What we learned in the Dolphins loss to the Giants

Jarvis Landry got schooled by his pal Odell Beckham.   If there were and closeness in comparing these two, there is none now.  Beckham got open all night long AND held onto the ball when it was thrown his way.   He made a miraculous foot-drag catch, while Landry dropped passes right in his numbers.

Beckham also didn’t commit a stupid penalty when we were driving for the tying touchdown in Giants territory.

Landry spent most of the night dropping passes, committing personal fouls, and getting tackled.

Zac Tayor is just as stupid as his father-in-law, and Bill Lazor, and Joe Philbin and…   Lamar Miller was eating the Giants alive, including two gorgeous long touchdown runs.   See the last word of that last sentence:   “runs.”    But then we stopped handing to him.  Again.   We kept passing on first down and getting nowhere.

But when we ran on first down, Miller was ripping 9 yarders left and right.   This is not rocket science, folks.  Miller is the real deal, but we don’t give him the ball.

Damien Williams and Jamar Taylor are terrible players. Oh wait.  If you just learned that after the Giant game, you haven’t been reading my column the last few years.

DeVante Parker and other Dolphins show little determination when going up to snag a pass.

The Dolphin pass rush is easily neutralized, and we have no Plan B.

Guys like Zack Vigil and Neville Hewitt played brilliant football when the “starters” like Koa Misi and Kelvin Shepard were hurt, but now Dan Campbell has forgotten they exist.  Mistake.

Shamiel Gary is a Dolphin.

Dolphin tight ends are decent in run support but suddenly unreliable as receivers.   Dion Sims destroyed not one but TWO of the Dolphins first drives.  Jordan Cameron seems to have called it in this season.  And promising Jake Stoneburner doesn’t get a chance to play, just like Lamar Miller.

Apparently, only the Dolphins got winded and tired, as Gruden kept pointing out.

Former Dolphin Orleans Darkwa is better than Damien Williams.

Penalties hurt.  Stupid penalties hurt more.  Are you reading this, Mr. Landry?

Management made good decisions to keep Franks and Darr.

Tannehill CAN throw a deep pass and he CAN run for first downs.  And flea flickers are indeed legal!




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  1. Like I’ve been saying. This team needs adequate coaching and front office direction. Tannehill is average at the qb position but far from a bust. A bust doesn’t make that throw to Stills. The guard play is consistently bad at both spots and the lack of adequate coaching/scheming is apparent every week. ODJ one on one with Jamar Taylor with no help? Really? And apparently from what I’m hearing from the postgame info from the locker room that was the call. But what decent coach will take this job if he can’t have final say on the roster? I mean a well run franchise would cut Jamar Taylor Monday morning. You can bet the Dolphins won’t. What was Landry thinking? Same move Vernon made against Jacksonville. It’s like they do shit because no one on the team fears any of their coaches or fellow teammates wrath.

    1. Heck, a well run franchise would’ve cut Tannehill 2 years ago……

    1. Except Jamar Taylor wasn’t one on one with ODB it was cover 3 and he was the responsibility of Reshad Jones who never even saw him…. Poor communication in the secondary p.

  2. I read on the Bleacher Report that Miller was not injured. He only had his ankle re-taped. Coaching, coaching…coaching. : (

  3. Why does it take the Dolphins 4 years to realize their QB stinks?

  4. Maybe the Dolphins weren’t what some thought they were but they are exactly what I KNEW they are. A crap team from top to bottom with zero talent on offense, a garbage QB, poor coaches, and pathetic ownership. I told you guys to bet the under 8 1/2 before the season started. Getting rid of ALL their starting WR’s and TE in one year was moronic! What team does that?
    The franchise will continue to be a laughingstock as long as clueless Ross is involved. This is what 7-8 years for him without even ONE winning season??


    1. @jay yeah everything you say is right on and until the NFL stops with its discrimination in the draft of letting talented players play the game instead of drafting only a certain race who dominate the draft get away with it is bullshit and a shame to other races that want to play, the dolphins will continue to be a crappy team. The NFL didn’t want Tim Tebow playing the game because of his? I think the whole NFL should fold up and just do away with it because its rotten as all other sports .

