 3rd and 4th, Miami could still get Smith in the 5-8 range. Remember also, I know Tua and Smith have some chemistry from when they played together, but Kiper and most other draft experts rank LSU’s Ja’marr Chase as a better prospect than Smith. And by the time the 2021 season starts, Tua and Smith will not have played together for nearly 3 years, and we don’t know if that chemistry is sustained. Tua played pro ball in 2020, and was hurt for most of 2019. Come September 2021, how much will these guys gel?
      A different man named Smith is the one who interests me lately. John Smith (aka JuJu Smith-Schuster) might be the better Smith for the Dolphins to go after.
      A lot of our free agent spending will have to wait until the Xavien Howard issue is resolved, because he just got a new agent and he will most undoubtedly hold out unless we ink him to a large raise.

  3. Everyone should always remember the correct draft mantra – which states : NEVER draft a WR that high, especially in the first round. DaVonta Smith is no doubt very tempting, but NOT at # 3 ! Who knows, the Jests may even draft him at # 2 – knowing their sordid draft history.
    The best thing that Tua will be getting next season will be his WR’s – Albert Wilson and Preston Williams back. Just look at how barfalo’s qb josh allen has benefited from their adding just 1 wr – diggs. The quality of wr’s on your team – (I think) has the most impact on your QB’s development and improvement. In later rounds, I also like OSU’s WR – Olave – among others.

    1. I agree. You also have Godwin and Ju Ju Smith available in free agency. I really like Parsons or Sewell for #3.

  4. I’ll gladly welcome JuJu on the Dolphins!….I just want them to get legit WR’s! I’m flat out tired of just a good receiver-I want that player that is going to come down with the ball 95% of the time! Tua’s got to come out this season with confidence, otherwise, we will be back at the same old same old. Keep Preston Williams at 6’5″…Wilson at 5’9″ -not enough vertical leap IMO.

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