A Ho-hum week in Dolphinland

Man, what a boring week.

But it could be worse.    Last year at this time, there was no Dolphins news either…but we already knew we were doomed because Stephen Ross had given Joe Philbin the reigns for another year.  This year, at least, we have some hope in Adam Gase.

I’m not a huge fan of the Gase hiring, but we can at least give him a chance.   Last year at this time, we all knew we had no chance.   The fans knew it.  The players knew it.   Only Ross and Philbin didn’t know it.

So this year is infinitely better, because we have one fairy-tale ingredient that was 100% missing last year:  hope.

I think I’m going to be rooting for Denver after all.  Something about the cocky Panthers is rubbing me the wrong way lately.   Not just Cam Newton either.   The kid from the Blind Side movie.  Greg Olsen.   Even Ted Ginn.  I hope Denver puts them in their place.   The thought of Gary Kubiak winning turns my stomach, but a year of Cam Newton as champion might hurt more.

So, reluctantly, Go Broncos!

I studied a few reports this week that said the Dolphins have no interest in drafting a QB.  I think they should at least be open to it, especially in the later rounds.  Knowing Miami, however, they’ll draft WRs with their first 3 picks and then D-tackles with the next 4 or 5.   Nah, even Tannenbaum can’t be that bad, can he?  I do believe that Ryan Tannehill can be effective, but there is no harm at all in giving him some competition in camp.  I think it sends Tannehill a message if we draft a QB.

I see that Mr. Ross is back to his part-time job again:   trying to get a Super Bowl for the City of Miami.  Actually, owning the Dolphins is already his part-time job.  One of many.  He is far more concerned with his real estate, his Michigan boosting, his Miami City goodwill, his anti-bullying, etc.     If he doesn’t start devoting more time to the Dolphins, they just might become a mediocre team under his watch.

Oh, wait…

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  1. I’m rooting for the pranters. Even if Attila the Hun was their quarterback, I can’t stand the the cheating, lying bombastic megalomaniac. Have you noticed what a huge forehead he has developed, a classic side effect of HGH abuse? He looks like an alien character from a Star Wars movie. Did you notice how abysmally his record breaking performances dropped after the pipeline was outed and closed?

    The NFL wanted to sweep under the rug the hgh scandal to protect their golden boy. No Ted wells investigation, no leaks to the media, no demand of cell phone, no cooperation with MLB against the same dope provider, etc. A “secret investigation”.

    Unfortunately for Goodell, the creature from hell, The United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) is now involved, with their subpoena, surveillance, eavesdropping and arresting powers. They took down Lance Armstrong, among others.

    If the bombastic megalomaniac escapes this one, he’s the 21st century Houdini.

    1. Author

      LOl, well I’m not a fan of Peyton Manning or his brother. I hope Peyton has a terrible game and Denver just squeaks by on the strength of the defense.

    2. Author

      And at least his own team didn’t suspend him and cut him BEFORE even looking into the allegation.
      New England and Denver fight for their players.
      Dolphins cut Pro Bowler Richie Incognito first, ask questions later.

      1. You are comparing a real diamond with a cubic zirconia.

      2. Incognito was a cancer that was kicked off every team he’s ever been on. He fights more with his teammates than his opponents. Bringing him to the team was just another Ireland blunder.

  2. I want to make perfectly clear that I am not a drug prohibitionist. On the contrary, I favor legalization of all drugs, including PEDs.

    All drugs should be legalized, regulated and taxed. The war on drugs have been an abject failure.

    At one time the US made the mistake of having prohibition. All it did was create organized crime empires and criminalize otherwise law abiding citizens.

    Now that it’s legal, not only can you legally buy your booze at the store,, we don’t have to worry about wine cartels, scotch syndicates and beer gangs.

    The issue with the bombastic megalomaniac is not drug consumption, it is being a phony liar with delusions of grandeur.

