Media Reaction is More Biased than Ted Wells

Now the report is finally out. Now we see that Jonathan Martin has won.  Judas got to keep his silver AND got away with the betrayal too.  We thought Ted Wells was smarter.  We certainly believed he was more fair.

When Richie Incognito revealed text messages between himself and Jon Martin, we saw an ugly side of BOTH men.  They BOTH used foul language.  They BOTH teased each other.  But somehow, Ted Wells looked the other way and forgot to write about the two-way discussions that Martin actively and willingly participated in.

But the worst part of all of this is the sanctimonious nonsense coming for the p.c. media and the lying ex-jocks…all of whom claim that they never participated in anything like this.   They act like the Dolphins’ locker room is the only one in NFL history where the players teased each other.  Jon Gruden said he never heard of anything like this….really Jon?  All those Raider thugs you coached never said a bad word about another player?  Really?

ESPN has far too many writers jumping on Joe Philbin’s case for his lack of leadership. It’s nonsense.  There are a hundred reasons to criticize Philbin, and here at Dolphins Truth we do it often.  But we do not blame Coach Philbin for not knowing that Martin had hurt feelings.  Martin never told him, so how could Philbin know?  Dolphins Truth is now in the rare position of defending Joe Philbin.

We refer to locker room teasing and name-calling, while the media refers to it like it were murder.  Harassment, bullying, etc.  Words like that.  They are just words to describe the same concept.  Martin did not like the way he was treated, but his text messages PROVE that he himself treated Richie the same way.

We noted some ESPN columnist saying that Richie’s behavior bordered on the legal definition of assaulting Martin.  Then what about Martin’s threatening to kill Richie’s family?  Why didn’t ESPN mention that one?  Why didn’t Ted Wells?

The only difference between the Dolphins rowdy locker room and the locker rooms of 31 other NFL teams is that the Dolphins locker room contained a tattle-tale.  For the first time in NFL history, a player tattled on his teammates.

But he didn’t even tattle to the right people.  Tell your boss.  Tell your coach.   Tell the team owner.   Being a snitch is a pretty low thing to do, but if you ARE going to be a snitch, at least tell the right people.  Instead, Martin told his mom.  He told his agent.  He told ESPN.   Does that sound like a man truly seeking a solution to the name-calling?  Or does it sound like a man with an agenda?

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  1. well said. Thank you for this website. it actually speaks the truth about the NFL and the media. If you haven’t read he mark shlereth article on ESPN please do, its fukking comical. This idiot just has been bashing the fins since this story broke. when all of these media people talk about the situation, they always leave out key information like how martin and cogs were best friends, or that martin said similar things to cogs. Ted wells report could come to only one conclusion. the report couldn’t say that the whole situation was bull, because all of the media and all these so-called NFL “experts” and former players would be WRONG in the position they were taking when the story broke. if the report said that the bullying was a scam, all of those people would have to apologize and take back what they said. You see, the NFL can’t have that. the “experts” have to be right, if they are not right , they lose credibility, which causes the NFL to lose credibility. its all one big money making machine and everything is connected, especially the NFL and the media. not to mention the on-field play and officiating is almost certainly fixed. I know what I’m watching on the field every week, and i know what I’m seeing is not a fair game. i know that i saw the patriots hold cameron wake so bad in the 2nd game, that they were spinning him around. that game: patriots 1 penalty for 2 yards. thats just one example. the patriots were not a great football team this year and they won 12 games. i mean come on. did that look like a 12 win team to you. by the end of the season you could barely name a player on their team on either side of the ball. the jets won 8 games. They were possibly the worst team ever assembled. anyways, I’m rambling now. what I’m trying to say is this: The dolphins will only get a fair shake when the NFL wants them to. which means they will get a fair shake when they make the NFL money, which does not seem to be in the near future.

    1. Author

      Yes, we certainly did see Schelref’s comments on ESPN, and that is one reason we wrote this column. What a bunch of bull he is spewing forth, and of course the p.c. media eats it right up. Seriously… he makes it seem like an NFL locker room is a girl scout camp, and that no one–especially Mark himself–ever said a single curse word. What a fool.

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