  5. Giving a QB that’s accuracy challenged with no pocket presence that’s never had a winning year… a 96 million dollar contract was totally absurd. Doubtful he could even make the Pats practice squad

  6. Miller was getting holes to run through in the first half. The Giants adjusted and he got stuffed for no gains at least 3 times in the second half.

    1. Author

      Yes, at least 3 times. Better abandon the entire running offense because Miller and Ajayi got stopped a few times! God forbid we try again

  7. This game was not on Tannehill he played probably one of his best games of the year last night. The audible on 3rd and 7 (after another stupid false start penalty ) and to throw it long to Stills was a huge evolution in his game. We’ve never seen this before folks. Mostly he stayed in the pocket and showed good pocket presence scrambling only when needed. So he overthrew J-Landry umm it was late in the game and he had a freight train of Giant defenders coming at him. Im no apologist and tire of the flashes of what could be from Tannehill only to be disappointed the next week so my enthusiasm is grounded and Im still not totally sold. There were several very catchable passes dropped why? Our O line protected well most of the time but sometimes got burned and did us no favors with 5 false start penalties? The PI call on Grimes was umm very questionable and helped big time one of their scoring drives. False starts called against us even the commentators didn’t even bother to show the replay of because they couldn’t see it in the footage. But on one play a Giant clearly lines up off sides annnnnnnd no call.

    Im always sad we loose but am not to upset about this one. Our defense played well but we all know our secondary was a liability and when McCain got injured we were in real trouble. Grimes is still a good back but Im not sure anybody can cover ODB perfectly even a 25 year old Grimes. Our secondary would be exploited, no surprises here. Run defense was good mostly still gives up big plays but is gelling.

    Zach taylor called some good plays but youth and inexperience got the best of the 32 year old play caller and he got antsy and went away from the run. Sad cause L-Miller looked legit close to elite and with Ajayi in compliment they could have carried us down field and set up a touchdown pass with a peppered and off balance giant defense.

    For an inexperienced coaching staff, a porous O-Line and defensive secondary, QB entering into a new style of play, and developing youth, the score was about what I expected with a 1 touchdown swing either way.

    What is inexcusable are the penalties and dropped passes and I dunno the rule buuuut. ODB’s incredible TD catch the ball hit the ground while still in his grasp the thing is the ground helped him maintain possession. Even the commentators briefly mentioned it. Was that a legit catch? I always thought the ground can not assist in maintaining possession and it clearly did in this case. Rewatch the catch and dont focus on his feet focus on the ball and his hands. Did we get robbed again?


    1. Author

      Very well said PhinsUp. Undisciplined penalties was a huge culprit. The defense doing nothing creative hurt badly too. Manning had all night long to pass for the most part, and his numbers reflect that. Dion Sims picked a real bad time to drop balls left and right, either after he caught it or before. Tannehill blew some passes, but very little in this loss was his fault.
      He even got emotional, which is a good thing. He was pissed when Landry took that insane penalty.
      As for the “catch,” I think the rule is that the ground cannot help you with the catch, but in this case, the ground was kind of neutral. The ground didn’t bounce the ball up to him. It was in his hands while he slid across the ground. It’s an asinine rule, but it’s the rule.
      If a ball hits the ground, it should be incomplete. For all 32 teams fair and square. The laws of physics say that if the ball hits the ground, then the ground has helped the catch. In Beckham’s case, the ground was a third hand. He had both hands on the ball so it couldn’t move left and right, and the ground ensured that the ball couldn’t move downward. The ground didn’t push the ball back up into his chest, but it certainly stabilized the ball. I call that as a legit catch, but a terrible rule.

      1. Agreed. In this case like you said the ground kept the ball in place and was indeed the third hand.

        And Im also glad I wasnt the only one who noticed Tannehill getting emotional. Thats the sign of someone fully invested. This is also something Ive rarely seen before from him and his quality of play seemed positively effected by it . I also noticed good pocket presence but more importantly , patience in the pocket. He didnt seem to get rattled or nervous and threw well with a pocket collapsing around him in a dare I say Marino like fashion. Even though we lost I had a great time seeing some electric plays from our offense. And damn that run by Miller! That was a thing of beauty.

