Weekend Playoff Thoughts

First of all, Adam Gase is interviewing to be the Offensive Coordinator for the Seahawks.  Too late.   If only Adam were calling plays when the Seahawks decided to try a goal-line pass instead of just handing off to Marshawn Lynch…Oh wait, Gase woulda called a pass there too.

The Baltimore Ravens had the NFL’s worst game plan in history during Saturday’s loss to the Bills, and the result speaks for itself.  On a night of bitter cold, swirling winds, and a staunch Bills pass defense, the Ravens’ game plan was to pass pass pass.  Lemar Jackson is an incredible runner when they call his number, but for some unknown reason, Baltimore kept trying standard pass plays from standard formations.  I kept watching him fade back and wait in the pocket…instead of sprinting forward for 15 or 20 yards like he always seems to.  The Ravens game plan fell right into the Bills’ lap.  The weather was not conducive to throwing the ball, and yet the Ravens kept trying.  Jackson is not the reigning MVP because of his pocket passing.  It’s because of his all-around playmaking ability, and the Ravens took that away from him Saturday.

The Ravens D gave up only 10 points, and they still lost by 14 points.  Not a good plan at all.

I love studying formations and how successful they can be.  As many regular readers know, I’m typically against a 5-WR set because it only leaves 5 blockers available.  The Saints ran a few plays with one WR and one RB.  Add Drew Brees to the mix, and that is 3 skill positions on the field.  They had 8 blockers and 3 “ball” guys.  The Bucs defense knows Brees is not a threat to run, so they can key on either the RB or the WR.   Only two men to worry about, so it should be easy, you might think.  Except 8 blockers is a lot to contend with.  An awful lot.  Brees handed to the RB both times they ran this formation, and both times he picked up a first down.  The Saints were not being cute.  They had 8 guys in to make sure the running play worked well, and they had one WR on the opposite side just to keep the defense honest.   I thought this was a really great formation, and the results paid off.  I wish the Dolphins did basic stuff like that more often.  Especially with a young line and young RBs.   Why not give Myles Gaskin 8 blockers instead of 5?

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    The Watson trade talks don’t go away. I am leery of signing anyone who is demanding a trade. I know he is unhappy in Houston, but there’s dozen of unhappy Jets and Jags and other crappy teams too, and they don’t get to dictate their own trades.

    1. This one has me torn… I would LOVE to have Deshaun Watson… Without question he’d immediately be the best QB we’ve had since Marino… But the asking price for him I think would undoubtedly be so extreme (not to mention his contract) that I’m not convinced it’s best thing overall for the team. It’s a shame that Tua leaves us with more questions than answers or this wouldn’t even be something to consider.

      1. Author

        I say this with no certainty, and just as my opinion. And I try not to make excuses for Tua. But that being said, here’s a kid who got no professional training camp. No rookie camp. No OTAs. He came in fresh off of a devastating injury, and had to get a feel for coming back. He also had (again in my opinion) too many coaches. An OC, a QB coach, a mentor in Fitz. I think sometimes too many people contributed to spoiling the pot. Justin Herbert performed much better because the Chargers just gave him the keys and said drive. Tyrod Taylor is not an experienced guru to be listened to like Fitz was. Fitz was great in his own right, but was Tua’s development slowed? I think perhaps. Nick Saban told Tua to go play ball. The Dolphins told Tua to see what you can learn and don’t get hurt. Big difference.
        I think next season, it will be Tua’s offense. Then we’ll really know what the kid has or not.

      2. Author

        Also, we should hire Bill O’Brien to run our offense, and that will end the Watson rumors!

        1. Bahahahah very true. And I certainly hope you’re right I’m assessing Tua’s underwhelming season.

          1. Author

            And don’t get me wrong. Watson’s stats are very impressive and he is a true star. But he’s also proving to be a malcontent, and Brian Flores tends to send that type of player packing, rather than inviting them in.
            I’m sorry that you don’t like the team’s choice in hiring a new GM. Just go talk to the owner in private and see what can be done to alleviate the situation. If Watson handled it that way, he may be a Dolphin already.

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    Also, a belated props to our old pal Chad Henne. Aside from one brutal interception, he did just enough to keep the Chiefs alive when Mahomes got hurt. Two gutsy plays in a row when the Chiefs were about to give the ball back to Cleveland. Those two plays won the game.

    1. Henne never got enough credit, he was never going to be a franchise caliber quarterback but you could do a LOT worse than Chad Henne as your backup.

  3. I am so happy to see the Bills losing. Then again it would make me even happier to see them lose in the SB for like the 10th time.

  4. Admin, I am in sync with your post…I was happy to see Henne be the hero for the KC game. Coming in for any QB on the fly is not easy-yes, it’s their job to be just as prepared…but when you back up Patrick Mahomes, you better have your game face on every second of the game…He did enough to bring them to victory and I am glad he got the chance and succeeded. You know I would never give Tanny that credit…I just can’t.
    How does Gase have the self-awareness to interview for Seattle’s OC position. Even though my dislike for Pete Carroll is huge, he can’t be that stupid to consider Gase, who has a resume that is a disaster. Gase should find another career as this one is not one he has improved or excelled in.

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