This one got real ugly and real fast

Mike Pouncey gave the Bills 2 free points and the ball, which immediately led to a fast 0-9 hole for the Dolphins, and it doesn’t look like we’ll recover.

Each week, another Dolphin blows a game.

Bill Lazor continues to be pass happy and shotgun happy.  Other teams have been fooled when we went to T-hill under center.  It works.  Just ask Houston or Tennessee.

The Bills just handed their game ball today to Jason Fox.

Starting our first drive deep in our own zone and then going immediately to the shotgun?   In loud Buffalo?   A truly ridiculous formation to start the game; the result surprised no one.

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    Penalties have also destroyed this game. I’ve supported Jason Fox as long as I can. But we’re stuck with him because we have zero depth. But don’t worry. We have Davante Parker because we needed a WR in the first round.
    And Damien Williams getting tackled in the open field on a kickoff? Are you kidding me? Another guy we need to get rid of yesterday. Jay Ajayi has proven he’s here to stay.

  2. This team sucks. Period. And fuck Tannepuker!

    1. Author

      Do they suck because of inconsistencies? Or are they inconsistent because they suck?
      Several outstanding drives today on offense, and then nothing.
      Defense wins the battles in the trenches most of the day, but then gives up huge plays when we need them most.

  3. Author

    Fox holding. Misi facemask when the QB was already going down from Suh. Terence Fede holding a guy right in front of two refs to negate a 60-yard return. Why is there no discipline today?

  4. A respectable franchise would cut Fox after today. But then we don’t support a respectable franchise. We support the Dolphins. But then again a respectable franchise would have cut him eons ago.

    1. Author

      I kept supporting Fox this year, respecting his toughness and everything. I was loyal to the guy. But now? Geez.
      We can’t cut him, I don’t think, because there’s no one else left. Maybe resign Satele and move Pouncey to tackle. I’ll try anything. Pouncey gave up two safeties the last two games with awful snaps.

  5. They suck because they suck. Circular logic? Absolutely! Sometimes, it just IS what it IS!!!
    Tannehill is NOT THE GUY!!! Yes…I’m yelling!!!! Not at you, just in general and for emphasis. They may as well lose out for pole position. Tannepuke cannot take over a game. He’s not a field general.

  6. 200 plus yards rushing allowed. So I’m guessing now they’ll realize that we need a middle lb. and some o-line help in the draft. We should get another highly-ranked player since we’ll probably be looking at another top fifteen pick.

    1. Author

      Those 200 yards came in big chunks so fast and turned the game around. We stuff the run great early on, then McCoy gets a lucky 50-yard TD. Then we stuff them a few more times, and Taylor gets a few lucky rushes for first downs.

  7. Tannepuke makes Tyrod Taylor look like Joe Montana!

  8. Poor linebacker play (we need a read and react MIKE linebacker), run blocking is highly-inconsistent(lack of ability to run with power), penalties galore (especially on special teams), lack of quality depth(years of poor talent evaluation), and general lack of in-game adjustments(can’t blame Campbell because he’s just a tight ends coach and shouldn’t have to be in this position anyway). At the essence we are still a Joe Philbin team because it’s still his staff running the show. And we can only blame one person for that, Stephen Ross.

    1. Author

      17 points is not good. But is SHOULD be enough to beat a really shitty Buffalo offense. The Bills got some lucky breaks on some really long plays today. Our defense lost focus on a handful of plays, but unfortunately, those were plays when we needed them most.
      Of course, Jason Fox working for the Bills today didn’t help.

  9. Fire Philbin last season and let the front office get their own guy and we might not have this clusterphuck we have now. But no! Ross had to have him and his staff back. Inexplicable!

  10. And where’s that guy who argued me down when I said we should have signed Crabtree(higher upside) over Jennings?

    1. Author

      I wanted to trade Jennings back to Green Bay the moment Jordy Nelson was lost for the year in preseason. They were desperate for a WR who knew their system, and we didn’t need Jennings. We coulda got a 2nd-rounder.

  11. I think his name was Rick or something.

  12. By far the worst team in are own division, all the optimism from the titans and texans game is gone. Maybe next year but then again prolly not lol.

