What to Expect from the oakland raiders

I see the Raiders as one of those tough 0-2 teams, who drew a tough schedule to begin the season.   And let’s all admit, the Dolphins drew a pretty easy 2-game stretch.   Sorry, but the Titans are simply overhyped.    Yes, they were a playoff team last year, but only because there is a huge gap between New England and the rest of the AFC.

That being said, these Dolphins seem to have a new makeup.   I’ve noticed momentum changes.   Our offense pounces on the opponent after our defense grabs a turnover.   And our Defense plays stout and tough after the offense has just blown a play.   The Dolphins haven’t done this in years.  But the Raiders are more challenging than our Week 1 and 2 opposition.

Just two years ago, the Raiders were primed as the AFC’s number one seed, and New England would have traveled to the Dark Hole of Oakland for a playoff game.   But then Derek Carr broke his leg in Week 16, and the Raiders weren’t heard from again.  Last year, they had a very pedestrian season, with a Dolphin-like 6-10 record.   They never seemed to recover from that devastating injury to Carr.

But Carr is still dangerous.  Marshawn Lynch is still a beast.  The defense can be tough.   And 0-2 teams are far more hungry and have no complacency whatsoever.  I fear these men in black.

However….and here’s the good news.  I still think the Dolphins this time around are the better team.   Home field helps.  Wearing white will help.  Adam Gase has been helping by calling better games so far.  And Derek Carr makes gigantic mistakes if you can pressure him or force his hand.

Even though we are 2-0, Ryan Tannehill has not been stellar.   I think he’s due for an awesome game Sunday.  He has 2 picks plus 2 fumbles in 2 games.  He hasn’t protected the ball, and I bet that he improves this week.   His passing numbers are adequate, but I suspect this week he’ll step it up to go beyond simply adequate.   He’s due.

Also due are Kenyan drake and Frank Gore.     No one cares about stats when a team is winning.  So I haven’t really pointed out that these guys have combined to average only 45 rushing yards so far per game.   Talk about being overdue to bust a few big ones!

So I think the offense is due to hit 30+ points this week, with some big plays.

The defense, meanwhile, continues to be steady.   The bend-but-don’t-break philosophy has turned to “don’t bend at all.”   It’s fun to see them shine.  It’s been a true team effort.  Guys like Minkah Fitzpatrick and Bobby McCain don’t have interceptions, but they’re flying all over the field and making huge plays.  Stars like Cameron Wake have been quietly effective, hustling on every single down so that the offense always has to account for him, which frees up other defenders to make big plays.

I know it’s only been 2 games, but you can slowly but surely see some differences this year.  Let’s hope it continues Sunday.


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  1. I hear you Admin. There’s a good chance the Dolphins might be able to hold on to that number spot in the AFC east. We’ll all be pulling for the Lions, which might seem futile against the Pats, but none the less, I’ll be rooting for them this weekend. I’m not worried about that Bills game. The Vikings defense should prove too potent for the Bills to handle. I’m not going to be too concerned about the Dolphin’s defense either. But man, that – points 23.5 (16th), yards 299.5 (26th) and passing yards 172.0 (28th) NFL ranking has got to improve if the Dolphins really expect to be a dominate power in the NFL this year. Right now the Dolphins are ranked a respectable number six in rushing.

    I’m going to go and get my beer now and keep it cold because this Sunday is going to be a nail-biter!

    1. I meant to say – “number one spot.”

    2. Pulling for the Lions? The awful Jets beat them 48-17. The are 1 of the bottom 4 teams in the league. I see that Pats scoring near 50,if not more. But this will be a tough game against a desparate team,even though not much is expected of them this season. WE need to get better on offense,quickly. Not referring to you,but a few seasons ago when we won 10 games,including the gofts from Cleveland and San Fran and fanboys thought we were good,UNTIL we played good teams at the end and were absolutely crushed. Right now,we are good enough to beat crap teams,which we’ve done so far. The Pats game in 2 weeks will be a good measuring stick.

      1. When I said,”But this will be a tough game against a desparate team,even though not much is expected of them this season”,I was referring to us. The Lions couldn’t win with 12 players.

        1. Well KARMATOURER, one thing I placed into the equation about the Lions and Pats game is the fact that the Lions have Matt Patricia as their head coach. You remember Matt Patricia, the Patriots ex-defensive coordinator? That, coupled with the fact that the Pats are not looking too good at the receiver position which defensively Patricia should and could exploit. The Pats are so desperate right now to the point where they threw a contract at Josh Gordon. And the Lions may have stunk against the Jets but they did go toe to toe with the 49ers last week and only lost by three points. Do I think the Lions will beat the Patriots, no… but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Phil and Admin I totally agree with you both and Admin I share your enthusiasm and I dont think it’s totally misplaced because there has been a marked difference. One thing I did totally agree with Gase on was getting rid of guys with a ME ONLY attitude. I think most of us did which is why we gave Gase the benifit of the doubt when big name after big name was shipped off. To me were STARTING to like some of those no big name defenses Belicheck has fielded so many times.

    If Gase has this right I will apologize for my unkind words from last season. Time will tell but it’s looking good.

    How good is that Fitzpatrick pick looking now?

    It almost makes up for Parker who I hope plays like a MONSTER this week!

    1. About your last 2 lines,Fitz has been above average,but certainly not great. He was beat by a few steps on a medium deep pass which was overthrown. That catch would have changed to game bigly. He made a great tackle preventing at TD. Kudos. But he isn’t setting the world on fire,yet.
      As far as Ms. Parker,I hope she doesn’t injure herself pre-game. She is soft and a career underachiever and that will never change. Starting her is a huge mistake.

      1. I gotta disagree on fitz. I saw a stat that said he was targeted more than any other dolphin in the first half and didn’t allow any completions. He might not be making that many flashy plays but he is consistently playing good coverage which is a huge difference for this team over the middle.

  3. The D is definitely improved but the raiders have a decent offence. Will be a good test and covering their TE is key they like to go there.

    The raiders D we caught a break as they traded their passrush. They will be blitzing so the Fins have to be ready to exploit that. Should be some big plays Sunday.

    Patsies showing that they’re panicking by signing the degenerate addict Gordon. They’re also injured badly on D so you never know. Why is it that the patsies go after every degenerate that becomes free??? Desperation? I think they’re worried after losing badly in Jacksonville…

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