DeShaun Watson to Report to training camp

I found this rather interesting.   VERY interesting, actually.

Watson, for months, said that no way, no how will he report to the Texans.  But the Texans did not blink.  They did not panic and trade him (not that anyone wants him with a dozen sexual allegations hanging over his head).  Watson, realizing he has lost, is now reporting to camp.

Houston called his bluff and won.

It’s sorta-kinda similar to the Xavien Howard situation.  Watson wanted power.   He wanted to decide who the coach is, who the owner speaks to, what free agents the team signs, and setting the price of hot dogs at the stadium  (okay, I exaggerate.  But it is accurate to say Watson was unhappy with how the owner made decisions, and he demanded a trade because of it.  As if players have any say in business decisions).

X Howard doesn’t want power.  He wants money.   To clarify, he wants MORE money.  The $15.5 million he willingly accepted last year is no longer good enough.  But…we can assume…the $0.00 he will earn this season if he maintains his tantrum may not be good enough either.   Once camp starts, he’ll start feeling the financial pressure to report to work.  I think.

I don’t know Howard’s personal finances.  He may have bought a house with his signing bonus last year and now has little expenses for the rest if his life.  But such prudent financial decisions are few and far between for NFL athletes.  So while this is an assumption, it is a fair assumption:  He will miss the million-dollar paychecks very badly!  Badly enough to end the pouting and report to work?  We shall see.

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  1. Author

    Also, could you imagine if the Dolphins are stupid enough to actually trade for Watson? That would give us an ungrateful, greedy ingrate cornerback on one side of the ball, and a disgruntled ingrate QB on the other side of the ball. Talk about a dysfunctional locker room!
    Not to mention, if the rumors are true, we’d have to give up Tua plus a ton of other first rounders to get Watson.
    No thanks times 100.

  2. Hey Admin, I agree 100%. Dolphins should hold their ground and stick to their guns, just like the Texans. If a player cannot accept their legal contractual obligations, they don’t deserve to play. If a team buckles and gives-in to whiny player like Howard, it only serves as a terrible precedent and a horrible example. Howard signed contract, time for him to be an adult and man. And time for Ross to be a man and not give in.

    1. Author

      I will never understand the way contracts work and how “some” money is guaranteed and “some other” money counts or doesn’t count against the cap. I’ve studied this for years, and I’m still lost.
      I will say this, however. I firmly believe that no good player is ever cut because of money. If you want to keep a guy, you will find a way to keep him. Creative bookkeeping is prevalent! But if you’re ready to move on from a guy, then you just use the old “We cannot afford him. This is a financial decision only” excuse.
      So if Miami wants to cave in to X Howard, they could find a way to do so without bothering McKinney’s contract. I could be wrong. Perhaps they will use that extra $$$ and give it to Howard (who then better shut his mouth forever and come be an All Pro again)!!

      1. Yep it’s crazy but I’m guessing he only wants more guaranteed money in case he gets injured. They will pay him anyway so it’s a bit of an olive branch I guess.

        On another note this also shows that McKinney is in their plans which means he’s looking good so far. Good news as he can help their run D.

  3. I mean IF Watson didn’t have 10 criminal charges on the verge of being filed… I could make an argument for Watson. I still say he’s a top 5 QB in the field and Tua still has a LOT to prove. BUT Houston is delusional to think they can three first rounders (at a minimum) for a QB whose playing status is in serious question. I wouldn’t touch him on that basis alone.

  4. Btw … X has reported to camp. Don’t know if that will put that story to test or if there’s still more drama to come but it’s a good sign.

    1. Yes let’s hope it all behind us. I’m glad to be wrong about Howard. I thought he would hold out.

    2. And just like that, it is not all behind us. Howard is back at it, whining about being unhappy because he only earns $15 million a year. He says the Dolphins do not have his own personal best interest in mind. Welcome to the world, sir. The Dolphins have the Dolphins’ best interest in mind, And that is how it should be. He’s extremely greedy and is not the man of his word, and yet he is trying to get the public to support him with his ridiculous social media post.

      1. Exactly! If he gets a season ending injury in training camp I’m sure he won’t give the money back. That would be the honest thing to do in his eyes 😂

  5. From the Joe Rose Show this morning: “ Coach Flores with us right now saying we understand Xavien’s concerns but will keep conversations internal and the plan is to continue to keep talking to him and his representation. “We love X.”

  6. So X signed a deal he didn’t fully understand and now it’s the dolphins fault. Miami supported him through all the injuries and off the field trouble. I guess this is repayment. Bye X. Not a team player imo.

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