Pete Carroll has no idea how bad his legacy is now tarnished–it hasn’t even begun yet and it will last a lifetime

Pete Philbin, I mean Carroll handed a free victory to the opponent in a similar way to how Joe Philbin has handed free victories to Dolphin opponents for three years.

But in the case, Carroll did it on a stage where the whole world was watching.  Half the world saw his blunder.  And we also saw his insane rationalization.

In case you missed his excuse, he said that when Seattle got ready for the 2nd-and-goal play, New England came out in a goal line defense, which Seattle wasn’t ready for.

Apparently Pete didn’t expect  New England to use a goal line defense on the goal line.  That is a Philbinlike statement if ever there was one.

So, since Seattle was not ready for New England to use a goal line defense on the goal line, Pete said the second down pass was just a play to waste.  He actually used the worse “waste.”

His plan was for Wilson to with throw a quick TD or a quick incompletion.

But Pete forgot that the defense is allowed to catch the ball too.

After this planned wasted down, Pete said Seattle was going to run it on 3rd and 4th.  The logic is Philbinese once again.  The logic is insane.

If Seattle was going to run it right through the goal line defense on 3rd and 4th, why not on second also?

That interception will be shown forever, and Patriot haters will have to relive it forever. Thanks to Pete Carroll trying to be fancy and trick New England.

Fans forgive and forget Super Bowl gaffes by players.  But coaching mistakes like this one will live forever.  Remember when Jackie Smith dropped a perfect pass right in his arms and cost his team the Super Bowl?  Few people remember, and that goat actually got into the Hall of Fame despite single-handedly costing his team the title.

Scott Norwood choked on a routine field goal.  That play isn’t quite forgotten, but there is an air of forgiveness nowadays as people feel sorry for Norwood.  He simply choked.  He didn’t make a DECISION to blow the game.  Only Pete Carroll did that.

What was also Philbinlike was the way Carroll got outcoached by Belichick.  Inside the final minute, you KNEW that New England was going to call timeouts to preserve time for Brady.  But nope.  Belichick didn’t call the timeouts, and that clearly threw Seattle off kilter.

Belichick said, “You think I’m gonna try to save time so that my offense can stage a last-minute victory?   Uhh, no.  I’m gonna challenge your kid quarterback and your ignorant head coach to outfox me.”   Bill clearly won that battle, and fans everywhere will now have to suffer forever.

Pete Carroll even mentioned that on the final couple of plays, he was trying to eat up as much time as possible so that New England wouldn’t have time at the end to come back.  In theory, that is a sound strategy.  But in actuality, New England was NOT trying to conserve time at all.  NE was not calling their time outs.  Pete Carroll’s strategy was to prevent NE from doing something that NE wasn’t even trying to do.   Was Pete even paying attention?

Incredibly Philbinlike.

The Patriots will not shut up.  And thanks to Pete Carroll, they don’t have to.

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  1. Let’s just call the 2014 NFL playoffs by their rightful name:

    The Joe Philbin Invitational. Between the boneheaded coaching decisions of Jim Caldwell (Lions), Mike McCarthy (Packers) and Carroll last night, these playoffs where 1-month clinic of “how to throw winnable games away.” Guest Lecturer: Joe Philbin.

    On a side note, I went to school (Cal) with Marshawn Lynch and was hoping his 2nd TD will wrap up the MVP for him since he was already over 100 yards AND had the big 31-yard catch on that final drive. Alas, Pete Carroll, former USC coach, screwed us (Cal fans) again! Sometimes you just gotta do the obvious and fead the Beast.

  2. Author

    Still hate Pete Carroll for his Dolphins choke signal. But all would have been forgiven if he just handed off to Lynch. The parallels to Philbin are uncanny when you consider how great Lynch was doing all game long. You can rationalize Pete’s decision if Seattle had no running game. But with Lynch back there? The Dolphins have no Lynch but there have been plenty of games when our running game was on fire, and Clueless Joe decided to fool the defense by passing on a running situation. Game set and match to the opponent.

  3. As stupid as that call was it doesn’t negate the fact that has won and lost big at both the pro and the college level. Still a great coach by any measure of the word but that call will forever haunt him. Unless they win it all again next year and then no one cares about what happened last night. Last night just proves that with the right players and system a team can be a yearly contender. Because beyond him recognizing talent and being able to implement a system and execute it game
    to game I never saw anything that special about Carroll. Don’t get me wrong. He’s your standard good NFL coach. Which is a substantial improvement over the likes of Joe Philbin. I just never saw him as on that Jimmy Johnson, Belicheck, or Bill Walsh level.

  4. “Apparently Pete didn’t expect New England to use a goal line defense on the goal line.”

    I nominate this as being the quote of the season on this website. 🙂

    1. I think my favorite best quote from this website is when the Packer fans were talking shit cuz they beat us, and the Admin says… have fun shoveling snow all winter while we’re at the beach.

      1. That’s not a funny quote. I’m a Dolphins fan from Indiana. Got over 2 1/2 feet of snow this past week lol. I’d kill for some Florida sun.

        1. Sorry to hear that, Jimbo. I almost moved out there a year ago, but I just couldn’t imagine the winters. Glad to hear there are Dolfans out there!

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