Nuff said.

congratulations to former Dolphins Jay Ajayi, Donnie Jones, Dannell Ellerbee, and of course Doug Pedersen.

Jay Ajayi becoming a Super Bowl champion has to be the ultimate insult he could possibly send Adam Gase’s way.  Now every single Dolphin hopes Gase punishes the same way he punished Jay

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  1. What a well played game on both sides! I am a die-hard Dolphins fan for 42 years now, but I was pulling for the Patriots.

    AFC guy…..history….excellence…all that.

    But give it up to Nick Foles and the Eagles. They never let up and put on quite the show!

    Well done!

  2. You are a better man than me to cheer for those cheating scum bags. F them! Still can’t believe that we didn’t see the tuck rule 2 and the refs taking away those TD catches because no one knows what a catch is anymore…

    1. I was pulling for the Pats….but yeah. F them!!!!

      I just wish it was my wife’s Carolina Panthers delivering the loss. Then at least one of us could be happy campers.

  3. Jay Ajayi gets a SuperBowl ring and all the Dolfans can look for is the return of Tannehill and a fourth round pick… ya.

    1. Na it was one of those win win trades. Fins weren’t winning the bowl and he wasn’t resigning here for big money. May as well get a pick to find another RB. Plus Drake needed playing time as we found out. Too bad it didn’t work but not the reason why the Fins didn’t make the playoffs.

      1. Yeah, it was a win win trade for Ajayi. And I don’t get the “Fins weren’t winning the bowl and he wasn’t resigning here for big money ” comment. The Dolphins have a knack of fucking up it’s promising nucleus and then people like you come on here with some lame-ass comment to explain another dumbass decision by the Fins organization. You have two power house running backs and these stupidass clueless coaches don’t know what to do with or how to use them.

        Please, I don’t have any faith in this organization until they bring somebody in who knows what the fuck they’re doing.

        1. The guy has bad knees, wanted all of the carries and his contract is up next year what don’t think understand? So you would have rather resigned him to $$$ next season? Do you honestly believe that they were making the playoffs with cutler and the ridiculous schedule? You think I’m crazy?

          1. Yeah, you may be crazy, along with being clueless also.

          2. “The guy has bad knees”

            And the guy has a Superbowl championship to his name now also.

            1. So you believe with Ajayi the Fins would have won a super bowl this year with all the shit that went on? Then next season sign him to a long term high priced contract and win multiple super bowls before his knees give out? Who’s smoking??? At least they were able to get a 4th out of him and move on next season with Drake and a younger RB that they will most likely draft. I like option B.

            2. Yes, because Jay played a HUGE roll and balled out in the SB – stupid comment.

              We are better off without him for reasons that the smart fans pointed out.

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