Isaiah Ford is back

Thanks to reader Sean for informing me of this transactions hours before it hit the news!

I could have sworn Ford was already on the team.  I know he ended up on the Pats, but we got him back.  And now we got him re-back.   I can’t keep track of all the tenures this kid has has with the Dolphins.

Anyway, barring lots of injuries, I don’t see him making the final 53, but ya never know.

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  1. I admire Isaiah’s determination to play in the NFL. To keep getting waived, traded, waived again and again, I think would start to wear on a person physically and emotionally. Persistence pays off.

    1. Yes I have to give him total credit for hanging in there and taking advantage of any opportunity shown to him. I’m sure the Fins appreciate this as well and brought him back to camp. Maybe he’s improved upon a few things as well.

  2. Off topic, but does anyone else agree that the schedule this year is hard af? With this schedule we’ll be lucky to win 5 games. Not a good position for Tua to be in having to face tough opponent week after week.

    1. I think it starts out tough but it gets better as the season progresses. First five games are nuts though. I think they’ll catch a few teams by surprise hopefully game one against the patsies! They know what they will be doing but the Fins can change a lot of things up on O.

      1. Author

        Yeah, the teams that look difficult often end up being bad, and vice versa. Every time we get Denver or Oakland on the schedule I think the worst, but then the season goes by and these teams aren’t anything to fear.

  3. I hope you guys are right. I’m at least glad to see that we play both Buffalo game pretty early. I see no reason why we can’t win at least one against the Patsies (hopefully both). Tampa Bay and New Orleans are gonna be tough.

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