  3. By the way yesterday I saw the pro bowl. What a disgraceful show. It was worst than watching a bunch of guys playing touch football in a sandlot.

    There was a sideline interview where the reporter ask Eli if he had changed his weekly routine for the pro bowl.

    Eli said, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that he ate possum on Tuesday night and watched film the rest of the week.

  4. There is no hope for next year unless you are hoping for another high draft choice. The QB, the coaches, the GM, and the owner all stink.

  5. Author

    A good article today by my friend Armando at the Herald. Once you get past the obvious stuff “Dolphins are not as good as Panthers or Broncos,” it’s pretty insightful., if not original.
    Armando is FINALLY catching up to Dolphins Truth in his realizations.
    Calling Dion Jordan and Jamar Taylor a bust NOW is the epitomy of hindsight. I’ve been saying it from day One.
    Denver fired John Fox because he lost a Super Bowl and lost a few playoff games. He was successful and got fired anyway at the end of 2014. meanwhile in Miami, Joe Philbin was a failure and he got re-extended at the end of 2014. That is the biggest, most-telling difference of all.
    Denver does not stand failure. Miami rewards it.

    1. Calling Ryan Tannepuke a bust NOW is also the epitomy of hindsight. I’ve been saying it from day One.

    2. Your friend mango just stated the obvious. What he wrote would only be news to an alien that just landed on the planet.

      What I found disturbing was his article about the conspiracy between philbum and lazor to minimize RT’s talent (?), after he had been very critical of his play in previous articles.

      Was it coincidental that this article surfaces after the new coaching staff states that RT has talent (?) and they tend to develop it?

      In addition, why would JP make RT look bad and risk losing his job as RT loses games? Wouldn’t it be easier to just bench him and start Moore?

  6. Author

    Right, you have been saying that, and you’ve been wrong. I’m not saying he’s a stellar champion, but at least Tanmnehill has shown some good signs, he’s durable, and he has flashes of greatness a few games per year. That is not a bust. That is just an inconsistent/poor player.
    A bust is someone like Jamar Taylor and Dion Jordan, who have made ZERO impactful plays their entire careers. Zero.

    1. Nah, I’ve been absolutely right just like I was on Henne. You are just very slow to realize it. Tannepuke leads the way in poor play. He plain sucks. The team would be far better off if he wasn’t durable! LOL

    2. I’ve seen numerous star qbs come into the league. All displayed more talent in 2 years than RT has shown so far. I don’t believe he was a helpless victim of philbum and lazor that now, allegedly, tried to undermine him.

      Our only hope is that RT is a late bloomer and becomes a star qb in his fifth year, like others such as Warner and Rodgers have.

      Will it happen? We shall see.

      if it doesn’t he, as the 8th player selected in the draft, should be considered a bust.

  7. The problem with Tannehill is not talent, its the fact that he doesn’t have the fire in his belly like Brady does. He doesn’t hate loosing more than he actually loves winning like Brady.

    1. Agreed. I saw rookie Jameis Winston screaming at his team several times during the year. A ROOKIE already has more passion for a “W” than a 4-year vet like Tanny.

      1. Well, Winston is used to winning while Tannepuke is used to and has gotten very comfortable with losing. There are no consequences when Tannepuke loses other than getting MORE MONEY! LMAO!

    2. He also doesn’t have any talent. No accuracy, no pocket presence, and cant read a defense.

  8. Palo your so right! Don’t understand how manning can just sweep that shit under the rug when his wife actually was receiving hgh! Like the dude comes back from maybe a career ending injury and has the two best seasons of his career ?? Then magically falls off around the same time the shipments stop. I mean it’s like a punch in the face obvious that something is up. Literally everyone I talked to thinks he’s innocent to I’m glad one person out there agrees with me!

  9. Zek lol I’ve been saying that since the Thursday night game against the pats. Team was down by like 20, they zoomed the camera in on tanny on the sideline and he was literally yawning.

