Could training camp be coming soon?

2020 has featured so much uncertainty that it’s hard to get an accurate indication of when certain NFL milestones will be coming.

Training camp seems a long way off still, but there is some progress.   Teams might be able to resume in-person meetings (whether it’s just coaches or players or both is unknown).  Actual practices are not around the corner, but it gives us something to look forward to.

My one main wish is that the NFL stays unified and fair on when the camps will open and when teams can begin their activities.   In MLB, it’s not very unified.  The players union can’t agree with the league, and the players themselves can’t agree with the owners.  I’m sure they will work something out, but for now it has been dragging.  The NHL and NBA have some ideas in place, and it seems now to be just the waiting game…

People often disagree on many things, but I would say that 100% of fans, players, owners and coaches all want to begin asap.  Seems like we’re getting a bit closer, but I won’t know it’s for real until we see Tua hit Albert Wilson on a long post pattern in practice one day!

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  1. Coaches can go back on Friday.

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