  13. Maybe it wasn’t you Rick. I apologize.

  14. It’s hard to blame a game on penalties but they gave the Bills at least 14 pts. So many bad plays today it all adds up.

    On the bright side Landry was great again and I think Ajay is going to be good too.

  15. Defense gives up two 100-yard rushers, 150 plus yards to a receiver, penalties galore on special teams, Jason Fox gets manhandled, bad clock management/play-calling causes a missed scoring opportunity at the end of the half from the 1, inability to generate a productive run game, and whatever else yiu can imagine goes wrong on any given Sunday for us. But I’m sure a change to Matt Moore would cure all the above.

  16. ajaYi is awesome…why is williams still here? they picked him over gray? and wtf was that pass on last and goal attempt right before the half? if you’re gonna go for all or nothing from the 1…give it to ajaYi dammit!

  17. Aye aye John G. I just knew a hand-off to Ajayi was on deck but then we got too smart. And why the hell are we so bad against the run when facing good teams. Inexplicable.

  18. Wow- another wasted season! Here are some thoughts, no particular order.

    I feel bad for Dan Campbell. He’s not the problem and clearly inherited a bunch of half stepper coaches. I don’t think he’s ready to be an NFL coach or even an OC, but I could totally see him rocking the sidelines of a major D1 program and coaching for 20 years. Hurricanes could do much worse than hiring him to turn them around.

    Dolphins: 40 pass attempts (includes 1 by Juice and 2 sacks), 23 rushing attempts

    Bills- 12 pass attempts, 36 rushing attempts.

    Even if you didn’t watch the game and someone told you just those stats alone, I bet you’d know who won in a heartbeat.

    Speaking of half steppers- once again, Lazor calls a game like he’s an 11 year old playing Madden.

    Special teams played their worst game of the year. How many return penalties did we have? I think we had one on our first 5 or six returns- wiped out big plays by Juice and DW. Darren Rizzi is not a quality special teams coach by any stretch of the imagination.

    Clearly Jason Fox is not NFL material. Whoever scouts/signs our RT’s should be beheaded by ISIS. Columbo, Clabo, wasting 1st round picks on average RT in J. James, and now Fox? Just look to SF if you want to see how to kill an otherwise good QB’s career with a terrible O-line.

    Of Taylor’s 11 completions, 8 went to Sammy Watkins. Do you think you might want to double him, or at least keep a safety over the top at some point?

    Is it me, or does Brent Grimes fall down more than anyone not named Phillip Wheeler?? Seriously, does he scare anyone anymore? Players over 30 don’t gradually decline- they fall off a cliff, and I think he might be caught in an avalanche.

    Hear that Miko??- your husband isn’t nearly as good as you both think he is. “ARE YOU F’ING SERIOUS??”

    Nice to see the screen game getting some love. Kept the Bills on their heels and got us some big gains.

    Sucks to see the screen game shut down, right as the Bills got blitz happy late in the game. The Dolphins are the only team that stops doing things that work.

    Is Greg Jennings really worth keeping on the active roster, instead of seeing what Matt Hazel or Lippett can do?

    Jay Ajayi looked really good- probably the highlight of the game, right next to Lamar Miller’s screen action.

    Throwing deep balls to Kenny Still works from time to time- go back to how we stop doing things that work.

    Jordan Cameron has some of the best hands on the team- too bad we only target him once a game. As much as I like Dion Sims, is he really the one who should be running seam and go routes?? Do we really need him to knock himself out again?

    Seeing how Cam Wake is most likely finished with the Fins, someone better tell Dion Jordan to stay in shape- Shelby and Fede provider almost no pass rush between the two of them….

    Please stop drafting Tackles to play Guard, and stop signing other teams cast off “swing tackles”. No teams let young, quality O-lineman just walk.

    Of all the Safeties we had in camp, it’s hard to believe that Michael Thomas won the starting FS job.

    I guess I should be happy in a way- happy that I won’t have to spend all afternoon and $50 at a sports bar to watch the Fins when they aren’t televised in my neck of the woods. Sorry Fins, but this sh*t you putting on the field isn’t worth the time away from my family. I always felt bad when other Dolfans got to this point, but now I understand what they were talking about. There comes a time when you have to cut your losses and lower your expectations. The last two weeks have shown me exactly what this team is all about…..

