Zero points in Second Half Turned Out Fine

Let’s hope we never have another 2nd half of a game where we get zero points.   Although we held on to beat the Jets, it is a recipe for failure to only score in the first half.

Let’s also hope that we score on our first possession.   A touchdown even.   It seems like ages since that happened.

Let’s also hold the opponent and NOT let them score on their first possession after halftime.   Seems like the D always comes out flat and gives up 7 points.   Gotta stop that.

And finally, lets hope that Gase and Tannehill mix up the snap counts.   Both of these guys need to learn that drawing an opponent offsides is a valuable weapon.  Snapping it on ONE every single down makes it way too simple.   In the Titans game, we mixed it up a bit.   In the Jets game, it was back to “on one” exclusively.

Do you think we’ll wear white and make the Raiders wear black in the heat?

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  1. Look where we are on offense production and points-near the bottom. Thankfully and shockingly,the defense and run defense has been better than expected.

  2. So at home Gase will mix up the snap count on the road he will not. He had some stupid answer to this question a few years ago. I think it was after a buffalo game where buffalo was teeing off on us and gase was asked why he didn’t have then very the snap count and he claimed it was because of the crowd noise. How stupid because 31 other coaches figure out how to do it.

    1. And guess where we get to play on Dec. 30-Buffalo. Another Dec. game in Buffalo.

  3. Author

    Yep. And if you snap it on ONE the entire game and then wait till the 4th quarter and change it up on a big 3rd-and-4, it will be effective. You lull them into teeing off on one, and then change it up for a vital play with the game on the line. Gase doesn’t get that aspect of the game.

    1. But on the positive side of that-we have far fewer pre-snap penalties than last season year so far.

  4. We’ll see about scoring on the Dolphin’s first possession if we can somehow get Gesicki into production. And Admin, you can knock Gesicki all you want, but he say’s of himself “just finishing plays. I think I did a really good job fighting off the ball and getting my hands inside. I’m doing a good job blocking and just have to stay on my guy and finish him. It’s just going to continue to come with more reps, and I just want to continue to play more snaps.”

    Apparently, he’s telling you that no matter what you say and think Admin, he doesn’t have a problem.

    1. Author

      “I’m doing a good job blocking”
      Comedy gold!

  5. He can’t block,period. He went through training camp, preseason and 2 games without learning with professionals teaching him techniques. 5-6 days a week and he hasn’t learned. Jarvis Landry blocks better than him! It’s just like Tranny’s lack of pocket awareness-you have it or you don’t. He can’t block. Or get open. I will continue to knock him until he does SOMETHING positive.

    1. Well KARMATOURER, despite what you say, some in the media thinks this about Gesicki – “Gesicki is still finding ways to help the Dolphins offense, even with his blocking from which he was criticized before this year’s draft. On Kenyan Drake’s first-quarter touchdown run, Gesicki was able to make a critical block that helped the Dolphins get the early lead.”

      They might be saying people like you probably aren’t looking this player’s techniques thoroughly.

      1. Author

        Absolutely giving credit where it is due, Gisecki blocked well on that play. He tied up a DE, which allow Drake to run past him.
        I’m not saying Gisecki is a bust, but he does need to be more consistent and aggressive like on that TD

        1. You also showed a play/still shot where he did NOTHING to help a sweep inside the red zone. NOTHING. Cherry picking1 play out of 20 doesn’t even make him adequate by any means.

      2. Well PHIL,I can assure you I’ve been watching NFL football longer than any in the press. Any. Cherry picking 1 of his 20 plays as positive is laughable at best. The fact that he only managed 20 plays out of 70-80 on a team with nothing but crap TEs proves my point even more.

        1. Let’s not completely rip a rookie after two games guys give him a chance. Some players take time some good ones too. Hopefully this week he keeps getting better.

          If the Fins don’t wear white they are stupid. So far the majority of the time it’s been white at home except night games which don’t matter.

          1. I am tired of all the BS we heard since the draft about him being so good. Pure BS. They were aware he couldn’t block-so are people in China! Apparently he can’t get open either. Just another attempt by our lame Back Office to cover their incompetent asses yet again. He was drafted too high,period. I’ll say it again-on a team with crap TEs,he manages ~19 plays.
            Agree about the whites.

            1. Hi hear ya but 2 games come on we’ve seen many a good player start out like shit before so I’m not jumping off my balcony yet. Although I may jump my lady tonight!
              Nice to see Tyrod show his true colors and Baker get the browns a win over the hated jets…..beautiful!

            2. Well KARMATOURER, what position and who would you have preferred the Dolphins take with their pick in the second round of the NFL draft?

                1. Damn, I hate to admit this, but I agree!

                  1. I don’t know guys they play nickel a lot and Alonso has been pretty steady. If you don’t go TE I would have went G. Oline is a few injuries away from trouble actually one more would be bad. You could also argue QB but not sure if there was anyone of interest in the second round.

  6. We’re 2-0 with the hapless Raiders coming to town…..(I get it….we usually lose these) But I’m just glad that we’re winning games. Titans and Jets aren’t world beaters, but we won. As a fan of 45 years now, I’ll take it!

    PS: We should have gotten Teddy Bridgewater…..for real.

  7. I just bought a ticket for the Houston OilerTexans game on Thursday 10/25.
    During my last visit in the mid-80s,I was living in San Antonio and 4 friends and I bought tickets and received them in the mail-imagine that. I friend didn’t make the flight,so I said I’d sell the ticket and meet them in the Astrodome. I was haing no luck selling it even at face value,so I dropped the price a few bucks. A guy walks up and says he will buy itSo we agree on a price and he says you’re under arrest. I ignored him and held the ticket up again. Then it struck me-he’s undercover. He says you can’t sell a ticket here without a license, WTF!!!! He flashed a badge and off we go to the slammer. They have a jail in the Astrodome. So they sit me down and ask for ID,any outstanding warrants,ect. It drags on and on. You can’t sell a ticket in Harris (?) Co. without a license. FCUK-I wasn’t trying to scalp it,just almost give it away.They verified everything and the detective comes back and says he has 2 choice-give me a summons and I have to return to Houston or let me go. I said let me go. He did and I left the ticket there.Now it’s almost halftime and my buddies said they looked all over for me until the 2nd quarter and and the would again at halftime. I needed a beer at that point.

    1. Author

      LOL… I still say “Oilers” once in a while when referring to the Titans. Younger people say, “Who???”
      I’ve never been arrested like you, but I did get hit by a flying fish in Buffalo’s stadium because I refused to take of my Dolphins gear!

    1. Author

      I will be on the lookout. Raider fans trying to hack me this weekend!

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