Some Good and Bad News on Sunday’s Game

The good news is this week, the Dolphins, Steelers, and Texans all lost, so our 3 first round draft picks all became stronger.

The bad news is that the teams ahead of us, Washington and the Bengals, also lost.  The Giants had a bye.  So as of now, we pick 4th.    I don’t think that is a strong enough spot to be in to ensure and elite player.   We must continue to lose and hope the boneheads on Cincy and DC get a few wins.  We still play the Giants and Bengals coming up.  Both of those teams are very beatable, but Brian Flores simply must take his foot off the gas and relax.

A few extra losses on his 2019 resume will not hurt Flores.  A few extra wins will devastate him.  Think ahead 10 years and Herbert, Tua, and Burrow are all 10-year vets with Super Bowl wins for their respective teams.   Will Dolphin fans remember “what could have been” in the 2020 draft, or will we remember a meaningless win against the Giants amid a 3-13 season?    One of those things counts; the other does not.

Hopefully Flores understands that.  His competitors do.

Washington and Cincy and the NY Giants have taken the ball away from veteran QBs, and given it to rookies.  Ostensibly, it’s to jump start the team.  But don’t be fooled:  they are tanking.  Watching Dwayne Haskins (Skins QB) lead his team today was painful.   He’s an awful player.  Poor Case Keenum has to sit back and watch this garbage, as do Eli Manning and Andy Dalton.   But Ryan Fitzpatrick does not.   Flores needs to remedy that immediately.  He needs to sit Fitzpatrick.

Flores stubbornly sticks with a veteran who is all but guaranteed to NOT be in the Dolphins future plans, while our draft-pick competitors have turned to the rookies.  Flores is playing for 2019 while our competitors are (correctly) playing for 2020 and beyond.  It’s simply unwise.

I’m not too upset about the Dolphins’ embarrassing showing today.  It was a game we could afford to lose, virtually meaningless in a season like this.  We got 3 touchdowns, and I’m pleased with that.  The defense looked suspect all day, but seriously, the massive amount of injuries just can’t be overcome.   You have guys coming off the street to play for us.  Unknown Ken Webster goes down, so we bring in unknown Nick Needham, who goes down.   A minute later, Eric Rowe and Bobby McCain go down, replaced by two further unknowns.  All of that, and the Bills couldn’t even reach 40?   It’s not bad, all things considered.

My only gripe is that we had no answer for journeyman bum John Brown, who we made look like Jerry Rice out there.

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  1. Yup…you can bet your ass Cinnci is tanking…yet the Dolphins will win 4 or 5 games ..just enough to take us out of the qb sweepstakes ….unless he plans to give away all our acquired picks …I think Burrows is our man but Cinnci will get him unless he pulls a Eli Manning stunt .

  2. Looks like Ross gave Hurns $8 million to tank the game.

    1. lol. Good one rick. Yeah Hurns fumbled right when Miami was about to get back into it

  3. Author

    Greg Cote in the Herald today said the Dolphins should sign Kaepernick. I continue to be scared that Ross just might do it. The Dolphins has always been a worldwide social-justice outlet for Ross, something for him to show off in London, for example. He does not care about wins; he cares about being liked.
    He may think that we’ll see him as a hero for signing the poor, downtrodden Kap. He has no idea how much Dolfans will hate him.

    1. Funny how you, ADMIN, report something that Greg Cote, a sports writer for the Miami Herald said, and seem to give a degree of respectability or at least a little credence to but in the past you always seemed to have a very belligerent attitude or at the very least a little disdain towards some of the Miami Herald’s sports writers.

      ” The Dolphins has always been a worldwide social-justice outlet for Ross”

      Elaborate or give some examples please…..

        1. The examples you use ADMIN are weak.

          If Ross only cares about “being liked,” why would he do a fund raiser for Donald Trump?

          1. Author

            You’re asking the wrong question. The better question is: “Why would Ross go into full apology mode after hosting the fundraiser?”

            To answer your question, Ross hosted a fundraiser for Trump because they are friends and Ross supports him. No doubt about it.

            But then the public, and Kenny Stills, got wind of it. Ross was getting roasted everywhere.

            Ross COULD HAVE (should have?) said. “F you all. I can give money to whomever I want.”

            Instead, however, because he’s always always always trying to be king of public perception, and always trying to be liked, he went into full-on apology mode.

            Has Robert Kraft publicly apologized or admitted anything that went on up in Jupiter?

            1. Wrong!

              Ross caved in because of monetary threats and spot lights on and to his other businesses. Ross’s support of a man who keeps kids in detention centers and separated from their parents surely outraged the hispanic community in Miami… actually, all of South Florida. Kenny Stills was questioning why Ross would expose himself as a backer of such an obviously racist person like Donald Trump and reap scorn on the Dolphins because of it.

              “Ross COULD HAVE (should have?) said. “F you all. I can give money to whomever I want.” No… Ross was trying to host a “Fund Raiser” for Donald Trump, and in that instance he was saying “public perception” be damned and “I don’t care about being liked” by a certain section of the public.

              Robert Kraft owes no apology to the public because what he was doing was skirting the law. Robert Kraft issue was with the law and court system. Remember, it was said that like Robert Kraft, other high powered men who were very well known, rich, and married were observed doing the same thing at that message parlour in Jupiter… but they got together and kept it hush hush.

    2. We’ve said this before. I dont think Miami will ever consider Kap. His wearing of the Fidel Castro shirt eliminated him from contention in this City. There would be riots that wont cease if Ross signs him.

  4. Author

    Also, about a week after me, the Herald’s Adam Beasley suddenly realized that Miami may be picking 5th or worse in the upcoming draft.
    Right now we sit at 4.
    That means the top 3 picks are Burrow, Herbert, and Chase Young.
    Dolphins go next and are forced to take an injured Tua or an OT…neither of those is very awe-inspiring at this point.
    However, picking 4th would be a blessing. I think we’ll be in the 7th range.
    If Flores keeps trying to win, we’ll easily beat the Bengals and should handle the Giants. If we sneak past the Browns and/or Jets, we’re at 5-11 or 6-10.
    Disaster. It’s not a disaster that fate or Ross handed to us. No, it’s a very avoidable disaster. Simply let some new guys play. We’ll take our lumps and losses, but it’s worth it in the long run.

    1. Author

      Yeah, after 4 arrests, even I have to give up on him. I’m usually one to forgive an offense or two or a personality flaw, but enough is enough.
      The downside is that leaves use short at RB. I was hoping to go into free agency and the draft next year without needing any WRs or RBs. WRs are solid, but I feel we need an RB now.

      1. He needs serious help. Too bad. And yes we now need another RB.

      2. Sadly I agree… I don’t think the answer at RB is on the team or going to be available in free agency which means we’re likely going to have to burn a late 1st or one of our 2nd round picks to grab a guy that can be the main back.

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