Will Philbin still be coach on Monday

Signing off on this Sunday night…Hoping to wake up Monday morning with a lot of ALERTS on my phone announcing the end of the Philbin era.

What a disastrously boring era it’s been…

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  1. Hoping for the same thing, but as of 8:54 am EST…… no such luck

  2. Ross loves him… I mean Philbin seems like a good dude, but is shit for a coach.

    1. He’d be a likeable position coach. I can see him studying tape and drawing up basic schemes, but that might be all he’s suited for.

  3. @WILL
    He is NOT even suited to even HOLD the chalk, to give to the coach, who draws up the schemes. He is that useless.

    1. Author

      M726 is right. Green Bay never let him hold the chalk.
      Philbin was offensive coordinator in Green Bay, but the head coach called all the plays and designed everything. As Donald Driver famously said, “Coach Philbin was a nice old guy who came in and helped us find our seats at meetings. Then Coach McCarthy took over the meeting.”

  4. It’s official guys Joe Philbin is fired the linebackers coach is going to be the interim.

  5. Sorry I meant to say the tight ends coach but I’m sure you guys all know by now it’s all over the freaking news

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