Trading Xavien Howard? Even Hinting at it?

The Dolphins got rid of All Pro Minkah Fitzpatrick because he wanted to excel at his position.  Okay fine, the Dolphins weren’t sure how good Minkah was at the time.  He was simply a second-year stud and not an All Pro.  So they took a chance that the Steelers would have a Top 5 draft pick last year and made the trade.  But a funny thing happened.  Minkah became an All Pro and led the Steelers to a respectable record.  Their draft pick ended up being #18.  I woulda kept Minkah.

Now, we don’t have to wonder if Xavien Howard is a Pro Bowler or not.  We all know he is.  The Dolphins know he is.  To trade one of our best players (who’s also young and leads the NFL in interceptions) is ludicrous.   But it’s the type of stupid deals the Dolphins make.  Trading Laremy Tunsil was different.  He was a fine player, but not a game-changer like Howard is.  Plus, the Houston Texans overpaid us by a mile, and I still can’t believe we own their Number 1 AND Number 2 pick in 2021…in addition to their 2020 1st rounder we already got!  That trade had to be made.  The Howard trade does not.

So…where it stands now is that the Dolphins are denying the trade rumors.  Yet somehow, the rumor began.  What did someone hear?  Who whispered what?   This comes only a week after the news of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s benching was leaked before Ryan himself knew about it.

There’s something seriously wrong in the culture there, and it’s up to Brian Flores to fix it immediately.  Armando in the Miami Herald is about 5 years too late in complaining that Dolphin fans are constantly lied to by our management.  but he doesn’t have the guts to call them liars.  Instead, he says, things change.  yeah, right.   Nick Saban spent an entire season lying about his Alabama offer.  but it wasn’t really a lie because “things just changed.”   Nope, nobody is buying it.

Anyway, the lies and leaks are the secondary issue here.  The main issue is that the Dolphins would be insane to trade Xavien Howard.

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  1. I agree no need to trade X he’s bounced back nicely from his injury. Apparently he’s the second best CB based on completion percentage. Odds are an interested team said they’d love him and the media now assumes it and also assumes Miami is still trying to tank.

    On another note who do we cheer for bills or hated patsies this weekend? Sure would like to see the patsies crash and burn…

  2. I hope they don’t trade Xavier! As for Rams, I kinda like our chances. Note that we are 3 and 0 versus pocket QB (and 0-3 against running QB), so defense should keep us in the game. Tua Time!

  3. Yeah, when I heard that rumor I prayed it was nothing more than that… Some team approached them asking… Not Miami putting out feelers. I hated some of the moves we made last year but understood that it feel in line with them wanting to amass draft picks to get as much young high level talent as possible and put themselves in a position to draft their franchise QB. Unless Tua bombs, that phase of the rebuild is done and they still have two first round picks next year (one of which is shaping up to be pretty high) so it would be insane to trade one of your cornerstone players at this point. Granted I thought the same thing is Minkah and still think that was a mistake but schematically he wasn’t buying into what they wanted him to do… That’s but the case here with X. I love what Flores has done for the most part…. I’m not sure I can say the same about Grier yet… Please don’t give me more reasons to doubt! Lol

    1. Sorry for all the typos, but you get the gist lol

  4. I guess everyone has a price but at some point they will have to hold onto their good players to make a run. X has proven that he can be a top end CB so they should keep him!

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