Tua-Gate: Who told the media?

Brian Flores continues to express anger over someone leaking to the media that Tua will be the new starter.  Ryan Fitzpatrick found out about being benched over social media, and Flores is mad about that.

But seriously, it can’t be THAT hard to figure out who the leak is, if there is one at all.  Flores must have told someone.   A few people.  And then from there, one of them called the media.  It has to be one of them.  One rumor (it’s very possible too) is that Tua’s agent/publicist informed the media.   But that would mean that Flores told Tua and Tua told his agent…all before Flores could speak to Fitzpatrick?   Things aren’t adding up.

Compounding all of this is Barry Jackson’s column today with a bunch of “anonymous” Dolphins saying that Tua is not ready, that he doesn’t know the playbook, and he doesn’t pass the ball quickly enough.  Interesting stuff, and it will do nothing except divide the locker room.  It’s something Flores needs to correct immediately.

Sometimes, it’s better to make ahead before you NEED to.  Like when your car still runs, but you know it won’t last too much longer.  Fitzpatrick is the same way.  It’s been a great ride and the last two games have been fun.  But despite the win vs. the NY Jets, he played poorly in the second half.  We only scored three points, and he didn’t seem sharp.  Do we wait for another so-so game in which we lose?  Or do we say, “Enough of the so-so games.   Let’s see if Tua is an improvement.”  I don’t think the move was made randomly.   Sometimes, guys play poorly in a win, and that was the case vs. the Jets.

The Dolphins don’t pick up activities again until next week (bye week rules) and then there will be a lot of questions needing to be answered…

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  1. I sure as hell didn’t do it! One could argue that the bills and possibly hawks games could have been won with Tua. Fitz was average and threw some costly picks. We won’t know until we throw him out there.

  2. I have not seen the Jackson column, but if there are leaks, seems like sabotage, no? We have so much momentum and improvement of play after Jets game, and i am finding hard to believe Flores would shoot himself in the foot like this….Speaking of Jets, they are up 10–0 over Bills late in the 2nd!

    1. Author

      Jets choked, as expected. But the good thing is that they really really exposed Josh Allen as a pretender. When he fades back, 99% of the time he’s looking to run. He knows he has an inaccurate noodle arm, so his preference is to run. The Jets took that away from him, and the Bills scored no touchdowns. It’s all downhill for the Bills now once they play a non-Gase offense! The Texans lost gain too. Love it.

  3. Admin, good post! I suspect that the Tua-cat was not intended to be let out of the crate when it was. Coach Flores must make every effort to smooth this and never let any news, A-N-Y…leave that facility! Any Jets loss is appreciated by Dolphin fans, thank you! But there are some good QB draft prospects that I hope don’t end up there. If the Jets dump Gase, Darnold will succeed… Gase is incompetent and is not working with Darnold’s strengths…We saw it in MIA…

    1. Author

      Thank you. From what I’m hearing, they will keep Gase through this season, and make a change afterward. You truly don’t want some interim coach coming in and the players fight for him, and they end up going 3-13 or 4-12. Especially not THIS season…as it looks like there will be a lot of 1-15 teams! Going 2-14 is usually enough to give you the #1 overall pick, but not this year.

      1. To think Gase’s legacy will be ushering in 2 complete rebuilds.

        1. Author

          I think Andy Reid has some class, and he has no intention for this Chiefs to beat the Jets 70-0 this Sunday. Instead, he’ll keep it at around 40. I really wanted the Jets to beat Buffalo and it was close last Sunday. But when you gain 4 entire yards in the 2nd half, it’s not a good thing…

  4. The Fins really have had a tough schedule for the most part especially with the Rams coming to town this week and zona next week. Getting the patsies week one was tougher than if it were now. When you look at it this way they aren’t doing too bad. The next few weeks will be telling and hopefully Tua adds another dynamic that can help beat teams like the Rams and cards. The D will probably be even more important so hopefully it keeps improving.

    1. Author

      Yes, the rain on our feel-good parade is that our 3 wins have come against garbage teams. Sorry, I think the 49ers are streaky at times but not a legit powerhouse. Either way, the Jags and Jets are certainly doormats. The Cards are suddenly a strong team. I think they are a tougher test than the Rams. Goff and Coach McVay just seem too cocky, and some hard-nosed defense can take them down. Like everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing Tua, but I suspect he may have one of those “rookie” days. Although Burrow and herbert have played exceptionally, so no reason Tua shouldn’t as well.

      1. No doubt but any game on the road is tougher so overall nothing to do cartwheels over but still a rather tough start to the schedule. In the past they would have lost at least one more.

        Keys will be how Tua starts off and the D progression.

        Any word on Jacksons injury? Haven’t seen anything. Hopefully he’s back soon.

        1. Oh apparently Gilmore is being shopped as per Cowherd…..NE may be packing it in this year.

          1. Author

            Wow, that is big. I’d say the Dolphins are good in the secondary and don’t need him. However, he is a star and will make any D better.

        2. Author

          It’s been very hush on this injury. With the new IR rules, you do not have to be on IR for the entire year anymore, so they can activate him when he’s ready. By all accounts, he rehabbing and not at practice, etc. Wise not to rush him back with the team doing well in his absence,

          1. Good to know and agreed don’t rush Jackson it’s all long-term right now.

            Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the Fins are now bowl contenders but it looks promising. It would be nice to make the playoffs for the experience but they still need to add more playmakers on both sides of the ball. I’m feeling better about things moving forward although Tua is the big key to this.

            Houston now shutting down facilities due to covid can’t help their cause this week… let the downward spiral continue!

            1. Author

              Yes, I have my eye on this. The NFL is running out of options for rescheduling games. I think they have to simply keep the sick players at home in quarantine, and anyone else who tests negative is allowed to play. They have a bye, so that is one good thing, as it won’t disrupt any games

          2. Flo apparently said that Jackson is doing well so I’d assume he’ll eventually be back. Sounds better than we don’t have a timetable for a return etc….

      2. Author

        I’d also let Houston have their #1 pick back, in exchange for JJ Watt and their #1 or so pick in 2022.
        Am I crazy? I’ve never been a Watt fan, because he always seems to get hurt. That is never his fault. But I think a change of scenery with a strong D-mined coach like Flores might refresh his career. He’s only 31, so maybe 5 good years left?

        1. You know I was thinking it was not a good choice switching to Tua because Fitzpatrick was tearing it up honestly. But, I think Flores realizes we’re not going to the Super Bowl this year. And he is doing what he feels is right for the future. They have to be seeing some serious progress in practice. He’s going to have growing pains for sure, but it is going to be fun to watch! Shula told Gase when he got to Miami, you have to do it your way, didn’t work out for him, but I feel Flores is doing it his way. And I’ve been impressed with the way he has done it so far!

          1. Author

            Yeah, good points. Interesting about Gase and Shula too. I think Gase definitely does things his own way, and that is actually a good thing…if it works. But when “his own way” fails, then it’s time to delegate. Maybe hire a trusted play caller or something…anything!

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