    2. Let’s be real/honest about Tranny’s play last night. It was the MINIMUM we should see EVERY week,not just once every 4 or 5 games. 96mil pays for far more than he has shown for 4 years. He’s not getting better. That crap about another system is just that-crap,It’s a new play caller,not a new system. He had 3 bad throws in the 1st period alone and a game-changing miss for a TD in the 4th. I just watched the game again on NFL Channel. This franchise is crap from top to bottom.

  8. Dont care for the No-call PI on Cameron late in the game. In a league that is PI happy, we never seem to get one of these calls for us. Now there were too many mistakes in this game by the Fins for this to be a defining moment in the game, but it would be nice for a call to go our way once in a while.

  9. Tannehill cant do what Eli Manning can do. Or any other franchise QB. Plain and simple.

  10. Author

    The funniest part of the night was that New England clinched the division because the Dolphins lost. Somehow, some way, New England’s fate rested upon the lowly Dolphins. LOL

  11. I think its safe to say Dan Campbell will not be the HC next year and the problem with that is its doubtful he’ll go back to being TE coach. I’m guessing he was a pretty good TE coach and now its likely we lose him.

  12. Tannehill finally played a pretty good game! Jay and mike must not have watched it because Tannehill had the deep ball on point all game long it isn’t his fault that he had SIX drops from the receivers when the ball was right in there hands on on the numbers and two of those were long balls and one would have set up a touchdown.

    Hell he even showed pocket pressance for once! Did you see that a few time last night!

    And the OLine in the first three quarters kept the pocket pretty clean and Tannehill played well.

    We just don’t have enough coaching experiance to match other teams once they adjust to our game. It’s not a knock on the coaches its just reality we need experianced coaches who are proven in the positions they are coaching.

    A real MLB
    A few CB
    A DE
    2 – Guards immediately (Just go get some fat guys walking around Walmart they would be better then Fox and Thomas)

  13. Mike,

    If you lay off Tannehill, I’ll lay off your mom’s browneye….

    1. No deal , go for it Big J.
      I wont lay off Tannehill until he’s gone.

      1. Or if he wins 2 playoff games. HAHA

  14. admin,you forgot to mention the 3 BAD passes in the 1st quarter alone. And a complete miss on a log pass in the 4th quarter. ANY QB can have 1 good game throwing deep. Key word ONE! TanneBUST played better than usual but still not near where he needs to be with a mega contract. This team is bad from top to bottom and like a said last week and earlier,there are perhaps 10-12 players worth keeping if we blow this pile of shite up and start over. Yes,just 10-12. And unload the entire front office. And soon to have mouth cancer Dan Campbell will be gone with that entire staff too. Not looking like I’ll renew my tickets next season,just to be seated under a canopy and out of the rain.

  15. Tanny did finally have a good game but I think mike and jays point is that once again no matter how bad the rest of the team played he had a chance to tie the game at the end and missed a wide open Jarvis Landry. Dude just isn’t clutch. Defense needs wild amounts of work tho, the depth is atrocious but that’s what you get when one dude takes up so much of your salary cap (suh). Literally eveyone outside of jones needs to be replaced in the secondary. The only linebacker I like is Jenkins. As much as oline is a huge issue the team might have to only focus on defense in the draft. Then bring in a veteran or two to sure up the line. We need at least 4 games with a good oline to get a last assessment for tanny. I’m leaning toward he’s never gonna be better than an Alex smith but I could be wrong and I would love to be wrong lol.

    1. The only guys that still say stick with Tannepuke are the JESTS fans!!!

      Tannepuke will never be as good as Alex Smith

    2. I wont defend Tannehill’s entire season he clearly still is and should be on the bubble. Last night he played very well even Brady has a few bad throws a game guys be fair about it. Even Steffan Curry doesn’t make every 3 point shot and sooner or later Golden State will loose some games. But I will defend partially the missed throw to Landry. He had an entire D-line coming full speed at him and our O line didn’t slow them at all. He had to throw it faster than he wanted just to get it out before being hit while throwing. If he had a clean pocket and he threw it that way I would join you in your condemnation. But this was not the case. I doubt any QB could have thrown that ball accurately with the speed and size of the rush coming. But for most of the game our 0 line played well and guess what? So did a certain somebody else. For now Im willing to wait and see if the relaxed and finally emotional Tannehill grows more into his comfort zone. I saw an different QB last night and that gives me some hope. Lets see if the progress continues.

