Here we go again…Flores Admits he has to Learn

I know it’s not a big deal to most people, but the last few unqualified Dolphins head coaches have repeated the same word far too often, and it always bothered me.   On the first day of practice, Brian Flores went there as well.

”I’m living the dream,” he said. ”It has been a learning process. Like the players, I try to learn and improve every day. This begins the phase I enjoy the most: coaching football. Today is a special day for me.”

I don’t want a coach who needs to LEARN coaching.   I don’t want a coach who needs to LEARN football.     I don’t want a coach who needs to LEARN player management, or anything else.   It’s this non-stop carousel of Stephen Ross hiring guys who simply don’t know enough.

Seriously, go into your boss’s office tomorrow and tell them, “I need to learn how to do my job.”

The need to learn your job shouldn’t even exist.   But if it does exist, be smart enough to shut your mouth about it.  Dolphins players hear their coach say he needs to learn.   How much confidence will they have in him?  Even worse, Flores said he has to TRY to learn.   He’s not even admitting that he can and will learn.   No, he’s saying he has to try.  How about coming in and saying, “I spent my whole career preparing for this day, and I look forward to the Dolphins following my vision.”  Man, would I respect that!  (Granted, that is hard for Flores to say because most of his “whole career” was behind a desk as an assistant in the H.R. department until 5 years ago).

Listen, I know using the word “learn” is a cliche and I am nit-picking.  I’m not so much bothered by Flores saying it as I am bothered by the fact that our last two coaches said the exact same thing.  Hiring a teacher who needs to learn is an awful idea.  THAT is what Stephen Ross needs to LEARN, but that ship has sailed.


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  1. Admin it only took two years but you and I are on the same wavelength! I had high hopes for Floria. I figured at lest he spent a lot of time in close proximity to one of the greatest football minds of all time so something should have rubbed off. But as you pointed out….. The “I know what I’m doing and I’ve been here before” attitude did not

  2. Author

    Yeah, you and Karma say it all the time….we shouldn’t hire a guy so that he can learn and then move on. Ross lets these guys use the Dolphins as a stepping stone learning experience.

  3. As opposed to that clown Gase who apparently knew EVERYTHING! My way or the highway. From some reports,the Jets and some fans are already tired of that attitude. Oh well………… ! We just have to deal with he Jets beating us the next 4 game sin a row. Hard ro swallow that but they have better players but surely not a better HC.

    1. Author

      The only good thing about having to face LaVeon Bell twice a year is that Gase won’t call plays for him.
      Imagine the first time the Jets face a 3rd and inches, and Gase puts LaVeon on the bench in order to try a long pass.
      You thought Jay Ajayi was outspoken? Wait till Gase has to control that bigmouth ingrate Bell!

  4. LOL,yes. AND WE have signed a FB now that Gase is gone!

    1. Author

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing. The NFL should not have to pay some nerd Buffalo Bills fans to understand that a three-game road trip is unfair. The Patriots getting their Thursday game at home for 7 straight years? Unfair. Just ask Dolphins Truth.

  5. Well I am sure that since this is the year we would like to only win a few games we will get the best schedual we have had for twenty years…… than back to the same crap.

    1. If we somehow manage 4 wins of more,we’re screwed for the top pick next season and all the “Planning” that’s going on for rebuilding. That’s why I say its important to get a QB this season,not next. Trade for Rosen or move up to get Haskins. Nobody knows what this season will bring as far as wins. Remember that laughable 10-win season when we were gifted 2 wins by the worst 2 teams back then,SF and Cleveland?

  6. OK,I missed the schedule release by a day!

  7. Patsies close out their season with home games against Bills and, of course, Dolphins.

  8. Actually, you are nit-picking. I read many of your posts and find some valid points but this is an absurd micro analysis of the way someone said something positive. I’d like someone to pick apart the way any of us say things throughout the day. I’m sure we would find ways in which innocent comments could get twisted. This website is becoming quite redundant…

    1. Author

      Brandon, I appreciate your point of view, and I’m the first one to admit I get redundant when trying to make a point. However, I only seem redundant because new instances keep occurring. Adding to a list is not the same as repeating item #1 on the list.
      I see it this way: The same things keep happening, which then prompts me to add another item to the list. For example, I’ve been saying since Joe Philbin’s first day that we need a coach who is an NFL Football expert. Experienced and tough, with a strong belief in his own system. Instead we got a lot of “I’m still learning. I”ll have to get better.” With Adam Gase, it was sort of the opposite. That guy really DID need to learn, but he would just say “I’m right and everyone else is wrong.” Now we’re on our third coach in a row with no experience, and he’s begun by saying he wants to learn how to coach.

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