Denver fires Adam Gase and Makes the Super Bowl

Let me start off with the same caveat:    I want Adam Gase to be a winner and I hope he succeeds wildly as Dolphins head coach.

I’m not gonna be negative, but I owe it to my readers to be factual.

And the fact is this:    When Adam Gase was the Broncos offensive coordinator last year, they failed in the playoffs.   This year, once they got rid of Gase, they made it to the Super Bowl.

On top of that, a year ago the Broncos interviewed Gase to be their head coach.  This is very notable for the same reason I will bring up Joe Philbin.

The Broncos knew Gase intimately.  He was the incumbent offensive coordinator, seeking a promotion within the team he knew best.  The Broncos executives certainly knew him as well.

Denver got rid of Gase and made it to the Super Bowl. Will Jay Cutler make it to the Super Bowl next year now that Gase is gone from Chicago?

The Broncos executives had worked with Gase day in and day out for years.    The players knew him very well.   The Bronco executives knew him better than anybody, and despite all of that, they turned him down for some reason.

Enter Stephen Ross.  Gase is hired.   If a man’s own bosses, who know him better than anyone, don’t think he’s right for the job, then why would some stranger—3,000 miles away who has never met the man–say that he IS right for the job?

It’s like receiving a resume from a potential employee.  You call and check the references, and the former boss says, “I worked with him daily for years.  He wasn’t good enough.”   Then you hire him anyway!

Same exact Philbin scenario a few years ago.    Nobody in the Packer organization allowed Philbin to make decisions.   The Packer executives and Head Coach Mike McCarthy knew Philbin intimately, and none of those guys thought Philbin should be making decisions.   No personnel decisions.  No play calling.  Nothing.

Philbin’s bosses knew he wasn’t good enough.

Enter Stephen Ross.  Philbin is hired.

It’s a very scary repeat performance.  I’m happy that Peyton Manning thinks that Gase is a nice guy.   But what is troubling to me is that no one in Denver thought Gase was head coaching material.  And the folks in Denver knew him best.

So Gase didn’t get the head coaching job last year in Denver.   No big deal, right?  He’ll just remain as offensive coordinator, right?  Uh, nope.  Denver got rid of him, replaced him with Rick Dennison, and now is playing in the Super bowl.

Gase, meanwhile, moved on to the Chicago Bears, where his new team finished in last place.

Perhaps the Broncos and Packer executives are wiser than those of the Dolphins.

By the way, I LOVE this tidbit:

If anyone ever doubted that Mr. Ross is merely a casual Dolphan, look at item #8 in the article above.

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  1. I can’t understand why any dolphan would be happy about Brady lost. Because he whipped the dolphins many times? you need to blame the inept 21st century dolphins ownership/management that has allowed this once proud franchise to become the punching bag and laughing stock of the rest of the NFL.

    Somebody please explain to me why would anybody root for that inbred hillbilly, bombastic megalomaniac Peyton Manning who can no longer throw and runs as if h he had a hot dog stuffed in his ass?

    1. Author

      I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I hate the patriots as a division rival. You just learn to hate them over the years, and then you hate their fans. Seeing them celebrate sickens me, and seeing them suffer is wonderful.
      Now add in the bonus factors like illegally spying on other teams, deflating footballs, and a little unknown factor called the “tuck rule” that started the entire thing. There is a lot to not like about them.

    2. palo-God,what a dumbass. Find another forum,please.

      1. John- you are a JACKASS. Find another forum,please.

  2. @palo

    I always root for any team that comes out of my division, conference etc in any sport. The great majority of fans do and most Dolfans were indeed rooting for the Pats yesterday.

    1. Jay has solidified his title of Troll of the Year! Any Dolphin fan who enjoys the Patriots winning is not a Dolphin fan.

      1. Author

        Surprising how many Dolfans do indeed root for the Patriots. God knows why, but they do.

    2. I definitely was rooting for the Broncos ,I am so sick of New England with all the years of cheating etc. does anyone else notice every time Brady misses or the wr doesn’t catch the ball they all have their arms up looking for a penalty and this works 90% of the time and I always see Brady complaining to the refs.What made myday was the look on Bradys face when they lost,he looked like a broken beaten man.

      1. I enjoyed that little bitch sitting on the sideline,crying, at the end of last year’s SB-until the worst call in SB history. And that little bitch suddenly becomes MVP. Fcuk that and fcuk him.

  3. I like root for a team from the AFC but definitely not the Patriots. Whether or not they’re from our division they’ve had their more than their fair share of victories. They diminish our chances every year of ever making any progress and humiliate us time and time again yes it’s also on our ownership in our team but fuck them they had enough time for them to suffer a little bit. You’re in the world on to yourself if you think the majority of Dolphins fans were rooting for the Patriots you’re absolutely insane.

    1. Rooting against the Pats when we’re out of the competition is like rooting against your brother when you’re out of the competition.