      1. You saw a different QB for 1 game last night. He usually has a good game once every 3 or 4. Sorry,that doesn’t constitute a good QB,certainly not worth 95mil. Clint Longley had a good game once for the Cowgirls on Thanksgiving Day. Google it kiddies. Anyone can have A good day. And those of you who still drink the Tanne kool aid and the ‘BUST pad his stats late in a game when the outcome was decided half a game earlier, please take that into consideration when you quote his mediocre stats.

        1. Agreed John. I want better play and more consistancy from him too. we’ve all waited long enough.

  16. I really enjoyed hearing Gruden’s commentary during the game. He did have to dial down his comments but he was just shooting straight with most of his comments. HIs comment on how Parker ran poor routes while THill was scrambling. This made me wonder if the current coaching staff sees similar deficiencies in play or technique?

  17. Trade Tannehill for a ham sandwich and the team will improve with Matt Moore.

  18. Matt Moore is just as bad-actually worse than the ‘Bust. But a lifetime quality backup that will never be a starter for any team.

    1. Matt Moore won team MVP and is a top 10 QB when playing every week.

      1. That is the most hilarious line I’ve ever read,”A Top 10 QB when playing every week”. So please explain why any number of teams needing a QB today don’t trade for our BACKUP and have him as their “Top 10 QB”!? Too funny.

  19. The only thing that improves for the team if Matt Moore becomes the starter is it’s draft status. Team would finish 3-13 and that projection is on the high side.

    1. Nah, Tannepuke gives us the best chance at a high draft pick.

  20. Jay’s Tannehill not being as good as Alex Smith comment sums his player knowledge up in a nutshell. Smith spent eight years in San Fran where he was widely considered a bust until he finally got adequate coaching his latter years in San Fran and finally under Reid in K.C. Amazing how much more competent Smith has looked under Harbaugh and Andy Reid than he did under his previous coaches. Coaching makes a difference. Tannehill has been markedly better early on than Alex Smith was through his first few seasons. Tannehill unlike Smith has not yet been the benefactor of markedly better coaching than he had before.

    1. Alex Smith is a winning QB, Tannepuke is a losing QB but keep making ALL your excuses for Tannepuke. Its hilarious.

  21. I know I keep saying this but we will WIN if we RUN the ball. Even with all the mistakes, vanilla defense, drop passes,…..
    Dolphins are 10-0 when Miller touches the ball 24+ times. Its that easy folks. He was 12 for 89 and 2 td. We ave 5.8 per rush and 5.6 per pass. We were only one score down with almost 2 quarters to play and they stop running. Why the hell would any coach do that unless he was trying to lose. Who cares if they stuff the run a couple time when you ave 5.8 per rush. Pull some guards with extra TE and switch up Miller and Ajay and keep running. Ajay needs more than a couple runs to get going. Running would have saved our D, set up the pass, control the clock and we would have won the game no problem. How can the coaches not understand this concept.

  22. If you still like Tannepuke you MUST BE A JESTS FAN!!

  23. A picture is worth a thousand words….

    1. Heck, Taylor is not even after him with a full stride.

        1. Brent Grimes wife could. She’d kick his ass!

  24. Dam guys next year is gonna be really bad. I just looked at the teams we have to play and it includes the Seahawks, cardinals, rams, steelers, and bengals. It’s a lot tougher than this years

    1. Author

      Yes, it’s always strange how they make up the parity schedule…where teams who have bad records get to play other teams with bad records, in theory. They should scrap this bullshit inter-conference play. The Dolphins will finish in last place, so we should get to play all last place teams next year. No Steelers, Bengals, Cards or Seahawks. Although, by some miracle, we defeated the the Seahawks in the regular season under Philbin three years ago !