    -BIG J

    1. Author

      BIg J… I read your whole comment, waiting to correct you or disagree with you, but you nailed the nail on head with everything. Lazor MUSt take a lot of responsibility, as I pointed out a few times today. Shotgun passes virtually every single down??? Why why why why why??
      Poor Jay Ajayi….I kinda get the feeling he was standing next to Lazor the whole game, raising his hand as if to say, “Um, excuse me Coach Lazor. Haven’t you noticed how I’m running through the Bills as if they were made of butter? May I please be allowed to help the team win?”

  19. Trade Tannebum for a bobblehead doll. He is a pathetic loser. The safety, the fumble, the sacks, and zero accuracy past 5 yards.

  20. For those of you who watched the game, would it be fair to say the players lost the game as opposed to coaching ? I want Campbell to do well and succeed but damn it the team just isn’t talented enough. Certainly our QB is just not capable. He will never get the job done. …ever. So now he has this big ass contract for what????? He can’t do crap. This was a game they could have won. But another safety from Tannehill is unacceptable. Maybe it’s time to have Moore give it a go.

    1. Author

      FFFFYears, this particular loss featured HUGE blunders by Campbell. Huge unforgivable blunders. We stopped the Bills at about our 35 yard line, and the Bills faced a 4th down. But the Bills had a penalty on the previous play, and Campbell ACCEPTED it. That is a horrible horrible decision. Our D worked their asses off to stop the Bills drive and CAMPBELL HIMSELF extended that drive for them. Very next play: Game Over.
      Not to mention awful clock management right before halftime. Just awful managing all around.

        1. He is a first year interim head coach who inherited a team whose media inflated ego was burst from day 1. He has made some poor choices but a joke? Let’s tone down the drama and think critically here. He won those first two games on pure emotion, something we all welcomed in the post Philbin-statue era. He has lost the last two games because he is still learning how to be a head coach and we got beat by one team way better than us (and the rest of the league) and another team marginally better. Let’s let the year play out before people start making ridiculous comments about him.

      1. While I agree that Campbell blew that call lets remember that the officials blew two major back to back calls on Suh in that sequence. He had Taylor in the momentum of spinning him to the ground, which by NFL rules should have resulted in a sack, and Suh held back because of how the NFL gets on him for his aggressiveness and being labeled a “bully”. Taylor made a similar play in a later drive but the play was stopped. Campbell should have declined the penalty and thats on him but the very next play Suh is blatantly held by guard Miller in plain sight of the refs and the result is the touchdown to Watkins. Either of those plays gets called the right way and the result of that drive is different. Not saying we would have won the game but lets lay the blame equally where it belongs.

        1. Author

          True points. Good stuff Brandon.
          The penalty flags were flying all day long, and I think the refs’ arms just got tired of throwing them.

  21. Can we bring Philbin back? And Cleo Lemon?

    1. Author

      We scored 17 points in Buffalo. I think Philbin got shut out there TWICE his last few tries, or darn near.

  22. It was Rod that argued with me that an old ass Jennings was better than a young Crabtree. Rod also said that Wallace would be a stud once he left Miami. I’ll just leave those there.

  23. @Big J

    Thank you I think you summed it up very nicely!

    I think the only thing you didn’t mention was on the other side of the facility. See while were bringing crappy players in the front door we keep sending the Pro Bowlers and high caliber players out the back in the middle of the night!

    You know who looked great today? Incognito! Wouldn’t we love to have a player like that on the OL?

    Charles Clay anyone?

    These guys look great playing for a real coach in a real system!

    Also as we all know were stuck with tannehill and so far it dosn’t look good but after today’s game it looks like Lazor is nowhere near as good as we gave him credit for. We thought that philbin was holding him back. Well guess what no one is holding him back and he still sucks. Could it be that a REAL OC would help Tannehill and this team?

    Now it looks like we do have to depend on Ross to find the right coach at the end of this season and I have no confidence in that.

