What to Make of the Ravens Pre-Season Game

Well, the backup Dolphin defenders gave up 31 points to a bunch of 5th stringers who are about to be unemployed once they are cut.   That is not good news, as it shows a serious lack of depth.  After watching 3 and a half quarters of unknown defenders out there, you’d think that one or two would have made a play to catch my eye.  Not really.

Although, I do have to mention Cordrea Tankersley had a nice interception, literally taking the ball away from a receiver.  That was sheer smarts and instinct.   The receiver thought that Tank was simply going for the tackle, but Tank had other ideas.   Backup LB Chase Allen was all over the ball.   I saw him blow a tackle in the open field, but otherwise he was running around like a madman in pursuit.    I wonder if the coaches noticed.   I’d like to see more of this kid.

I have to admit that Jay Cutler impressed me.  I watched him avoid the rush and step up, something that Tannehill NEVER looked comfortable doing.   His passes looked good, and he seemed to know where his WRs were.   It was only a handful of plays, but it’s something to be cautiously optimistic about.   “He knows the playbook” is extremely over-rated.  I don’t care about that.  I care about can he throw the ball and can he avoid the sack when the guys are coming right at him.   Cutler can.

Matt Moore cannot.   Did you see Moore get sacked on the corner blitz?  He knew/saw the guy coming right at him and decided to wait and then try a spin move.   LOL.   I don’t know what it is about Moore and Tannehil both having zero ability to avoid a sack when they see the guy approaching.   I’m not talking about blindside attacks.  I’m taking about the inability to simply throw the ball away when a play is doomed.

Senorise Perry had a nice touchdown run but then embarrassed himself with a Damien-Williams-like kickoff return.   He muffed the catch.  He tripped.  He slipped.   He fumbled.  Plays like that are responsible for keeping Damien on the roster.   Nobody else seems to want the #3 running back roster spot.

I hope that the screen passes to Jarvis Landry are just preseason decoy plays.   Because if we try those plays in the regular season, we’ll get a lot of 3 and outs.  They never work.

Adam Gase has this bad habit of bunching up WRs on one side of the line on those WR screens.   So that Stills, Parker, and Landry are all there next to each other.    But that means there are also 3 DBs there waiting, plus a safety cheating to that side.  Essentially, Parker and Stills have to block two men each.    It’s much better to isolate Landry on one side and then throw it to him.   I like his chances of beating ONE defender, much more than I trust Stills and Parker to block several men.

Didn’t we sign a couple of new tight ends this off-season?   Anyone seen Tony Fasano or Julius Thomas?



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  1. Another cut player becomes a Dolphin starter? YIKES!!

  2. I’ll say this about “WHAT TO MAKE OF THE RAVENS GAME.”

    Gase is about to go into his second season as the Fins head coach, and with being said, we will start seeing the Dolphins transform into a team with more players of his choosing. In that game against the Ravens, an atrocious amount of dumbass penalties were made by the Fins. Gase has to clean that up. The Fins offensive line, although not too bad in my opinion, needs to tighten up on their blocking because there were some breakdowns that shouldn’t have happened. The Fins defense…I think it’ll take another look before we really get a better grasp of how they’re playing. As for the Fins 2nd and 3rd squads, looks like a lot of work in progress, a lot of work.

    Overall, not a complete catastrophe, but the game against the Ravens, as I will take the liberty to speak for most Dolfans, left us feeling, well…underwhelmed. That is why so many are silent because they don’t know what to say about the subject.


  3. PHILADELPHIA — Miami Dolphins guard Kraig Urbik, the projected starter at left guard, is not expected to be available for the season-opener against Tampa Bay, coach Adam Gase said Monday.

    Gase suggested a knee scope is possible. Urbik had also been dealing with a back injury.

    Urbik was projected to start because guard Ted Larsen is going to miss at least the first eight weeks of the regular season due to a biceps injury.

    Gase suggested the sky is not falling.

    1. Author

      The sky already fell. We’re now on our 3rd-string guard, and it’s still August.

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