2019 Schedule Should be Out This Week

The NFL typically releases its schedule on the Thursday before the draft.   That makes it this Thursday, April 18.

There’s not guarantee of this, but that’s what recent history tells us.  April 18,  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have much enthusiasm this time around.

The Dolphins are a much weaker team than last year. The Patriots are champions and better than ever, meaning we have zero chance of doing anything good this year.  Our owner talks a good talk, and he certainly fooled me when he fired Arrogant Adam Gase, but he doesn’t care about the Dolphins’ success.  Our Head Coach and BOTH coordinators are all rookies, and there’s just no way on earth they have enough experience to successfully manage a team of All Pros, let alone a team of mostly cheap castoffs like we have now.

Plus…I have a bad feeling we’re gonna get stuck (once again) in a dubious Thursday Night game on road…or maybe two!

Man!   It’s been a while since I haven’t looked forward to schedule day.   What do you guys think?

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  1. Admin, either I’m numb from years of disappointment and not getting excited from anything this team has done since Marino days, or I’ve resigned myself that there will not be a championship team back in Miami. So to your question above, the only games I really care about for now are both Jet games. You’ve got our former head coach their coach now and their QB our QB now so it makes an interesting game for sure….I just want us to show some grit.

  2. I hope its released tomorrow. This is a bad time to be a Miami sports fan,period. Not just the Dolphins but every major UM sport. Baseball really kills me and football is close behind. I’m not a Panthers or Heat fan,so those don’t matter to me. I’m seriously hopng for no more than 3 wins,otherwise were screwed for the 2020 draft. If we can’t reach a deal for Rosen,I say trade up for Haskins but if not,those of us who want to draft a QB will be disappointed. 1 close making a mock said draft a TE!
    I need this schedule to be released so I can plan my travel between now and Jan. 1 around it. I say tomorrow!

    1. Don’t get me started on what that clown Jeter has done to the Marlins. Plus he’s an obnoxious prick! Traded/gave away 2 NL MVPs and another All-Star outfielder,Marcell Ozuna.

    2. Author

      Karma, I typically attend one game a year, usually in early December, but it all depends on the schedule release. Maybe I’ll see you…

      1. Happy to. We’ll stay in touch here. Or anyone else who posts here too.

  3. I, for one, am excited. New coach brings new hope. Dont get me wrong, there are major red flags but I refuse to concern myself with those now. There will also be a new QB, so I am looking forward to seeing him develop. Plus some good young players to keep my eye on, like Fitzpatrick and Howard.

    1. Author

      LOL….Oh, you meant MINKAH. At first I thought you meant young Ryan Fitzpatrick

    2. I hope we pay Howard. He is a cornerstone for the defense.

  4. Heard this before:There is some speculation that Miami could land on the Thursday Thanksgiving game in Dallas who will once again host. According to the Sports Business Journal, the Dolphins will visit the Cowboys in week 13 for that Thanksgiving match-up.

    1. Author

      Yes, that’s an oft-repeated rumor. Every team must play at least one TNF game, so you would think that the Thanksgiving game will count as our Thursday appearance. But that is not so. Thanksgiving games do NOT count as a required TNF game, meaning we will likely play two Thursday games this year.
      CBS is insane. They could get outstanding ratings with Dallas vs Patriots, or NYJ. Why pick Miami?

  5. Agreed. Imagine what a laughingstock game that would be for a massive Thanksgiving Day audience. Jerry Jones has some pull with NFL to get those games on Thanksgiving year after year.

  6. Well, so Uncle Jerry can pretty much get a win on Thanksgiving Day! or have a good chance if playing the Dolphins…why not put the Jets on or another AFC East team….the Patsies make for good games but that would jeopardize the pretty good shot of Dallas winning against Miami.

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