  24. We need a mlb, a corner, a strong safety, another linebacker for depth, a right guard, another quality o-linemen for depth, and a new coaching staff. Owner too but he’s not going anywhere. Besides that we’re a play-off team. But bench Tannehill for Matt Moore because Moore could elevate his team to a win despite all these holes.


      Yes, Moore made everyone around him better whileTannepuke makes EVERYONE worse. Its so obvious its laughable how long it takes the Dolphins to realize their QB is pathetic!!

  25. I blame Campbell for nothing as he’s a tight ends coach who didn’t know that he would be coaching and due to the fact that he didn’t hire the staff. Philbin did.

  26. Thanks Brian. As for the Tannehill haters, he’s not the problem. Pouncey rifled that ball over his head. Sure, Ryan got a hand on it, but he was only a few yards deep and had his hands at his waste. Pouncey did the same thing(s) when he played Center at UF (right after his brother left for the NFL). Nothing new here, Pouncey has always struggled with the shotgun snap.

    Also, look at Kapernick- a couple years ago, this guy walked on water. Now, his O-line is gone and he’s benched for Blaine “got beat out by Chad Henne” Gabbert. Seriously, a terrible line will ruin any QB.

    Speaking of O-lines, plenty of teams get by with far less talent than we have. Want to know why?? Coaching and play calling. How many times did we have free rushers against NE or BUF?? Almost zero, because they keep extra blockers in when needed.

    The Dolphins on the other hand, think they have developed a new form of mathematics where 5 is greatest number of all, so in their minds, 5>6 or 7.

    With enough time, any QB can find an open man, no matter how many players drop into coverage. Without time, it doesn’t matter how open guys get.

    I hate to say it, but when you are afraid to run from the 1 yard line, you don’t deserve to win.

    1. Author

      Big J is absolutely right again. We are doing a little better with the amount of plays we keep in extra blockers. Philbin did it NEVER in 3+ years. Campbell is doing it a little more, but still not enough. A three-tight-end set is a promising start to any play…until all 3 tight ends go out and run a pass route, leaving Lamar Miller to pick up 3 different blitzers at once, plus a fourth guy who just zipped past Jason Fox.

  27. No forget all that other stuff Big J. Tannehill is the reason we lost.

    1. Author

      Tannehill didn’t give up over a hundred points the last 4 weeks. Pouncey gave up 4 points, and our defense gave up the rest. Brent Grimes falling down all the time, Jamar Taylor running in circles, virtually no plays from any linebacker, and Bill Lazor going back to Philbin 101 Fantasyland, where leaving 5 blockers to go against 8 rushers is the best play to call.
      I haven’t loved Tannehill’s play the past few weeks, but you guys are sounding like ignorant Jet fans when you blame one player on offense for the fact that our Defense gave up 100 points the past few games.

  28. Tanny sucks right now and I might be his biggest fan. What pisses me off is the look on his face on the sideline, it literally looks like he thinks his team is a bunch of scrubs. Even if they are a leader doesn’t look like that, my dude needs to step his shit up in every aspect possible.

    1. Author

      No surprise here. After that first safety, I wanted him to be screaming pissed at Pouncey. But instead, he just calmly put on the baseball cap and sat down.

      1. Did you see how the Packers Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Julius Peppers, and BJ Raji were getting into each others faces, expecting accountability when their defense was being trampled on? That’s the kind of fire that we should be seeing in Tannehill and the rest of the Dolphins team when they continue to underperform.

  29. Tannehill sucks! We need lose out so that we can draft high enough to get Jared Goff. Fail for Cardale!

  30. And promote Lazor to head coach. He’ll have the guts to bench Tannepuke!

    1. I hate to rain on your parade but I’m not sure Lazor has any business as an OC. Without Philbin to blame he still sucks.

  31. Lazor never deserved to be an NFL OC. He was a QB coach in Philly, where Chip Kelly called the plays. The only time he was ever an OC was for Virginia- and was mediocre at best. Anyone that calls a pass play, to the “blocking” TE on goal to go at the 1 is an a-hole. Remember, he was the only to take the job- everyone worth a sh*t turned us down…

    To the Tanny haters- there was a point in this game where he completed close to 75% of his passes. If Tom Brady had to play behind Jason Fox, he’d suck too.

