NBC Sports Finally catches up to Dolphins Truth

An interesting article today from NBC Sports calling for Mr. Ross to either sell the team or move to Florida.


Welcome to the Dolphins Truth World of 2011.   We’ve been saying that for years.  And NOW the mainstream media is catching up?  Now?    Teams don’t play well when their owner lives thousands of miles away?  Really?!

For those who don’t know, Mr. Ross was a Jet fan who still lives and works in New York.  Like a babysitter who looks in on the kids now and then, Mr. Ross comes to Florida to watch his Dolphins play a game or two, but essentially he’s either in NY where the Jets are, or he’s in Michigan where his beloved U. Mich Wolverines are.  Where’s the love for the Dolphins?  Where’s the time for the Dolphins?

No successful sports franchise has a disinterested owner.   I truly feel that part of Joe Philbin’s failure was that he didn’t have a boss’s wrath to face after each poor decision.  “Ah, my boss is up in New York City watching the Wolverines play.  I just have to coast and collect a paycheck.”   Think that approach works with Jerry Jones?

I’m not saying that Mr. Ross isn’t a Dolphin fan; I’m sure he is.  But it’s far more obvious that he’s an owner rather than a fan.   A businessman rather than a Dolphin.   I think the players know it too, but who’s to say?

Anyway, it’s no secret that Mr. Ross is a New Yorker at heart and the Dolphins are his toy.  It’s just funny that are branches of the media are now just starting to notice.

On Monday night, the Dolphins were eliminated from the playoffs.  A year ago, when the Dolphins were also eliminated from the playoffs, that same day Ross gave Joe Philbin a contract extension.  Ross rewarded a man who had just ended his team’s season.  Still waiting for an explanation of that one.

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  1. Admin, let’s not forget the millions of dollars Ross has given to U. Mich.’s school of business, aptly named the Steven B. Ross School of Business- has a familiar ring to it! Ross has the millionaire’s trinket because he “can”, not because he truly loves the Dolphins or has a deep affection for football. Being an NFL owner puts him in a very private class of powerful businessmen, that gives him the recognition he craved. No one other than the Board of Trustees at U Mich knew of him prior to being an owner! Do us loyal fans and the team what is best-sell the team.. He is the laughing stock of NFL owners.

    1. Unfortunately he is making money and that’s all he cares about. Amazing people still spend money on such a crap on the field product.

  2. I agree with Admin and the article. To me, as long as Ross owns the team, he will never be able to hire an established coach. I think he, and the whole organization, have a reputation for bad management. As an example, remember the whole Harbaugh / Sparano debacle? That left some serious egg on his face. And to me, as long as he has “A List” celebrity owners who don’t know squat about football, he’ll never be taken seriously by a potential head coach or general manager. I think it’s best he sells the team to someone who knows the business and culture of professional football.

    1. @ sean
      Clearly Ross selling would be the best for the fans and for the improvement of the team but I doubt he cares anything about that as long as he is making money. Sad situation for us fans.

      1. Jay, yes it is a sad situation for the fans since we have to endure all this nonsense. I think most fans just want to be proud of the Dolphins again. Bring us back to glory days. I really don’t think all the stadium upgrades, though needed, are for the fans. It’s really about getting a Super Bowl in Miami again and Ross with his celebrity partners probably stand to make a bundle of $ if it happens. Heck, he probably doesn’t care if his team makes it in! I agree that it’s all about the big $$$$$$$.

    1. Author

      I’ll settle for the old logo back on the helmet. But changing those god-awful sky blue current uniforms would be a huge plus as well. Aqua, not sky blue dammit !

      1. Every time I refresh the petition page there is 25 more signatures it’s approaching 3000 and when it reaches a critical mass that’s when it it will snowball into several thousand if not the tens of thousands. it would be nice if dolphins truth would get on board and support this officially. as I feel it represents the core values of dolphins truth a voice for change a voice for the disaffected and the disenchanted. we need to be heard and this is the first tiny step in that direction. let’s get old logo and jerseys back what are you guys say?

  3. Ross has NO INTENTION of selling. Get over it and move on. We need a totally new front office,including Mike Tannenbaum,who Ross listens to wit reverence! Tannenbaum isn’t going to fire himself so we’re screwed on that front. Bad front office until Ross grows a pair and fires him. But he won’t because he doesn’t care. The Dolphins are a charm or Ross’s bracelet-nothing more. This tam needs to be brown up,save 10-12 players,and start over,again. But the front office needs to go as well and that ain’t gonna happen! The 2016 schedule was mentioned yesterday and by the looks of it, we’ll have a high draft choice in 2017. But we may see a few good teams at home

    1. Author

      John is right. Ross isn’t going to sell the team. No chance. It makes money, and it’s prestigious to own an NFL team. Ross cares about those things.
      He doesn’t have to like the Dolphins or invest his time in the Dolphins. We wish he did, but he doesn’t and that’s the sad bottom line. His first love was always the Jets. Then the Wolverines. Make no mistake, the Dolphins are just an investment.

      1. Yes, and he used an interest free government loan (during the financial crisis) on his real estate holdings to purchase the Dolphins and then sold off ownership pieces to celebs at inflated prices.

    2. Damn,so many typos. But you get the gist.

    3. Cant move on. The team will continue to stink as long as he is owner. Maybe a massive boycott would work…..

    4. Well, he is no spring chicken. What is he 75?

  4. Those of you that claim Tannehill hasn’t had coaching are clearly wrong. Sherman, Philbin, and Lazor were all good QB coaches and DAN MARINO has been coaching Tannehill for a couple years too.

    Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback and Dolphins special advisor, has a new unofficial title:

    Quarterback tutor.

    Increasingly visible at the team’s Davie practice facility, Marino has in recent weeks worked privately with Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore, watching game tape and making suggestions to the team’s quarterbacks.

    “He’s around all the time, and he’ll pop in [the meeting room],” Moore said. “We kind of sit in there and chat and talk about ball and other things. … Obviously, he’s one of the greatest of all time. It’s definitely good to have him around, for sure.”

    Added Tannehill: “He’s always pointing out little things on tape, receiver’s routes, or something I’m doing. He’s good at picking up little things and passing them along.”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/nfl/miami-dolphins/article3452207.html#storylink=cpy

  5. So while the Dolphins are out of the playoffs pretty much all of their previous receivers are still in the playoff hunt. Brandon Marshall, Ted Ginn Jr., Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson, Charles Clay, Brian Tyms, and Chris Hogan.

    1. Don’t forget the corner backs to! Vontae Davis is a beast and Sean smith is a hell of a lot better than jamar Taylor

  6. Many fans forget that Joe Philbin was hired in Miami because he was widely considered the top QB guru in the NFL. He wanted to bring his QB Matt Flynn to the Dolphins but Ross wouldn’t pay him fairly so we got stuck with Tannehill.

    I think its unfair to judge Philbin from his time with Tannehill. We all saw what he did with a Brett Farve or an Aaron Rodgers.

    1. Author

      At the time, I too wanted Matt Flynn badly to be a Dolphin. But it didn’t work out and I thought for sure Flynn would punish us when he played against the Dolphins. Luckily that never happened and he’s in obscurity now.
      One of the few players who we let slip away that didn’t become an All Pro like Vontae Davis, Richie Incognito, Brandon Marshall, etc

  7. Man, did anyone see Jameis Winston last night yelling and screaming at his Buc players? He was furious, and more than once. That kind of passion isn’t the only thing that wins games, but it is definitely a sign of leadership and part of a winning program. Many of us here say that Tannehill doesn’t have that instinct.

    1. He’s got a hot wife and big contract though.

        1. That’s enough for us mere mortals!

    2. Unitas, Sonny Jurgensen, Tarkenton, Griese, Bart Starr, Bradshaw, Montana, Steve Young, etc.

      All of the above are in the PFHF and I don’t recall any of them screaming.

      The problem with RT is that he lacks talent. He is nowhere near the qb any of the above were.

      To suggest that RT screaming will become a franchise qb is ridiculous.

  8. From everything I’ve heard, seen, and read, the Dolphins may purposely lose out the last 3 to get a higher draft choice.

    Of course they may lose out the last 3 games not purposely also!

  9. I still remember we could have had Drew Brees and all this talk about The ‘Bust would be moot.

    1. Yup and think what we could’ve done with all the high draft choices we wasted on John Beck, Chad Henne, Pat White, and Ryan Tannepuke!!

  10. I have a bet that my Jack Russell terrier who will randomly select potential 2016 draft picks by pawing at their pictures on a board, will select players who out perform the real ones picked next year by the current, Dolphin clueless “brain trust

    1. He stole that method front past Dolphins front offices! It’s called the Tannenbaum Method,but he uses a hamster (or a Hickey).

  11. Notice the Jets have improved dramatically since Tannenbaum was fired…..

    1. Look I’ve said many times,we’re stuck with that clown because the worst owner is the NFL is clueless and trusts him 100%. He ain’t gonna fire himself! And no coach worth his weight will come here without complete control,so we’re in a Catch 22 or Groundhog Day when it comes to this franchise.

      1. Cheer up! They won’t be around forever. Fifty years from now they’ll be all gone!

      2. Yeah, football idiot Ross trusted Ireland and Philbin too. YIKES!

  12. ARLINGTON, Texas — FitzMagic lives.
    For the second time in three weeks, Ryan Fitzpatrick rallied the New York Jets to a fourth-quarter comeback, orchestrating a last-minute drive to lift them to a 19-16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in a thrilling Saturday night game at AT&T Stadium.
    Ftzpatrick delivered in the clutch, leading an eight-play, 58-yard drive to set up Bullock’s winner. The big play was a 43-yard strike to Kenbrell Thompkins, a seldom-used backup who was thrust into a prominent role because of injuries at the wide receiver position.

    Jets receivers Eric Decker, who had a fourth-quarter TD, and Brandon Marshall should be sky-high. They helped the Jets clinch their first winning record in five seasons on Saturday night. Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports
    Fitzpatrick led the Jets to 10 points in the fourth quarter to overcome a 13-9 deficit. Qite frankly, the Jets’ defense allowed too many plays. But it was bailed out by FitzMagic.

    Jets, won their fourth straight, improved to 9-5 and stayed in the AFC wild-card hunt.

    One reason to get excited: Fitzpatrick completed 26 of 39 passes for 299 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. His two biggest throws were to backups, Thompkins and Quincy Enunwa, who made a third-and-14 conversion that set up a touchdown. The Jets have quality depth at receiver.

    Even Fitzpatrick puts a team om his back
  13. Not only are the Dolphins easily the worst team in their division but they are also likely the worst team in the state of Florida. And with Tampa and Jacksonville that’s QUITE A STATEMENT!!

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