They Call Him Flo, But They Should call him “Fired”

Brian Flores doesn’t get it.  He simply doesn’t.

And to beat a dead horse and repeat this, yet again…Stephen Ross allows him to not get it.

In New England, they called him Flo.  Here, we call him curse words.

Ask any Dolphin, and they will tell you that being shut out is a sickening feeling.  Losing 99-3 is better than 43-0.  Brian Flores, Coach Flo, had a chance to end that misery and kick a field goal at the end.

Instead, Coach Flojob tried a risky pass.

We had the chance to get on the plane to Dallas with our last play being a scoring play.  It would have been a tiny consolation, but it’s better than what ensued.

Flojob in his best role: Ball boy for the Pats’ practice squad

Not kicking a field goal was the last of Flojob’s many many mistakes on the day.  Why did he wait so long to bring in Josh Rosen?  Why didn’t he pressure Tom Brady more?  Why didn’t he give help toward Antonio Brown, since the entire universe (except Flojob) knew that Brady would be throwing his way early and often?

Why did the team show no fight at all?

I get it.  His players didn’t help.  There were many plays when Ryan Fitzpatrick had plenty of time to throw, and yet the threw picks and grounders anyway.  Jakeem Grant cost us the shutout by dropping a gorgeous Rosen toss right in his arms.  DeVante Parker reverted to the Parker we all know, allowing a ball to slip right between his hands.  Matt Haack joined the party with a 20-yard punt.   Kalen Ballage had the best pass of the day, when he tossed the ball directly into the hands of  Stephone Gilmore for a Patriots TD.  (Then Ballage made up for it by palming his face and walking off the field instead of chasing down the guy.   The players stunk.

No doubt about it, the players stunk.  But Flojob showed zero inclination for what to do when his players stink.   He waited far too long to change anything up, and he absolutely lost the locker room by allowing his men to be shut out.  At home.

There was  a play in the third quarter when we had the ball.   Fit did a hard count, and several Patriots flinched.   No one on the Dolphin line moved.  This is poor coaching.  When the defense flinches, the offense is then allowed to flinch…plus the get a 5-yard encroachment penalty.  The moment you see the D-line move, stand up.  It’s a free 5 yards.  Except in Miami under Flojob.

Ross is the puppetmaster to blame behind this, because he allowed Flojob to hire his buddies at coordinator positions instead of forcing him to hire experienced coaches.

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  1. Definitely should have put Rosen in the third quarter Fitz was doing zip. What do you have to lose see more of a journeyman QB that is looking worse every series or see what you have in a young QB? Let the kid learn as you said the oline was actually doing not too bad today. That’s even after they were so far gone that they passed every down turning the hounds loose. Give Rosen some run support and he’ll be fine…

  2. Let’s start a list of things you must do to lose.
    I will start and let you guys finish the list I’m sure we could come up with 30 or more

    1. Get rid of all good players and keep Parker

    1. Keep starting Fitz. As per Parker rex burkhead is a small white RB and he can catch better than him. F me…

    2. 2. Foster excellent morale in the locker room by allowing anyone to seek a trade.

  3. As Admin already said but needs to be counted
    4. Hire inexperienced coaching staff

  4. The part in all of this that disgusts me the most, is when both our opponents this season are running up the score Flo did nothing to protect his guys. When Brady was throwing deep balls in the last few minutes when the game is obviously out of reach, maybe rock his skull with a late hit to remind them that the Dolphins have some pride. If nothing else, it would at least show the players that he gives a shit

    1. Author

      Nick, yes. I’ve been saying that since last week. The pride is missing, and that starts with the coach.
      He’s just another Ross hire who’s never played the game. He doesn’t feel for what the players feel.
      He’s used to being in Foxboro, where winning and pride are taken for granted without effort.
      I mean, he allowed his team to be shut out at home–ALLOWED IT–by not at least kicking a field goal.

  5. Admin, good point about Flo not feeling these losses like his players are by being in a perpetual winning machine. He hasn’t felt the ache and defeat the same way. It’s quite deflating…but THAT he should know about!! I believe he needs to make the switch to Rosen after the Cowboys game-next up would be Chargers, then BYE, then Redskins, Bills and Steelers w/o Big Ben…it might be the best starting point for him. Has anyone read/heard a comment from Ross on these losses? Hmmph, thought so.

  6. Author

    Flojob continues to show his lack of intelligence and leadership by naming Ryan Fitzpatrick the starter again.
    Because we came out of the gate so strongly the last few weeks, it’s time to change nothing.
    This guy is horrible.

  7. Disgusted. I have zero confidence in the present front office. Handing them a slew of high draft picks is insane.
    Maybe you football experts will disagree, but for the life of me I don’t understand why they don’t put in the best blocking tight end and the fullback and just run it behind them. Surely they could open some decent holes?! Try to get something going?

    1. Author

      The new GM and his team were onto something last year. Jerome Baker, Kallen Ballage, and Minkah Fitz were all drafted. All 3 made an impact, and all three scored touchdowns.
      I like what they did in 2018, for the most part.
      2019 has given us nothing so far.
      I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how they do in 2020.
      This current regime did NOT draft Parker, Charles Harris, or Dion Jordan.

      1. The problem I have with this line of thinking is that Miami has enough high round picks to build a dynasty. You should have a FO in place that has built something before. THis is a once in a lifetime opportunity. All your fans have only this to look forward to.

  8. Minkah just traded to Pittsburgh for a 2020 first rounder. The hits just keep on coming

    1. Author

      Yep, just wrote a post about this .

  9. The writing was on the wall even before the season started. A first time head coach should hire experiences offensive and defensive play callers. Bad luck with Caldwell having health issues and maybe that would have helped but we have inexperience up and down the staff and the players… and I get it to an extent… blow it up and start over… but you better have the foundation right for that rebuild and right now I don’t think we do.

    1. Author

      Yes. And to take your point one step further, the owner should DEMAND that the newbie head coach hire experienced coordinators, rather than hire his buddies.
      If a coach proves himself, give him all the power in the world. But when he’s first beginning…

      1. To his credit I think Ross is actually trying to let the “football people make the football decisions” but I share the skepticism over the front office and their ability to “hit” on the best players in the draft. Even for a great GM it’s a bit of a crap shoot and Grier has done nothing to prove to me that he’s anything more than mediocre.

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