The Waiting Game is On Concerning Stephen Ross’s Decision About Joe Philbin

Rumors continue about the future of Joe Philbin in Miami, including a report from the Miami Herald that said Stephen Ross hasn’t had any discussions or thoughts about replacing Philbin.

First of all, unless the Herald spies on Mr. Ross 24/7, they have no idea what he discusses and with whom.

Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

Secondly, Ross would be foolishly naive if he hasn’t at least  thought about firing Philbin.   He probably has discussed it at some point.  It is laughable to think that the ONLY thing on Stephen Ross’s mind this week is how to beat those pesky Minnesota Vikings.   Of course he is weighing his options.  Of course he is.

If the Herald article is true…if Stephen Ross has no intention of firing Philbin… then it will be a long winter for Dolfans, and an even longer 2015 NFL season.

This brings up another point that I know is debatable among Dolfans worldwide, including some discussions here on our Dolphins Truth comment boards:   What will be the effect of yet another coaching change?

Will Ryan Tannehill’s progress come to a screeching halt?  Will it take him two years to learn a whole new system?   Will our defense have to adjust to a 3-4 scheme if a new coach wants that in place?

All in all, will it be detrimental for the 2015 Dolphins to have to endure a coaching change?

The answer is:  maybe.

Let’s be honest…we simply do not know if a new coach’s presence will require the Dolphins to re-learn a whole new system.  That part is unsure.

But what IS sure is the status quo cannot be tolerated.  Joe Philbin has a pretty talented team at his disposal, but his record isn’t even .500.  He lacks the fire and the winning edge.  He is overly concerned with teaching and “getting better” instead of being concerned with blowing your opponent off the ball.  He is among the worst game manager and clock manager in NFL history.

No matter what he does, he seems to be wrong. Surely Mr. Ross must see this.

A new coach might be a horrendous decision, but it is worth a chance.  A chance we must take.  Because you cannot and must not expect for Joe Philbin to become a good coach in the offseason the next few months.  It will not happen.  He’s had his chance. He has given us no indication whatsoever that we are improving.

I fully admit that three years might not be enough time to prove you are a championship coach.   But three years is plenty of time to show that you are at least a decent coach.  Or adequate.  Or improving.   We’ve gotten none of that from Philbin.

Some coaches might require more time.  But Philbin shows us zero indication of that.  In Philbin’s three years, he has not even taken baby steps toward championship football.  There is no progress whatsoever.  No glimpse of greatness on the horizon.

Mr. Ross must not put up with a bad situation just because a change might make it worse.  In the NFL there IS NOTHING worse than watching your enemies play in January while we Dolfans start googling who Mel Kiper thinks we should pick.

How can a new coach be any worse than the bland and unproductive results of Joey Philbin?

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  1. I vote for having no head coach on this team for a season. There can be an offensive and defensive coordinator, let them call or suggest plays, and then let the players do their thing on the field.

    What? As if that’s not better than Philbin?

    Lol, but seriously to answer your question, I guess there could be people worse than Philbin. Nonetheless it’s certainly worth the chance to flip the coin with literally anybody else.

  2. I personally don’t think anybody can be any worse then Philbin. Not unless they throw a game, but then again I think Philbin did purposely give GB that win. That’s why I say put Marino in as coach. He has the desire and temperament this team needs. plus the ticket sales would increase too. Call me crazy if you disagree.

  3. I really like Bill Lazor. Whatever happens I hope he stays or perhaps even becomes head coach. He’s improved the stale offense left behind by his predecessor and communicates well with the press.

    On the defensive side Coyle should go. It’s easier to replace a defensive coach than install a whole new offense.

    As an analogy…. we’ve got 4-5 star food and a chef who prepares a bland meal.

    With so much talent on this team any major changes would set things back.

  4. I agree with Bryan. I think Lazor would be the perfect choice and yes Coyle’s defensive schemes have been abysmal more often than not, so he should be shown the door in the off season. I am one for stability when it comes to my team, but in this instance Philbum has wore out his welcome and needs to be replaced with extreme prejudice. The team has quit on him several times this season and especially in the loss to the Patriots. One thing goes wrong and the entire house of cards collapses, not a good sign for a coach who is going to last the season. I guess we shall see, Ross has not exactly endeared me to his way of thinking lately and he has made a total fool out of himself more than once in his tenure. I say sit on the news till the end of the season and then start the hunt. No use in spoiling what is left of our season by causing unnecessary drama.

  5. Attention dolphins fans. If the game isn’t broadcast in your area here is a link to live stream. Its how I have to watch most game because apparently the Bucs are sooo much more of an audience draw in my area.

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