      1. I think we used 13 players on every play and nobody noticed.

      2. So we’re in line for an even higher draft choice in 2017.

    2. This years schedule was a joke the easiest I’ve ever seen. Pats are the only good team we played all year.

  25. Alex Smith has a winning record due to good coaches on teams that ran the ball primarily and had top ten defenses. He also has had coaches like Harbaugh and Andy Reid. Anytime you’re given a smidgeon of the doubt you continue to cement your status as a clueless troll. People don’t support Tannehill because we like him as a person. We support him because we feel he deserves to share the blame, not absorb it all.

    1. @ DOLPHGANG!!

      Are you Tannehill’s mother? No other explanation for your clueless man love.

    2. @ DOLPHGANG!!

      BTW who is “we” ? You mean you? I don’t see John, Jay,Zach, Admin, Phins Up, Sean, Axel, dolphinfan, Shula, Zek, WestCoast Dolphin or myself supporting him? So….who is “we”? I think YOU mean YOU! haha

    1. I signed this petition for the uniform change. Now how about a petition to get Ross to sell the team?

        1. Please everybody share the link on your FB page. Its the one universal thing all Phins fans agree on. Lets fire the first salvo in Ross’s direction and send a message that the fans will collectively force your hand and not tolerate a 2nd rate team which in my opinion is enhanced so by its shitty vanilla uniforms! Yes to the Real Uniforms! No to the imitation, counterfeit, no respect for our teams heritage, terrible weak looking, corporate garbage, embarrassment we force our players to wear every week. Then if this works we can use this idea again and make our collective voices heard for other improvements. Remember when he took away the Dolphins fight song and the fans complained? It was the ground swell of indignation which brought it back. We can and should do this again!

  26. As usual more troll comments and nothing to back up their whack ass assertions. Of course Mike or Jay would have to have a clue to back any of their garbage up with a sound argument.

    1. @ DOLPHGANG!!

      AGAIN!!!!!!!!! BTW who is “we” ? You mean you? I don’t see John, Jay,Zach, Admin, Phins Up, Sean, Axel, dolphinfan, Shula, Zek, WestCoast Dolphin or myself supporting him? So….who is “we”? I think YOU mean YOU! haha

      NO ANSWER TO WHO IS “WE” ??????????

      1. Author

        I support T-hill, but I criticize him as well. I think that is the most fair approach. He shows good signs. Maybe not always and maybe not consistently. But he has good talent and has done some good things as a Dolphin. I don’t pick on him enough to satisfy some of you, and I pick on him too much to annoy the other half of you. But I try to keep my assessment fair. There are still players who have done NOTHING whatsoever to earn any praise at all, but T-hill is not one of them. Jamar Taylor comes to mind first. Joe Philbin (yes, I know he’s a coach, but he did nothing to help this team, ever) is another one. I never have and probably never will have much complimentary to say about some guys, but that is because they haven’t done a single thing to earn my praise.

        1. Seriously,that’s all you’ve got after 4 seasons,” He shows good signs”? And,”has done some good things “! I expect far more than “good signs” & “some good things” after 4 seasons and 95 mil contract.

  27. @ DOLPHGANG!!

    The QB is the biggest determining factor in win loss. That’s why they are usually the leaders and the highest paid players. Football 101 .

  28. @Mike You keep reiterating point that but never answer why teams with guys like Brees, Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, and Eli currently suck and haved the last couple of seasons despite having a franchise qb? Once again I expect no answer because you are truly clueless and come here only to troll. Exposed once again.

  29. And as far as all the names you listed you could have saved some cyberspace since about five of them are you posting under other names anyway. And you forgot your other personality, Juan.

    1. The same people that liked Chad Henne like Ryan Tannepuke. And Dolphgang is such a jackass he thinks EVERYONE is me!! LMFAO! What a stupid turd you are.

      John, the Big O on 560 AM said it best” the football morons will love Ryan Tannehill right up until the day he is cut”. LOL

  30. I’m guessing DOLPHFAG was a big John Beck fan too! LOL

  31. Yooo lay off dolphingang wft this is a chat for dolphins fan ppl can say whatever they want.

  32. Btw jay u posted the original message listing all the names under the mike account so that kinda looks bad

  33. I didn’t post anything under the Mike account. I said he thinks I am the same person as everyone else. Lol

  34. Jay gets his football knowledge from people like Big O. That alone shows why I have no respect for him and his smorgasboard of online identities constant trolling and clueless commentary. Note that the question I posed about the supposed franchises qbs struggling was given no answer still. Only replied to with some insignificant troll comment as usual. Jay’s comments would be a lot more tolerable if his jokes were actually ever funny.


