What do you think of a shorter pre-season?

The NFL reported today that it’s toying with a shorter pre-season (2 games instead of 4).   I’m curious what you all think.

Me?   I am all for it.   The NFL preseason is like no other.  It’s grueling. It’s violent and dangerous.  It’s meaningless like the Pro Bowl, if you’re a veteran.   But to rookies dying to make the team, it’s life and death.  Put those rookies and the vets on the field at the same time, and it’s scary.

The pre-season, they say, lets coaches see what they have.  True, no doubt.   But you can also see that, for the most part, at practices and scrimmages.  In the fourth quarter of most pre-season games, 99% of the men out there are going to be cut.  The coaches saw what they needed to see early on.  Sure, now and then there is a feel-good story like Preston Williams…but if you remember, we all started to hear about Williams because he was a stud at practices…he solidified his skills in pre-season, but he didn’t come out of nowhere because of 4 pre-season games.

Other sports, especially baseball, use pre-season just to get in shape.   They even call it spring training.  It’s glorified calisthenics.  Football is far more brutal.   Too much chance of injury. Especially to our Tua!

So I hope they do shorten it.  2020 will be an insane, weird season as it is with no fans, odd schedules, etc.   Might as well look for some normalcy in 2021 and just play 2020 by ear!


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  1. I think it comes in a bad year for Miami where there will be so many new faces on the team (including many rookies), new coaches… new offensive system, etc They really need all the time they can get to get everyone up to speed on the new system, the new OL to gel together, and just build team chemistry. A team like KC, or New England… sure… probably doesn’t hurt them all that much because even though you might have some new players sprinkled in they have things pretty much down with a lot of veterans that know the system very very well.

    But having said all that, it is what it is. They have to adapt to what’s going on in the world right now and make the best of it. It’s not ideal for us this year I don’t think but as you said… hopefully 2021 returns to some normalcy and hopefully we’re in a position to really make a run deep into the playoffs in 2021 as well.

  2. I agree with having a shorter preseason as well. Aside from Admin and Mike’s post, it benefits the fans too as tickets are the same prices for as a regular season game- which doesn’t count for anything. It also brings the excitement to the game back that much sooner. Also we have seen times where a player gets hurt and is out the rest of the season from a meaningless game. I think that happened to Macmillan.

    2020 is going to be a very unusual year indeed. With this being an election year and with all the social unrest in the country, the NFL is going to be a media focal point with the protests and so forth. Personally, I really don’t care if an athlete wants to protest, I just don’t think he or she should do it “while on the clock.” I’m not allowed to protest when I’m at work but some professional athletes feel they are entitled to do so. Sorry, this injection of personal politics in my leisure activities, which I pay for either directly or indirectly, is a real turnoff for me. Buckle your seats gentlemen- it’s going to be a wild ride this year!

    1. Author

      The more days that go by, the more doubtful I am of having a season.
      The NFL has every good intention, and I admire the basic way they are going about this: “We will have a season, and it will begin on time.” I don’t know how realistic that will end up being, but it’s a strong statement and it shows the plan. Compare that to MLB, NHL, and NBA, each of which is an utter mess. MLB stopped in the middle of spring training to say “We will figure something out.” 4 months later, greed and doubt prevail. No answers, no vaccine, no baseball.
      With several Cowboys and Texans now sick with Corona, I’m sure that throws a wrench into training camp plans, which could indeed affect the regular season. Most states are slowly relaxing their corona restrictions, and then almost immediately…once the restrictions ended, new cases developed. This is still a powerful, deadly disease, and our wishful thinking won’t cure it. I don’t live in day-to-day fear, but I remain cautious.
      So even as new cases are still being documented, at least the NFL has its schedule all ready to go. They are so much better organized than the other sports, which means if Corona does finally subside, the NFL will be ready to go!

      Sean’s other points about the kneeling and the election are great examples about what a wild, unusual season this will be!

  3. I honestly would leave the extra two games up to the NFLPA. Let them sort out what is more important to them, veteran health or rookie opportunity. As far as Covid, the CDC is reporting that only prolonged contact with infected persons is the major way of contracting this disease. This does decrease the previous understanding regarding infection. Maybe this increases the chance for a season.

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