      2)AFC East

      1. 1) Dolphins
        2) Who ever is playing the Patriots.
        3) AFC
        4) If the Patriots make it to the Superbowl then see #2.

        1. Author

          Great post PhinsUp! To extend yours, mine is:

          1. Dolphins
          2. Whoever plays the Pats.
          3. Whoever plays the Steelers
          4. Whoever plays the Bills.
          5. if Bills play Steelers, then I have to weight the playoff ramifications….someone I actually have to root for one of those hated teams in order to help Miami’s chances.

      2. Author

        You’ve got to be kidding. Why on earth would any Dolfan consider the Patriots as brothers?

  4. Author

    Found these tidbits in the Boston articles today:

    Clinching home field is what the Patriots failed to do at the end of their 2015 regular season. Bill Belichick’s arrogant/ambiguous game plan at Miami Jan. 3 (a 20-10 loss to a terrible Dolphins team) goes down in Patriot lore as his Grady Little moment. Unlike Grady, Bill will survive because he has the track record.

    ■ Guess we can all stop mocking the Manning family now. Brady has now lost five consecutive playoff games to the Manning Bros. This would include two Super Bowls and three AFC Championships.

    ■ Say a little prayer to Pete Carroll today. If not for Pete, the Patriots would be looking at 11 consecutive seasons without a championship.

    I respect a Patriots writer who points out the GIFT that Pete Carroll handed them last year.

    1. Author

      More…sad but true:
      The good news is that we’ll be right back here at this time next year. The Patriots will gather in late summer and fire up their engine for another AFC East championship. The Bills, Dolphins, and Jets still don’t have good quarterbacks or coaches. They have zero franchise stability.

      The Patriots know they will win their division just by showing up. It’ll be eight straight and 13 out of 14. Ho-hum. The Patriots will get the first-round bye and the second-round home game. That’s when the serious football starts.

    2. On the other hand, the bombastic megalomaniac has the record for most playoff loses and most loses of the favored team. His bears victory was a fluke since he faced the Grossman, the worst qb in the history of the NFL.

      In addition, the bombastic megalomaniac is a phony plastic fake liar that’s been caught using HGH and the league refuses to investigate.

      1. Palo, don’t ever forget that Manning left the Colts when they were gonna draft Luck. If he was so honorable, he could have taken a salary cut, and stuck around to help develop Luck. Instead, he acted like the Colts cut him. He made the selfish and greedy choice.

        1. @ Floridan

          That’s ridiculous. The last four years Manning has shown that his talents are much better utilized winning games and making playoffs than “developing Luck”.

          1. Author

            I think you are both right. Manning still has the talent to play, and he has proven it. However, I agree with Floridan’s point… Manning’s ego and need for $$$ made him run away from Indianapolis. It’s not like the Colts ever cut him. They drafted a new QB, Manning did not like it, so he ran away.

            1. I always appreciate and respect different points of view . I find it refreshing to be shown a new light on a subject of which Ive always seen one way. Im hoping for some clarification here about the comments about Manning. I just cant seem to reconcile the man, his image on and off of the field with a “bombastic megalomaniac, and implications hes a traitor because he left the Colts.

              I remember when he suffered his injury and most thought he wouldn’t come back and the media was shaming him for even considering it. They called him careless and irresponsible for not calling it quits and basically said he should leave football for good. This was also a contract extension year for Manning and the Colts refused to extend him (If my memory serves me right). That being said ,given the seriousness of his injury I cant blame them at that time. The entire football community at that time was in full support of his retirement including the Colts and if he were even to come back and stay he would be riding the pine if at all.

              Coming back to the Colts would have been 1 step less than full retirement and the gamble was a wage too steep for the Colts PR to suffer if they allowed Manning to start and then have him get injured possibly paralyzed . Entire careers could be ruined on what was a very risky gamble. So I dont feel Manning had much choice he either could except sudo retirement or risk it all and pursue opportunity and hopefully greatness.

              So please Im being serious, what about Manning is justifiably negative and represents the image of a Man and football player in a less than positive light? And please if you bring up the HGH false news story then you really need to read the confession of the person whom admitted they lied about it. And No they didnt lie to cover up for Manning because they lied about other top athletes as well. Its a totally and completely debunked story.

              So why is Manning the devil? And please reference confirmed news stories or interviews. Drug scandals, domestic violence, dog fighting, murder, DUI, extra marital affairs, getting coaches fired, belittling team mates and staff, bullying, racism, taunting other teams, braggadocios celebrations, rubbing it in when beating an inferior team, grabbing his crotch after a touchdown, bestiality, being a Freemason, or anything else I cant think of even cheesy insurance or pizza commercials.

