Minkah Fitzpatrick is Gone

Apparently, all you have to do these days is ask for a trade and you got it.

Hold out, and the owner caves in to you.

Mouth off to the GM and call him a racial slur?  No problem, the next day you’re a Patriot.

Have no experience?  Become a Dolphin head coach.

It’s getting ridiculous.  Now add the Steelers to the list of teams we want to do poorly.  We get their #1 pick after this debacle of a season is over.

All of this is due to the fact that Flojob frustrated Minkah Fitzpatrick by making him 17 different positions.  Some defensive guru we have in place, eh?


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  1. It just boggles my mind how you can call it rebuilding and trade away all your YOUNG talent. It’s not like these guys are 10 year vets, they already have (had) young pieces to build with and now they’re all gone. I saw a post on deadspin calling the Dolphins “Stale Piss in the Gutter”. I tend to agree

    1. I would have preferred to keep him but in reality this may end up being a top ten pick. Pitt is horrible and Ben is out! They’ll get an extra 2 years on Minkah’s deal keeping the cap manageable when they start competing. We’re also not sure of Minkah’s skill set yet he didn’t light it up the kid in Diego picked after him was playing far better. Who knows but Tunsil was a far better player. They will have a shit ton of prospects after the next two drafts even a blind squirrel will find some nuts…

      1. If it were any other team, I would agree with you. We are talking about the Dolphins though….

        1. True but I have faith not sure why but I have this feeling…really anyone older like Jones should be moved but I don’t think they’d get much value unless someone gets desperate. He seems injury prone now which is too bad.

    2. I’m with Nick on this one… Minkah is a great player that just wasn’t being utilized to his skill set this year (which again makes me question the coaching and not just the lack of talent in these blowouts). So we get a #1 pick which in theory should be relatively high… but there’s still no guarantee it will pan out. Minkah was the 11th pick and at the very least could have been above average starter at either free safety or corner with the potential to be all-pro at those positions. I guess we really won’t know for at least a couple years to see who they get for that pick and how it he pans out.. but on the surface it seems like a wash at best and a complete waste of a great player at worst.

      Again, I wish the coaching staff was more devoted to developing and putting our players in a position to succeed rather than force the “Patriots way” on them at all costs. Obviously it works, but you look at their history they have always adapted to the talent they had and schemed around it not the other way around.

      1. Author

        I agree that the coaches, thus far, have shown zero skills, innovation, or understanding of how to use the players.
        That being said, I do prefer players who shut their mouths and play ball. Minkah got toasted left and right in Week 1, and then demands a trade?
        He clearly did not want to be a Dolphin. By all accounts, management reached out and offered to work with him, but he didn’t want to help the team.
        So, I’m forced to say good riddance.
        He could have stuck it out a year, like us fans have to, and know that next season, we’ll get 4 or 5 cream-of the crop players.
        In two years, we’ll had 3 or 4 more,
        Now, he can spend his days shoveling his driveway in Pittsburgh.
        Thanks for nothing, ingrate

        1. Haha well said! If he can’t handle this then how will he handle the pressure of a super bowl game? See ya!

        2. Don’t feel quite as negative towards Minkah… feel like he was just frustrated that the coaches were making him play out of position… but I get where you’re coming from. It does make me respect Xavien Howard all the more because at least publicly he’s been very pro-“trust the process”.

          Granted, he just got a record contract so I guess that eases some of the pain of losing lol

  2. Booger feeling bad for Flores on MNF, what a tool

    1. I didn’t like that Minkah was moved all over but who threatens a trade because of that. You just do it. I never questioned my coach. that did bother me. Plus he sure wasn’t playing like a 1st rounder.

      1. That is very true, it is definitely a new era in the NFL for the players. I think he was just frustrated, saw what others were doing around the league, and jumped at his chance to flee the sinking ship. Was really excited when we drafted him, it’s a shame we never got to see what he was capable of in Miami.

        1. He may end up very good but they gain 2 years of contract but obviously have to hit on it. Lot’s of very good players in the top ten if Pitt slides.

        2. Seems like it is the new way of doing business in the NFL… everyone is afraid of having the next AB on their hands… better to cut ties quickly and get as much as you can for them before you’re stuck trading them for mid round picks. It’s crap, but if people keep letting it happen without ramifications (looking at you Patriots) then they’ll keep doing it.

          That being said, I don’t get the sense that Minkah would have handled it like that but who knows.

          1. Author

            Agreed with these comments.
            A potential all-pro for sure. But if he’s whining to the media weekly and wants to play elsewhere, then sometimes it’s best to let him go.
            I’m with Mike, and we don’t know if Mikah would have been the next AB. But… you can privately ask the coach that you want a trade.
            When agents get involved and start posting it on social media, etc, then it becomes an embarrassment.

  3. Look at the browns plan finally worked for them killing the hated jets…..love it.

    1. Watching the Jets get smoked always makes me feel better

    2. Author

      Browns looked bad, but you didn’t notice cuz they played a crap team LOL

      1. True still a young team but better that then spinning your wheels at 7-9…I like that the fins are trying a plan better than the alternative.

  4. I finally enjoyed watching the Cleveland Browns play real football! Even more beautiful to see the Jets lose!!! My Tuesday has a bit of a hop to my step!! They are on QB #3! If you want some more good feelings, listen to WFAN on your computers…they are screaming already about the “quarterback whisperer”! It actually cheers me up! bwhahah! NY sports media is bru-tal!!! Welcome to the area Gase!

    1. I can’t tell you how much it makes me smile seeing Gase flounder with the Jets despite all the big money they threw around in the off-season. Obviously hard to win with your third string QB but I’m not sold on Darnold and Gase as the “QB whisperer” is laughable…

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