  10. The thing is he’s clearly the worst QB in the division. So we’re going nowhere with him. The entire franchise is pure garbage.

  11. I think the chances that Gase is a better HC than Philbin are slim to none. Gase’s team finished in the cellar and he’s got a lot less experience than Philbin. Ross goes from bad to worse.
    Pray for new ownership.

  12. Just saw the Sentinel’s report about Greg Jennings said they babied Tannehill. I wonder if you guys think it’s because he needed babying, or because the coaching staff just doesn’t get it.

    1. He’s just inferior to other QB’s. Slow to catch on like a baby.

  13. Never seen a qb get so many excuses thrown his way for not winning and sucking!!! A qb is not great or good because he has a Great offensive line.

    Rothlesberger scrambles for his life every game and makes throws down the field. Russell Wilson is always scrambling making throws and plays running himself. Brady gets the ball out in 2 seconds. Rodgers has perfect accuracy even when throwingon the run. Carson Palmer moves great in the pocket buying time while looking down the field to connect for long passes. Cam Newton makes throws down the field and runs for first downs! All these teams are in the playoffs! This Tannepuke guy sucks!!!! Enough already it’s been 4 season of losing with this idiot!!!! If your qb is good your team will be good!!!!

    1. I’m with Jay on Tannehill-the guy just does not HAVE IT! He’s had ample time to show some leap into development of the QB position as we have seen with other QB’s in the league but it ain’t happening with him. Not thrilled with the new HC because I thought Ross would have finally learned something (how stupid was I) abt hiring a coach with NO head coaching experience, but like I said I was in a stupid moment. As a long time fan, Ross is our death knell and only when he sells or crokes, will the Dolphins organization become relevant again.

      1. I’ve never seen a worse NFL QB that started 64 games in a row! Why don’t the Dolphins care??

  14. Peyton manning was so awful during the playoffs it was crazy. One could say he was much worse than tannehill has ever played (stats back that up) and they still won a Super Bowl. Now y’all now why getting a new QB will change nothing. Defense wins ships and Miami needs a better defense

    1. @Zach

      You’re nuts!! Peyton played great and did what he had to do to win throughout the playoffs against must tougher competition than TanneBust ever saw. He refused to lose. If we had signed Peyton 4 years ago it would be us winning the SB!

      1. Zach is a very delusional boy.

        The Dullfins were lucky they didn’t have to play Denver or Charlotte last year!

        1. The Dolphins aren’t in the NBA thought they would be in last place there too.

  15. What Zach doesn’t realize is we have a great D when healthy. Some games they get tired because TannePuke cant get 1st downs and sustain drives and the D is on the field all game. A decent QB would help the D as well as the O.

  16. Mike we have a great d? Lol u say manning played well ? Your literally the only person in the universe that thought manning played well. Pretty sure the defense was statistically one of the worst in football, but nice try

    1. We do we have a SB caliber D with Wake and Suh and Grimes and Jones that kept us in most of the games until they got warn from TanneBusts 3 n outs. That’s 4 pro bowlers on D.
      And I don’t agree but one radio commentator thought Peyton should’ve gotten the MVP. He did play well against an awesome D.

  17. Well he was the field general for an easy super bowl win. He did complete 3 straight at the start to set the tone.

  18. Played well! The offense would of never scored a touchdown if it wasn’t for he defense, not 1! This is just stupidity Idc if 1 out of the 1000 of radio talking heads thought he deserved MVP he played awful. His stats were awful, Carolina dropped 2 easy interceptions which would of made it even worse. And when the team was up 16-10 with a chance to end it, Peyton mannings offense went 3 and out twice in a row. Literally the only reason they won the game was their defense and special teams. That one big punt return set up a crucial field goal for them

  19. They should’ve traded Tannepuke when he was still worth something. Now he has become as worthless in a trade as Chad Henne did.

  20. What do you mean “back to” trying to get a SB in Miami? He never stopped.

    1. That is the worst tat I ever seen.

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