Thursday Thoughts: Adam Gase. Thursday Night Football

Dolphin fans everywhere will be rooting for Tampa Bay tonight to defeat the hated Patriots.  I’ll be studying the game since we have to play 3 games against those 2 teams coming up this year.  The Patriot offense looks as strong as ever this year, but their defense has already cost them two games.   Let’s hope it continues.  Half the battle when facing New England is to not get yourself overwhelmed mentally.  Kansas City and Carolina went blow-for-blow with New England and weren’t intimidated, and they won.   The week before, Houston blew multiple leads (and the game) by fearing NE too much, calling prevent defenses, and stuff like that.

Now onto the Dolphins.   I was never a strong supporter of hiring Adam Gase, but I wasn’t dead-set against him either.  But lately, he’s pulling me into the “against” category.  Even last year when he guided us into the playoffs, I was extremely critical of his playcalling.   Regular Dolphins Truth readers know this well.   Game after game, the Dolphins allowed inferior opponent to overcome huge Dolphin leads, because Gase was consistently pass-happy.  That part was frustrating.

But the frustration turned to sheer anger when you listen to Gase’s explanations after the games.  One way or another, he would always say the same thing:  “Yeah, I probably shoulda done this.  Maybe I coulda done that.”  You don’t last long in the NFL when you recognize your mistakes on Monday.  You need to see them–and correct them–during the game.  Or even better, before the game.

This season, he remains smug and cocky and unsuccessful.  I think he believes all the media hype about being a QB guru and offensive genius, etc.  He stubbornly sticks to things that do not work, then he defiantly tells you how wrong you are.   As if losing to the horrendous Jets and Saints makes HIM right?   There comes a time when a leader has to put his head down and say, “Whatever we are doing now is not working, and it’s time to change.”   Gase refuses to do that.   Instead, he tells you why it’s not working.   We don’t care why.  We care when you will change it.

When Jay Cutler threw the vital interception in the first quarter last week, Gase said he called the wrong play because he had to rush (because of the headset malfunctions).  So he blew the game because he had to think on his feet and call a play a little faster than he normally would.  Not a very good trait in a coach.  If you gave him a week to design and call a play, we would have scored.   But the world doesn’t work that way, Adam.  You have to think and react on the fly.

Also, have a plan B in effect.  If the headsets malfunction, then use hand signals.   Or rotate personnel and have the new guy run in the play.  Don’t ask your quarterback to run from the 4 yardline to the sideline and then back again.    You rushed because you were unprepared.  And you made a horrible decision to pass to that lazy bum Julia Thomas.

Joe Philbin would make monumental mistakes and tell you he was right.  Adam Gase makes monumental mistakes and says, “Yeah that was my fault.”    These jokers handled their frequent mistakes differently, but the bottom line is this:  they both made/make frequent mistakes.

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  1. Tomorrow is a good opportunity for this team to get back on track and show us that they can play ball. They’ve had to deal with some BS that no other team has had to worry about but time to put your foot down and take care of business. We’ll find out what they’re made of and hopefully it’s the right stuff. I’ll give them this game.

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