FINALLY ! A home game

Roger Goodell and Stephen Ross both took away 2 home games from us this year, but we are finally home.   LIVE chat now:

Dolphins Truth Chat Room


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    Had a power outage. Finally back. 10-0 woo hoo. in the chat now

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    Wow. How long is that ass Gase going to stubbornly spit in the faces of us fans by refusing to bench Cutler? “I don’t care how awful he is. Jay is my friend and he gets to play.”

    1. I don’t get it. Gase has created a culture of accountability and benched other high profile players to send a message and motivate them but has a total blind spot for the quarterback position. I think its less about being friends with Cutler and more to do with the notion of being a “quarterback whisperer” getting to his head. No way Moore couldn’t do 100% better.

  3. Miami wins despite Gase. I really hate saying this but it is clear. Not only should Moore have started but there were plenty of reasons he should have been put into the game throughout. And Gase, did you notice that the only 2 drives in the game where you were balanced with your play calls, they moved the ball?

    1. To be honest we don’t know if Moore would have done better but it wouldn’t have hurt to try. The oline was shit, the WR’s couldn’t catch, TE’s were shit and due to this the running game was up and down. Odds are Moore would have done better to start the season but I’m still not convinced that he’s the solution to the season. Cutler or Tanny gives them a better chance to win a bowl. Proof was Moore’s showing against Pitt last year if he was so good why did he stink when it came down to it?

      1. Yes, I agree with you in that it is hard to analyze Cutler’s performance due to the play calling atrocity that is Gase’s performance as O-coordinator. My above post was meant as a criticism regarding the predictable and unbalanced nature of Gase’s game plan and play calling. Does he know that 3rd and long is a bad thing. Someone look up what the success rate was when they called a passing play or play action pass on 2nd down. Sorry really disgusted.

        1. it was definitely disgusting but on a good note the D has played well way better than we all hoped for. If it weren’t for them they’d be 0-4. They weren’t great to start but have gotten better every game. Nice to see Harris get it going too.

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