Time to win a Division game for once

On Sunday, the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills, led by either some guy named Tyrod or else led by bust EJ Manuel, depending on who is injured the least.

Joe Philbin always had trouble with the Bills, and we never understood why.   When we lost to Buffalo, we lost big.  When we won, we squeaked by in games that featured a lot of field goals.  And in each of those games, win or lose, the Bills featured a horrendous joke of a quarterback who we should have pounded into submission.

How come the Bills look like superstars against Miami, but against every other team, they are comical, like the shot above?

Let’s hope we can shake off the New England game and get back into this race.  The Division titles are already settled, but no team is running away with the wild cards, so it might as well be us.

We will know right away when the Dolphins come out of the gate.  We’ll know if the Dolphins are playing fast and tough, or lethargic and scared.  That will be up to Dan Campbell’s preparation.

The honeymoon is over for Campbell.

Now it’s time to be a seasoned head coach.    Starting the game by willingly choosing to give the ball to Tom Brady was not wise, and let’s hope Campbell gets that nonsense out of his system.   Kicking off to EJ Manuel will NOT be as costly, I guarantee you.

We also have to re-face the same group of Dolphin Pro Bowlers who Joe Philbin decided to get rid of, such as Richie Incognito and Dan Carpenter, along with others like Charles Clay, Chris Hogan, and more.  Each of those men hurt us in the first Bills game.  I have to imagine that their intensity and their quest for revenge will have subsided since Week Two.    I doubt they have have hatred for Campbell like they had hatred for Philbin.

On a side note, and yet another reason we love Rex Ryan, the brash Buffalo coach admitted that he wouldn’t want to mess with Dan Campbell in a fight!  Rex was confident that he could whoop Channing Crowder, but didn’t want to tangle with Campbell.   You gotta love Rex.  You gotta wish he were here coaching us.


Dolphins 26, Bills 16.

What do you guys think?



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  1. I think Dolphins will play like the pre-NE team and get an easy win. 31-14

  2. For all the negative articles that you write I’m happy to hear your about your optimism but as for me I’m not holding my breath I’ll be watching the game with one eye closed. And one finger on the remote to change the channels as soon as things start to go from bad to embarrassing.

  3. Who cares anymore? I’m fed up with these losers.

  4. On a positive note, at least I hope, Jay Ajayi was activated. Hopefully he’ll get some carries and have an impact Sunday.

  5. It’s going to be intresting to see how tannehill plays early. If he looks anything like he did all during the NE game I will be pissed and we will be losing.

    I hope that someone (Like Campbell) took him aside and set him straight a little bit.

    I won’t give predictions on the game because it will be really good or really bad and it will be one or the other in a hurry. How can we possibly know which!

  6. Tannepuke is LAST in the AFC in third-down conversions at 20 percent.

  7. Tannepuke. Tannepuke. Tannepuke. Tannepuke. Tannepuke.
    Get rid of the fucking guy, already!!!!!

  8. Another rough week. Bills caught several lucky plays on offense. Like Grimes falling down. Come on. Campbell allowing Bill Lazor to call some lousy plays. WE SHOULDN’T RUN EVERY SINGLE PLAY FROM THE SHOTGUN.

  9. Wow! 230 yards rushing allowed so far.

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