The Latest on Xavien Howard

I wish I had some inside info to share–or any info at all–but it’s been more of the same.

Greedy Xavien refuses to honor his word and come to work.  The Dolphins, thus far, refuse to budge.  And I fear we are beyond the point of no return.  This is unfortunate.

Let’s say that Brian Flores and Chris Grier cave in and give Howard a raise.  Does that make X happy and make him try even harder this season?  No.  I don’t see it that way.  It’s human nature for a man like him to have a chip on his shoulder.  His attitude would not be “Thank you for the raise.   Now I’m gonna play my ass off and show you that I am worth it.”  Instead, I see him more as a “What took you so long” type of guy.  He gets his way, and still feels slighted because he didn’t get his way fast enough.  I’d love to be wrong.

On another front, sadly, trading Howard seems to be more likely than the Dolphins keeping Howard. He is the best cornerback in the league, and I would love to have him around, but the reality is that he’s greedy and jealous and doesn’t care about the $17 million we are handing him but rather is more concerned with 17.1 that they are handing to someone else.  It’s like hitting the PowerBall jackpot for $750,000,000, but being angry because the MegaMillions winner go more.

In any event, the reports are slowly shifting FROM “Will Miami re-negotiate Howard” TO “how much trade value does he have.”  A few weeks ago I saw an article out of Phoenix, where the writer thought the Cardinals should give up a second round draft pick for Howard. Yeah, maybe in his wildest dreams. The Dolphins traded Minkah Fitzpatrick, who was unproven, and got one first-round pick in return. Howard is a million times better than Fitzpatrick and his numbers prove it. He’s the first player with double digit interceptions in many years. His one-on-one man coverage is the best in the game. You can just ask Howard to cover someone and then design your defense for the other ten guys. He’s that good.

The people in Arizona think they can have Howard for a second round pick? That’s insanity. The Dolphins need to demand two separate number one picks for Howard as a starting point.  And some desperate team will pay that price. If no one pays that price, then Howard sits home and collects $0.00 for the next decade or so.

Also–and this is something that Howard and his agent might not realize–is that he is destroying his own trade value with his holdout.  He is now known as a whiner, greedy,  and untrustworthy.  When he goes to a new team, does he suddenly become content?  He suddenly stops asking for more money?  It’s very doubtful.   Any team that trades for Howard is getting a trouble-making question mark, and who wants that?

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  1. I’m with you Admin. As much as I’d love to have him play for us the reality is that this whole fiasco is beyond repair. Would be nice to trade him to clear up some salary cap, but honestly I hope he sits and collects nothing for the next 5 years or so.

    1. Author

      Well, the one interesting thing is that many many fans (and possibly Dolphin executives) disagree with us. For example, if X gets his way and we sign him to a big raise, I would still boo the hell out of him for a game or two (then I’d calm down).
      But other people would cheer him and take his side, as Ross is a multi-billionaire and should have given Z a raise on day one. My point is that just because you and me think it’s beyond repair, others would feel it’s no big deal and just a part of the game. We shall see…

      1. The whole situation is crappy. If they rework his deal it sets a bad precedent and if they trade him it’s a bad look as well since he had a great season. I’d try to meet him half way offer a lucrative production bonus or something this year and tell him if he performs they’ll rework his deal next season. I just think they don’t mind selling high right now instead of dealing with years of injury concerns. This is why they loaded up on DB’S.

  2. Man X is a ball hawk! I definitely don’t like backing out of a contract. I mean he is paid very well! But, IF! he consistently keeps playing at this level, we definitely have a better and sooner chance to win a championship! Hands down!

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