    Sorry DOLPHFAG but I’ll take a full time sports professionals (Big O) opinion over your kool aid addicted opinion 8 days a week and especially when my eyes agree. Tannepuke like is a cancer to winning football.


  36. Well Jay at least now we know where you get some of your nonsense from. Here’s a hint. Listen to less peanut gallery talk radio and watch more actual football games. Maybe then you’ll have a better understand of what’s going on on the field. As for the bad jokes, well I can’t help you with that. Happy Holidays! Hopefully Santa gives you a clue for Christmas since it’s obvious you’ve never had one.

    1. You are such a stupid jackass. You are the village idiot. NUFF SAID!

  37. Tannys had shit oline shit coaching shit play calling etc…could he have done better of course but like admin this isn’t all his fault. It’s been this way since he came in a lessor player would be dead with the shots that he’s absorbed…give him a decent line and then we can make an educated decision.

    1. There is a new book on Ebay. ” 1001 excuses for Ryan Tannehill.”

  38. So why did bradys game fall off after his line and top receivers were hurt? He’s one of the best as well…how do you expect Tanny to succeed when he’s never had a line and a guy like gronk to throw to. Do you honestly compare Philbin to BB? I think most of us can acknowledge that the kid hasn’t had a very fair shake over the years with those clowns running the show…

    1. First of all who compared Philbin to BB? That being said Philbin IS a better QB coach than BB having coached 2 HOFers both Bret Farve and Aaron Rodgers. BB is a DEFENSIVE coach, Philbin an offensive coach.

      And don’t forget Dan Marino has been coaching Tannehil too. If Marino couldn’t help him NO ONE CAN! Saying that Sherman, Philbin, Lazor, and Marino are all crap is obviously wrong. Tannehill’s had very good coaches. But keep making excuses for him. Its hysterical!

      1. Author

        We all lose respect for Mike or anyone else on earth who begins any sentence with “Philbin is a better____.”
        Philbin ain’t better than no one at nothin.

        1. Speaking for everyone again?? LMAO!

          1. Author

            Speaking for any fan with a brain. Perhaps you were out the country when your Better Philbin was running the Dolphins into mediocrity each year.

            1. I think you lost your brain. Mediocrity is far better than many coaches(Cam Cameron,Kevin Gilbride,Marion Campbell,Rich Kotite, David Shula, Marty Mornhinweg just to name a few) . Philbin was hired as a QB guru having coached both Farve and Rodgers. He couldn’t make chicken salad out of chicken chit and neither can any other coach.

              There isn’t a coach alive that could win with the scrubs on this team. Campbell is proving that again!

  39. @mike right on dolphins are scrubs and don’t know the draft to get talented players from a ?

    1. Exactly! Look at the last 8 years of drafts and you know there is no talent on the roster. And anyone decent they traded away.

  40. I’m not a Philbin fan but getting these scrubs to 7-9 and 8-8 wasn’t a bad job.

  41. There are no stars on the team. Who is the face of the franchise?
    Suh? GEEZ!

  42. Philbin better than BB….wow!

    So please enlighten me as to how good the Fins oline has been since he’s been here. Bradys became injured and magically his play dropped but now that’s an excuse for Tanny? Grab a brain…and all the coaches do is call pass plays to help the situation!

    1. Funny how the OL blocks pretty well for Lamar Miller. And no one complained about the OL when Matt Moore was playing. Branden Albert and Mike Pouncey are two of the best OL in the business.

      Could it be a lack of pocket presence, poor peripheral vision, and lack of ability to read a defense by a crap QB? Ya think?

      Brady has a horrible OL but OVERCOMES anything in his way to produce wins. Its what good QB’s do.

  43. You also says there’s no talent but Tanny should be an allpro…makes a lot of sense.

    1. @FlyerFinFan

      Tannehill has no talent. He makes EVERYONE much worse!

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