    As for the “look” Tannehill had on the sideline, I can only guess it was a look of disgust at Lazor- I bet he was thinking, “Thanks for keeping only 5 guys to block, A-HOLE!!” Ryan is no dummy, he’s actually very smart so he knows the cameras are on him and isn’t about to get into a sideline argument. He has to be thinking (or saying under his breath at Lazor)- how many times do I have to get sacked before you keep more blockers in??

    Again, it comes down to doing the same things over and over and expecting different results- the definition of insanity (or more appropriately, stupidity).

    Two 100 yard rushers, and a 150 yard receiver, and the opposing QB only through 12 times, completing 11?? Yeah- our QB is the problem. So says the tools that have never put on a pair of cleats in their lives.

    Let me just come out and say it- to those blaming Tannehill for this, you are all p*ssies, you come from a long line of p*ssies, and all your male children will grow up to be p*ssies.

    So sayeth, BIG J

    1. I get that Tannehill is aware of the cameras being on him but why does that matter in this situation? How many times have we seen Rivers, Brady, and many other leader quarterbacks get fired up and yell at their players when they don’t perform? Those players respect them because they know what is expected from them. They fear disappointing their leaders. I agree our problems are far beyond just Tannehill and with his salary and draft position he is an easy scapegoat but he and his teams are building a resume of disappointment and with that comes high criticism; fair or unfair.

  32. No Big J. you are wrong. Jay, Juan, & Mike are right and Tannepuke is another Henne that got Philbin fired. They have to be right don’t they? I mean they are constantly allowed to troll members of this site while adding very little substantial to the arguments/discussions of this forum. I mean it’s obvious that they don’t even like football nonetheless our beloved Dolphins. And it’s also increasingly obvious that they might be the same person. Delete every comment they type that isn’t Dolphins football relevant would be my vote. And Big J. you would have to have had some pussy first to know who qualifies as one. And as an expert on the subject of getting some Jay, Juan, and Mike definitely fit the criteria.

    1. Author

      Good post Dolphgang. I LOL’ed !

  33. Tannehill is a very good young player who has been consisttently let down by his support staff, namely front office and coaching. Especially coaching. Half these guys that comment on the internet and blogs these days don’t even watch the games and get their sports acumen from Twitter, Facebook, and shows like First Take. But still openly share their expertise, or lack thereof, like a seasoned fan. Defense allowed two 100-yard rushers and a 150 plus yard receiver and idiots on social media are screaming that the qb was the reason we lost the game.

  34. I am not sure if you are agreeing with or contradicting me… I kind of get the sarcasm in the beginning, but the p*ssy thing kind of threw me for a loop.

    As the baddest man on this page, I feel like I am in a unique position to hand out disparagement like that. Men who blame Tannehill are wimps of the highest magnitude. They would carry my gym bag, not because they wanted, but out of fear that if they didn’t, I would choke them out and sodomize them…

  35. Tannepuke will get everyone fired!! Sherman, Philbin, Lazor, Campbell, all of them. He is just terrible.

  36. I was actually just sarcastically dissing Tannehill to further exploit how these ridiculous these trolls sound on this page sometimes. We have a bunch of neophyte ball-watchers in our fanbase. These losers tune in ten minutes, turn back to reality tv, and check ESPN for the final score and then make bold generalizations about how it’s Suh and Tannehill’s or fault we lost. They don’t actually watch long enough to see the linebackers get consistently blazed in coverage, see Jamar Taylor constantly exhibit terrible technique, see the questionable play-calling, poor use of time-outs, horrible pass protection in obvious passing situations, or failure to commit to the run game. It’s not like they would recognize it if they did anyway. And if course I’m agreeingwith you in a very intentionally insulting kind of way.

  37. When asked about Miami’s inability to put points on the board, Landry said, “we’ve got to find a way to finish drives. I don’t know.”

    Duuhhh… bout get a real QB???

  38. Ryan Tannehill, another Jeff Ireland bust,

  39. Yeah Big J. They even post meaningless quotes from players like a pussy would. See above.

  40. I never thought this year would be so bad that I’m actually dreaming about the good old days when we would go 8-8.

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