More Media Respect for the Dolphins.

How about this blurb at the bottom of Brian Flores’ picture?


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  1. That is absolutely hysterical!

    Both the caption and the prediction

    1. Agreed but if its even partially true,can he wait a year!

  2. Off topic. Anyone going to the Dolphins Draft Party? I figure it will be close to 10pm when the y get to us if we haven’t moved up or down. I may or may not drive over for it and I signed up for 1 guest.

    1. I think it would be pretty cool to go. I haven’t made plans to go but wouldn’t mind going.

      1. Here’s a link for tickets:

        Apparently it will start much earlier than the draft itself with many activities besides the draft,with autograph signings,things for kids to do,meet and greet players and cheerleaders,food trucks,ect.
        ‣ Live coverage of the 2019 NFL Draft first round
        ‣ Fun, interactive football drills for kids and adults
        ‣ Free autographs from cheerleaders, current and alumni players
        ‣ Official draft merchandise for sale
        ‣Garage Sale of signature Dolphins items, with proceeds benefiting the Miami Dolphins Foundation
        ‣ Concessions from local food trucks available for purchase
        ‣ Cool prizes and giveaways

  3. Author

    I’ll be hosting my own draft event that night: Called the DolphinsTruth Chat Room, lol

    1. LOL! I will attend yours if I don’t drive over to Miami for THEIRS!

    2. Will yours have party favors,beer and/or “nekkid” women?

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