              1. Author

                I think the HGH stuff is nonsense. He really does seem like a good guy. Fierce competitor too.
                I remember him beating us several times in games where we held the lead late. 🙁

                1. Until proven otherwise I feel the derogatory statements directed at Manning are nothing more than click bate. Im always open to being proven wrong and admitting so , ala Philbin. I haven’t seen any evidence of Manning being anything less than a role model and consummate picturesque example of a pure,brave, and tireless competitor. Yes you can also lay the same superlatives on Brady and privately I do. But Brady is on our division so I hate him by right of my Dolphin fanhood. By our teams lack of performance he succeeds and and the Patriots are almost guaranteed 1 victory a year from us. Anything more is too much.

      2. It’s ridiculous to suggest P Manning’s wife is the recipient of HGH. Her pics are readily available on the net and she doesn’t look at all like a Ms. Olympia contestant or an Olympic caliber athlete in the shot put or other throwing events, although I would not be surprised if she had that look that the bombastic megalomaniac would pimp her to dudes on to muscle chicks.

        So who’s the logical HGH recipient?

  5. Author

    I have to figure out who to root for in the Super Bowl. I hate Cam Newton’s stupid dances and other ratchet moves. The man is a multi-millionaire but acts like a thug. And now he’s infected his whole team. Other than him, there’s not much to root against from Carolina.
    In Denver, I don’t hate nor love Manning. He’s a quality player and has been for some time, so he can go out in style. But I can’t stand that Hair Dye Gary Kubiak. Something about him, the way his Texans always beat the Dolphins, the way he seems to take credit in his interviews. I dunno.
    Who are you guys rooting for?

    1. You got it wrong about Cam. He does not do stupid dances, ratchet moves or act like thug. His moves are merely an expression of art by the Afro-American athlete. But this not news. Dr. Harry Edwards – Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley – wrote the book “The Revolt of the Black Athlete” where he clearly explains these issues. I suggest you read the book before making judgement.

      On the other hand I can guarantee you that there is no way on earth I would root for the bombastic megalomaniac and Bronco’s General Manager and Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mr. Ed.

      In reality, except for the fins, I only root for teams I bet because I got my money on the line.

    2. I like how he dances and how he acts on the field. He makes a great apply then he celebrates how he wants too. The kid likes to dance so let him dance he’s not acting like a thug, he’s not beating up women, he’s just celebrating how he wants too celebrate good for him I say.

  6. Apparently Cam hurt a few peoples feelings by dancing and giving footballs to little kids in the stands. But to paraphrase his most recent commercial. Too bad they don’t make band-aids for hurt feelings. I’ll take Cam, Kuechly, and Norman in a route.

    1. I gotta agree with Dolphgang. The Broncos offense has shown nothing at all for months.

  7. A Bronco may be a feral horse that has lived in the wild its entire life, but can also be a domestic horse either not fully trained to saddle or poorly trained, and hence prone to unpredictable behavior, particularly bucking. Broncos primarily escapes danger by fleeing. However, when cornered, the animal can lash out physically, relying on bucking.

    The Panther is described as a large, powerful, carnivorous mammal.
    Keen sense of hearing and sight
    Solitary animals
    Extremely agile – can leap up to 20 feet
    Sharp Claws
    Strong Jaws
    Panthers are generally considered an apex predator with no natural predators in the wild.

    So unless the Broncos out run the Panthers, I think Panthers win 31-10

  8. Dolphins good news?

    Fins personnel at the Sr. Bowl are making inquiries about Carson Wenz, the SDSU qb phenom. Is the FO finally seeing the light? I remember Shula had David Woodley coming off taking the fins to the SB the year before yet he drafted Marino. Could the fins draft Wenz? You could get rid of RT to free up cap space to pursue free agents.

    Dolphins bad news?

    Gase is keeping a bunch of Philbin’s assistants. Are you serious? You are looking for a HC job and you don’t already have your assistants lined up?

    Whatever benefit of the doubt I had about this guy is gone.

    From now on he has to show me.

    1. They have to draft a good QB or they’ll stink forever. Should’ve drafted one last year.

  9. OC and DC are the most important hires. Position coaches are basically a dime a dozen in the league. That’s the reason that I believe that they are so interchangeable. If you look at any NFL team’s payroll, even the consistently winning teams, many of the coaches are wash outs from other teams.

  10. If Christensen and Joseph are competent then the staff should be adequate.

  11. I think its safe to say we now have the worst coaches in the NFL.

    1. Author

      We don’t know for certain yet how this staff will pan out. But virtually NONE of them has championship credentials under their belts. It’s mostly a bunch of Philbin guys, and a couple of coordinators who Gase barely knows.
      Position coaches can be overrated anyway. You have to poll the players basically. Did Coach X help improve your technique? Did coach Z come up with an innovative play in the game plan that actually worked on Sunday?

      1. Maybe YOU don’t know how this staff will pan out but I know.

        They will stink and you can take that to the bank!

  12. I was hoping for Pats v. Panthers just so my wife’s Panthers could kick their lily asses!!

    Of the four remaining, clearly Carolina was the best.

    Go Panthers!!

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